7 Reasons To Give Your Diet A Jamun-Powered Boost

Here’s your excuse to binge on more jamuns!

Published On Jun 23, 2021 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


A quintessential summer-monsoon berry, jamun is a nutritious seasonal fruit rich in vitamin and minerals. This beautiful purple-skinned berry with a contrasting pink flesh is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoids. All parts of the jamun plant including the fruit, seeds, leaves and bark have medicinal properties, which is why it is used extensively in traditional medicines.


As compared to other fruits, it has lesser calories making it the perfect choice of ingredient to be added to a healthy diet. Here are some reasons to add more jamun in your daily diet, especially during the monsoon.

Jamun is a fruit highly recommended for diabetic patients. It helps maintain blood sugar level. The low-glycemic index of the berry maintains optimum blood sugar. The whole plant is known to be beneficial for diabetes treatment. One spoon of dried jamun seed powder every day is believed to help diabetic patients keep their sugar level in check. 

A powerhouse of iron, jamun helps in increasing the haemoglobin count, a boon for people with anaemia and women with menstrual problems. You can have it as a fruit or get creative and make jamun jam, jamun tarts or a sauce. 

Drinking jamun juice improves digestion. It is also known to relieve stomach pain and chronic diarrhoea. It’s a great way to detoxify the body. You can make a huge glass of fresh jamun juice or make a smoothie with a handful of other ingredients as well.

Jamun Smoothie

Jamun vinegar is used to treat enlarged spleen and also to reduce issues with urine retention. You can have jamun with half a glass of water on an empty stomach or include it in your favourite vinaigrette. 

Jamun juice, when mixed with honey and amla (Indian gooseberry) and consumed daily, is an excellent immunity booster. 

Consumption of jamun also minimises the risk of cancer, as the fruit contains bioactive phytochemicals known to fight cancer cells. 

Bad breath can often turn into an embarrassing problem. Jamun is good for oral health. You can use the juice of this fruit as a mouthwash to eliminate bad breath.

With inputs from Naavnidhi K Wadhwa, Coach for Psychology of Eating, Wellness and Healing Expert and Dr Apratim Goel, laser surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist, Cutis Skin Studio.

Photo: Shutterstock