Taste The Best Seafood With This Light Yet Flavourful Prawns Fried Rice Recipe

Prawns fried rice, a fragrant dish serving delicious rice and fresh seafood is a dish popular for its subtle yet complex flavours. Prawn fried rice is a universal favourite, with different variations in many cultures. Read on for an easy recipe for prawn-fried rice.

Published On Mar 22, 2024 | Updated On Mar 22, 2024


Prawn fried rice, a delectable dish made with rice, vegetables, eggs, spices and sauces is one of the most popular dishes in Asian cuisine. This rice and prawn dish is said to have originated from China, although now it is an international favourite. You can serve this fried rice and prawns dish as a side dish or even as a meal. The subtle flavour of the prawns works amazingly with the sauces and spices that go into the rice, making this fried rice and prawns combo a perfectly complementing dish. From Chinese prawn fried rice to its Thai version and more, you can find many prawn recipes with rice across Asia to try in your kitchen. This is because these prawn recipes with rice make for a complete meal since they have proteins from the prawns and carbs from the rice. Add the nutritional value of the different vegetables and eggs used in the recipe, and you will see that a rice and prawn dish is a very healthy meal. Quick and easy to make, follow along for one of the best prawn fried rice recipes.


These are all the ingredients you will need for a quick and easy prawn fried rice recipe:

  1. Vegetable oil
  2. Carrots (finely chopped)
  3. Peas
  4. Onions 
  5. Green bell peppers (finely chopped)
  6. Garlic cloves
  7. Ginger 
  8. Prawns 
  9. Eggs
  10. Soy sauce
  11. Black pepper powder
  12. Salt 
  13. Basmati rice
  14. Sesame oil (optional)
  15. Spring onions
  16. Sriracha hot sauce (optional)
  17. Fresh coriander leaves
  18. Sugar (optional)


Follow along with this one of the best prawn fried rice recipes to explore new flavours:

  1. Cleaning the prawns: Clean, devein and dry the prawns carefully. Wash with running water and keep aside after patting dry.
  2. Preparing the rice: Carefully rinse and wash the water before soaking it in water for approximately thirty minutes. Heat a little oil in a pressure cooker, add salt and the strained rice. Add water in ratio to rice and let it cook for two whistles. Keep aside to let the steam dissipate.
  3. Preparing the prawns: Take a separate pan and heat the oil. Add soy sauce, black pepper powder, and the prawns and stir-fry for at least three to four minutes. Take them off the heat and keep them aside to cool when they finish cooking. 
  4. Making the eggs: Reheat the pan used to cook the prawns. Make a mix of a couple of eggs, salt and black pepper powder. Pour the mixture into the pan and mix until the eggs become scrambled. 
  5. Bringing it all together: Take a clean pan and add oil. As it heats up, add finely chopped ginger and garlic and stir. Add in finely chopped vegetables when the ginger garlic starts browning. Mix for a while and add salt. After a couple of minutes, add the cooked prawns and the rice. Mix everything well. Add the scrambled eggs on top.
  6. Garnishing the dish: Sprinkle fresh coriander leaves, a dash of sesame oil (optional) and sriracha hot sauce and serve fresh and hot.


1. What cooking oils can be used to prepare prawns fried rice?
You can use any cooking oil, ranging from vegetable oil, ghee or even olive oil for preparing prawns fried rice. 
2. What are the most important things to keep in mind while making this recipe?
The most important thing is to properly clean, devein and dry the prawns to avoid adding anything unsavoury or inedible to your prawn's fried rice.
3. What kind of rice can one use for this recipe?
Although the recipe calls for white basmati rice, you can use any rice type you prefer, such as brown rice, white rice, or even jasmine rice, among many other different types.

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