Try These Kimchi Fried Rice Recipes For A Quick And Delicious Treat

Korean cuisine is full of naturally vibrant colours, mouth-watering aromas and rich flavours. While you will find an abundance of tasty dishes, with some even having specific occasions attached to them, kimchi fried rice is one dish that is the comfort food for many Koreans. We bring you different kimchi fried rice recipes to try this popular delicacy.

Published On Dec 22, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


In recent years, South Korean culture has taken the world by storm, from skincare and captivating dramas to mouth-watering cuisine. Korean dishes, known for their rich flavours and visual appeal, have gained global popularity. Whether it's the refreshing gimbap, comforting ramen (or ramyeon in South Korea), or the beloved kimchi fried rice, Korean food offers an endless culinary adventure. Kimchi fried rice stands out as a quick and beloved dish, highlighting the essence of Korean cuisine with its key ingredient, kimchi. The versatility to cook kimchi fried rice ensures a burst of flavour every time. Dive in to explore various kimchi fried rice recipes and savour its unmatched taste.

Some of the best kimchi fried rice recipes to try

The rise of veganism has popularised vegan kimchi fried rice. As more individuals embrace vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, adapting traditional recipes becomes essential. By replacing typical non-vegetarian proteins with ingredients like tofu, mushrooms, or avocados, you can cook kimchi fried rice to not only align with your dietary preferences but also introduce a refreshing twist to this classic recipe, enhancing its appeal and flavour.

For vegetarian and vegan enthusiasts, the mushroom kimchi fried rice recipe offers a delectable twist on this cherished dish. Mushrooms serve as an excellent substitute for meat, providing a hearty texture that rivals chicken or bacon. Additionally, mushrooms impart a delightful umami flavour, making mushroom kimchi fried rice an irresistible and must-try alternative.


A popular rendition among kimchi fried rice recipes is pairing it with a sunny-side-up egg, a common delight in South Korea. Often referred to as Korean fried rice with egg, this variant also serves as an ideal brunch option. The runny richness of the egg elevates the dish, adding an extra layer of flavour and enjoyment.


Kkakdugi fried rice, or radish kimchi fried rice, stands as a beloved variation of this dish. In South Korea, kimchi holds a significant place in culinary traditions, crafted from various ingredients beyond just cabbage, as often seen internationally. Delve into the flavours of Korean cuisine by exploring this unique radish kimchi fried rice recipe.


The quintessential kimchi fried rice recipe stands as the most cherished recipe, handed down through generations and capturing the hearts of Korean food aficionados. This straightforward yet delectable dish epitomises comfort food with its hearty flavours. Next time you crave a soul-soothing meal, whip up this quick and comforting recipe for an authentic experience.


Adding a delightful twist to the classic, cheese kimchi fried rice is a dream for cheese enthusiasts. The creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture of cheese elevates the dish, promising a flavourful experience that's hard to resist. Perfect for colder days, this cheesy variation is bound to become a go-to favourite, leaving you craving another bite.

For those with a penchant for meat, chicken kimchi fried rice emerges as a hearty and flavourful delight, poised to become your next favourite dish. Its simplicity in preparation matches its rich taste, striking the perfect balance without overwhelming heaviness. Elevate this traditional Korean fried rice with egg, green onions, or any preferred ingredients, and relish every bite.

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