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All Rasika Dugal Wants From Life is Well-cooked Fish With Wine

Rasika Dugal who gains new fans with every screen appearance is a self-confessed foodie and can't have enough of chocolate.

Shraddha Varma

Most of us assume that our beloved stars in showbiz – be it Bollywood or TV celebs, comedians or singers – follow a strict diet to maintain their stardom. We think it's a prerequisite for being a part of the industry. But turns out, that this is not always the case. There are many of our favourite famous faces who love food even more than we do – and that’s saying a lot!

"There's no sincerer love than the love for food," said George Bernard Shaw and Rasika Dugal, a self-confessed foodie, agrees. The actress, our favourite from Mirzapur and Lootcase, is a complete foodie at heart. Begin a discussion on food and the normally shy Rasika Dugal pulls up her sleeves to contribute and how!

We sat the actress down for a chat on her love for food. The result was a first-person account of Dugal's favourite ghar ka khana, restaurants, cheat day meals, comfort food and more. Scroll on and discover the gastronomic adventures of this Rasika Dugal! 

Rasika Dugal's All-day Menu


My first meal of the day is simple yet filling. For me, breakfast is always a slice of bread with two egg whites. 

Lunch and Dinner

When it comes to lunch, I prefer a complete meal. This includes a portion of salad, vegetables, dal (lentils) and roti or brown rice. To keep things different from lunch, my dinner totally depends on how my day was. If I’ve had a stressful and tiring day, I let loose and binge eat on all my favourite food. If it was a good day, I stick to a piping hot bowl of soup, a portion of chicken and some salad. 

Between Meals

If I get hungry between the main meals of the day, I snack on a bowl of vegetables. If I’m in the mood then some chips too! I also like to sip on some vegetable juice or chaas (buttermilk) between meals.

Rasika Dugal's Favourite Foods

My Favourite

Wine, wine, wine!

Ghar Ka Khaana

Without a doubt, aloo ke parathe! I am a good Punjabi you see!

Childhood Memories of Food

My parents grew up in Burma (now Myanmar). So Burmese food was a regular at our house. Besides the well-known Khow Suey, there were dishes such as Le Thok, Laphet Thok and Mohinga that I have grown up eating. These were some of my favourite meals as a child.

Likes and Dislikes

I am a foodie so I have a long list of ‘strong likes’ but there are no dislikes that I can think of. Of all the things I love to binge on, chocolate tops the list.

Sweet Dish

I LOVE any and every dessert that has chocolate.

Cheat Meal

On the days when I feel like cheating, I binge eat a big packet of ragi chips. They’re one of my favourite snacks.

Street Food

Bhel puri tops the list when I think of my favourite street food.

Always in My Fridge

There are two items that are always in my fridge – peanut butter and low-fat cheese. These two items are comfort food to me. 

Favourite Restaurant

Of late, Smoke House Deli and Salt Water Café have been my go-to places. Both these restaurants in Bandra, Mumbai serve brilliantly cooked John Dory and some good wine. What else does one need in life? 

Last Meal

If I get the chance to choose my last meal, I would like to eat the chole kulcha from the Bengali Market in Delhi. I told you, I’m a true Punju at heart!

Photo: Team Rasika Dugal and Instagram


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