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Refreshing Beer Cocktails That Make House Parties Even More Fun

Like your beer but also like to try experimenting with it. Here are some beer cocktail ideas you'll enjoy.

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There are two things we love at house parties — good alcohol and fun games. Raise the bar at your parties with innovative beer cocktails, whiskey brews, gin spritzers and sparkling wines. One such party favourite spirit is beer. Delicious, refreshing and so versatile that when you mix it with other spirits, you get a new classic your guests will sip through the night.

As the festive season dawns upon us, Dussehra celebrations, pre-Diwali bashes and card get-togethers will come smashing upon you. If you plan on hosting a dinner with drinks for your gang, brush up on cocktail-shaking skills. Our one-of-a-kind delicious beer-based cocktails will awaken the mixologist in you as you brag around showing off exotic never-tried-before recipes.

From the classic Mexican Beer Chelada to the lip-smacking British Shandy, it’s time to get mixing your beer drink.

7 fun beer-based cocktail recipes:

There is more to a beer drink than just chugging it down as a cooling beverage. The classic Mexican beer cocktail, the Chelada is tangy and refreshing to have with party snacks. Infused with zesty lime juice to Mexican lager like Corona, this is one of the easiest beer cocktail recipes to try for a Sunday brunch party. Top the glass with a salty rim and enjoy the drink as you watch a game of cricket with your buds.

 Beer based cocktails

If you are wondering how to drink beer differently, try having it as a Margarita. Yes, you read it right, margarita beer cocktails are surprisingly tasty and will leave your guests asking for the recipe at your next party. A fun way to spice up your lager is with tequila, Cointreau (orange liqueur), a spritz of lime juice and crushed ice. A traditional Beerita will never have sugar or limeade — just plain old citrus flavours to balance off the bitter beer notes.

Beer based cocktails

Next up in our list of beer-based cocktails is a spicy blend of tangy tomato juice, zesty lime juice, hot sauce and lager. A lip-smacking crossover between a Bloody Mary and Margarita, the Michelada works because its complex flavours perfectly complement the Indian palette. To bring a spicy, savoury flair to the beer drink, rim the glass with a salt and chilli powder mix for an elevated punch in every sip.

Beer based cocktails

Sangrias are so last season! For your next house party, work with beer cocktails that pair beer and wine, along with champagne, if you please. Two genius spirits combined as one in the Black Velvet will be a party hit. The dark and bitter chocolaty notes of stout when topped off with bubbly champagne brings a fruity flavour to the drink. Stir the bubbly beer and serve chilled.

If you love a good pint, try these unique beer blends available in India.  

Beer based cocktails

Move over Breezers, the OG drink at your party is now the classic shandy. With its refreshing flavour and low alcohol content, the Shandy has a history that dates back over a hundred years. Extremely easy to make with any beer of your choice, all you will need is some ginger ale or ginger beer to mix things up. The shandy is to a beer drink what spritzer is to wine. Have it anytime without any guilt.

Beer based cocktails

A slightly more refreshing take on classic beer cocktails, the sunny day shandy is made using beer and lemon soda instead of ginger ale. Perfect for sundowner parties that will cool you off after a hard week, this delicious blend is very light on the palate, so don’t expect a hit before three large glasses. Make this ginger beer at home using any wheat beer, lemon juice, soda water and a teaspoon of sugar syrup.

Beer cocktails

In the tiff between Breezer vs beer, this grapefruit-flavoured shandy wins the prize. A beer drink shaken with freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice, soda and sugar syrup, this one’s a crowd pleaser. Stir it in a tall glass and serve chilled with a slice of fresh grapefruit to get the party started. To ensure your beer stays chilled on a warm day, freeze slices of grapefruit in soda and spice up cold drinks for a fruity punch till the last sip.

Beer cocktails

Mix your beer drink with a variety of juices, soda and other spirits to woo every kind of drinker at your next house party. And if you have beerheads at home, try these beer trends and take your party to the next level. Get set chugging! 

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