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10 Luxury Chocolates To Indulge In On Chocolate Day

From the finest bean-to-bar and artisanal to decadent luxury bars, here’s all that chocolate lovers need to satiate their sweet-tooth cravings.

Anannya Chatterjee

Talk about luxury chocolate brands, and perhaps the only two names that strike are Godiva and Lindt - the ones we usually hoard on at duty-free stores at the airports. But then, there’s a lot that has happened in the world of chocolate, lately. From the finest bean-to-bar chocolates to artisanal handmade bars of sheer pleasure and indulgence, there’s so much out there for chocolate lovers to satiate their sweet-tooth cravings. On World Chocolate Day, we have curated the best luxury brands that should be on every chocolate lover’s cart.

1. Prestat

Imported from the USA, these skilfully-made truffles are among the finest of the time and perfect for all occasions. Try their sumptuous dark chocolate and sea salt caramel truffles - a true winning combination and blend of flavour. If you are a fan of something citrusy, their white chocolate London gin and lemon truffles are just what you need to satiate your cravings. For dark chocolate lovers, their intensely dark and extremely thin English mint dark chocolate sheets are pure indulgence.

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2. Guylian

Known for their iconic seashells and seahorse-shaped chocolates, this Belgian specialty is made of pure cocoa butter with hazelnut praline filling made from caramelised and roasted hazelnuts. Who could possibly ask for anything more?

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3. Maison Pierre Marcolini

Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Pierre Marcolini’s brand. Cocoa combined with fruit can lead to an exceptional chocolate, and the Belgian chocolatier knows exactly how. All his refreshing and aromatic ganache and praline are traditionally handmade. The best from his collection showcasing his distinct flavours are Raspberry Heart - bold flavours and delicate notes with a hint of lemon zest, and Carré Chocolat - his signature bar made with the world’s finest cocoa varieties.

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4. Naviluna

Moving to Indian artisan chocolate brands, Naviluna is a bean-to-bar chocolate house based in Mysuru. They use cocoa sourced from Malabar, Kerala, and Karnataka to showcase the distinct flavours of Southern India. They are hand-crafted at low temperatures to extract the maximum nutrients from each cacao bean. Some of their must try flavours are Longum Pepper Lime & Orange Chocolate Bar, Almost Dark Tokai Coffee & Pineapple Chocolate Bar, and Kerala Single Origin Chocolate Bar.

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5. Chockriti

Going by the description on their website, Chockriti means Fine Chocolate Work of Art as ‘Choc’ is short for chocolate and ‘Kriti’ translates to Work of Art in Sanskrit. They work on a twofold mission of “Saving good people from bad chocolate!!” and “Bringing art, purity and creativity in chocolate products made in India”. Their chocolates are made from sustainably sourced cocoa beans from South India and crafted in Belgium. They have some unique flavours that you won’t find anywhere else like Chameli, Tulsi Orange Pepper, Kaju Kulfi, and Thandai.

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6. Montezuma

This handmade luxury chocolate brand has something for every mood. From vegan organic truffles to absolute black cocoa, drinking chocolate to gluten-free chocolate, they have it all. Now you have to decide which flavour you will go for.

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7. Fabelle

These bittersweet guilt-free bars made of single origin cocoa sourced from regions such as Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Madagascar, Ecuador, Sao Tome, Ivory Coast and Venezuela define world-class gourmet experience in the truest sense. They are vegan and some of their must try variants are 64% Dark with Ghana Cocoa, 64% Dark with Colombia Cocoa and 84% Dark with Ghana Cocoa.

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8. Artisanté

This Bengaluru-based brand has a whole range of thoughtfully curated luxury chocolates such as flavoured, dark, single origin, caramelised and so much more. Some of their most tempting and unique flavours are Machu Picchu Dark 65% Pink Peppercorn Mango Lime, Ikigai Ruby Chocolate Yuzu, Madagascar single origin, Galactico Caramelised White Chocolate Toasted Almonds, Sea Salt, and the list is never-ending. We bet you will be spoilt for choice!

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9. Paul and Mike

Did you know they are the first Indian chocolate brand to win silver at world finals of international chocolate awards? With their ultimate farm-to-bar concept, they grow and ferment cocoa on their own farms in Kochi and Coimbatore and source wet cocoa beans from farmers in Idukki, Kerala, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. If you are a chocolate lover, don’t miss out on trying their award winning Brunost cheese milk chocolate with just the right blend of caramel, sweet and salty. You can also try their 49% fine milk honeycomb toffee or hokey pokey chocolate and Simba stout beer caramel chocolate.

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10. Ambriona

It’s an environmentally conscious gourmet farm-to-table chocolate brand that caters to the different dietary needs of their customers with the best of natural ingredients. Their specialty lies in dark chocolates, cacao derivatives, nut butters, assorted nuts and honey. They also have keto chocolates which are basically sugar free dark chocolate coated almonds, hazel nuts, blueberries, and what not!

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Photo: Shutterstock


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