Indulge In The Most Expensive Desserts In The World To Get A Taste Of The Fine Life

Every person has a sweet tooth to some degree. But, there are sweets, even expensive sweets and there are desserts that will blow your mind with their cost. Presenting to you some of the most expensive desserts in the world.

Published On Feb 18, 2024 | Updated On Jul 04, 2024


Dessert is something that is the guilty pleasure of almost everyone. The food industry also recognises that and constantly experiments, elevates and creates new desserts that get increasingly tempting to resist. Today, you will find an elaborate dessert almost everywhere you go. The more fantastic and elaborate the dessert, the more they come under the category of expensive desserts. Nowadays, some establishments create such expensive sweets not just as another dessert, but as more of an experience. There are some universally acknowledged most expensive desserts, with a few even creating Guinness World Records for themselves. These expensive desserts are the definition of luxury, using the finest, rarest and costliest ingredients to create something that people will always remember tasting. From the United States to Japan, you will find many expensive desserts that easily qualify as the most expensive desserts in the world, to add to your ultimate book list. Read on as we highlight some of the most expensive desserts in the world to make you drool.

Most expensive desserts in the world to add to your food bucket lists

A decadent and lavish treat, luxury drips from the very name of this dessert. Rightly referred to as one of the costliest ice creams in the world, this sundae has officially been recognised by Guinness. With ingredients like 23-carat gold leaves, Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, caviar, a rare dark chocolate from Italy, and candied fruits from Paris, it is no wonder that this dessert has been called the most expensive ice cream in the world. An iconic dessert in its area, you will have to put in an order in advance as it is only made to order. 
Cost: $ 1000 (approx.)
Where: New York, United States

Speaking of the costliest ice creams in the world, this ice cream is one of the most luscious ice creams you will ever taste. A high-end ice cream maker, it has got a Guinness World Record acknowledgement for having the most expensive ice cream in the world, and the very first bite will have you floating on a cloud. A true fusion of contrasting cultures, this ice cream is a blend of truffles imported from Italy, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and sake lees, a by-product of sake. More than an ice cream, this dessert is a taste of the world on a plate.
Cost: ¥880,000 (approx.)
Where: Tokyo, Japan

When we talk of Dubai, luxury automatically becomes one of the points. Some would say that Dubai and luxury go hand in hand. Going by the looks of this ultra-luxe cupcake, anyone would agree with this idea. Called the world’s most expensive cupcake, this gold-infused cupcake is made with Italian cocoa, organic strawberries, and Ugandan vanilla beans and is accompanied by chocolate shards and mousse, all dusted with gold dust of course. The cupcake is also separately wrapped in a 23-carat gold sheet. 
Cost: AED 2, 759 (approx.)
Where: Dubai

The macaron, a delightful mix of white tea, chocolate and a gold leaf, will treat all of you to luxury, not just your taste buds. An overnight stay at the hotel offering this macaron at one of their famous suites is also included in the cost. Stretching views of the sea, and a private butler while surrounded by luxury, this promises to be a magnificent experience.
Cost: $9,703 (approx.)
Where: St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, Florida

Made with one of the costliest tequilas and peppered with gold flakes, this popsicle is one of a kind. With the freshness of a popsicle combined with the taste of tequila, this cooling dessert is one of the most luxurious versions of this simple childhood sweet. The gold flakes glittering from within also cast a captivating allure, making you want to try this once.
Cost: $ 1000 (approx.)
Where: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A decadent combination of truffles and chocolate, this is a classic luxury in the shape of a chocolate ball. It is made from classic ingredients such as dark chocolate, cream, vanilla and truffles and this chocolate ganache truffle comes in its fancy box. The truffle also happens to be a rare French truffle, making the dessert even more grand. Be sure to order this in advance though, as per the policy. 
Cost: $ 250 per piece (approx.)
Where: United States

What used to be a simple dessert of strawberries and whipped cream back in time in 18th century France has gotten an ultra-rich makeover and is now worth millions. Using vanilla ice cream, lush strawberries, velvety whipped cream and gold flakes, Strawberries Arnaud has become a thing of pure culinary delight. This dessert is even better when paired with a refreshing bottle of champagne and other liquors. But, the ‘piece de resistance’ is the blinding 10-carat diamond ring that accompanies the dish, which makes it worth millions. 
Cost: $ 9.85 million (approx.)
Where: New Orleans, United States

Frozen Haute chocolate ice cream sundae is made with edible gold, chocolate, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, etc. This extraordinary dessert is served in a gold-covered goblet, an 18-carat diamond bracelet and a gold spoon with which to eat the ice cream. The only snag is that you have to order a few days before so that they can order ingredients from the countries they are sourced from, for example, truffles from France, gold from Switzerland and cocoa beans from multiple places. 
Cost: $ 25, 000
Where: New York, United States 

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