6 Unique And Fun Desserts In Delhi NCR You Must Try

Desserts have always been the highlight of any meal. Read on to know more about how Delhi restaurants, cafes and chefs are playing with desserts and cooking up some delicious sweet treats.

Published On Sep 07, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Desserts have always been the most exciting part of a meal, hands down. The perfect ending note to a meal, desserts have the power to either enhance the overall experience of a meal or spoil the taste completely. Lately, rather than sticking to the usual parameters of everything desserts, there is a plethora of creativity in the desert space. This has made New Delhi’s dessert scene an exciting place to explore. With new and never-heard-of flavour combinations being created, by creative chefs at five-star restaurants to small businesses, you have a pool of highly intriguing selections of eccentric desserts to taste. Whether it be reinventing an old classic, inventing a fusion dessert with elements from different cultures or just creating something least expected, we bring you some extremely interesting desserts that will have you going gaga over how unique they are.

6 uniquely fascinating desserts to try in Delhi NCR

Gulabroon, a creation of Arq Mithai, an artisanal confectioner, is one of the most fitting examples of the kind of exciting fusion that we need. Combining a classic Indian sweet with the most popular French dessert, the gulabroon is a delectable amalgamation of gulab jamun and macaroon. Blending two famous desserts and their flavours into a new creation, this unique fusion dessert is a must-try.

For years, Daulat ki chaat has reigned as one of New Delhi's most renowned desserts, achieving a near-legendary status among locals. However, a touch of elegance has now been bestowed upon it by the prestigious five-star establishment, Indian Accent. Renowned for infusing traditional Indian recipes with contemporary flair, Indian Accent has artistically transformed Daulat ki chaat into a captivating masterpiece. Unquestionably, this reinvented delight has swiftly ascended to become a crowning jewel in their dessert repertoire.

Mithai ice cream embodies an eccentricity that lives up to its intriguing name. Crafted by the culinary artisans at Khoya, this amalgamation of flavours is a daring fusion that sparks excitement and curiosity. Drawing inspiration from iconic Indian confections like motichoor ladoo and milk cake, Khoya has transformed these classic mithais into delectable ice cream renditions. What's more to love?

Yum Yum Cha, a famous pan-Asian restaurant chain, has created this unique fusion of mochi ice cream. Mochi is a famous Japanese dessert that is traditionally made of rice cakes that have a stuffing of sweet red bean paste in them. Yum Yum Cha has given a twist to this classic dessert and has replaced the red bean paste stuffing with ice cream, instantly making this fusion dessert all the more exciting to try.

Renowned for its ingenious approach, Café Lota has mastered the art of infusing a fresh spin into delightful regional delicacies from across India. Celebrated for its seamless blend of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine, Café Lota consistently introduces novel creations, each brimming with exceptional flavour. Among its remarkable innovations, the café has ingeniously reimagined the beloved gol gappe, a popular chaat item, and transformed it into an enticing dessert by skillfully incorporating elements of strawberry. This unparalleled dessert is a culinary gem that demands attention and is not to be missed for its exceptional uniqueness.

The Parle-G cheesecake, an enchanting masterpiece from the Farzi Café, promises to whisk you back to the cherished days of your childhood. The Parle-G biscuit imparts an impeccable texture to the cheesecake, harmoniously offsetting its opulent richness. Seamlessly intertwining the fond memories of yesteryears with the delectable cheesecake, this fusion confection stands in a league of its own.

Photo: Instagram/arqmithai, yumyumchaindia