6 Unique And Unforgettable Desserts To Savour In Mumbai

Immerse yourself in this thoughtfully curated dessert odyssey, guiding you through an unforgettable sweet adventure across the vibrant city of Mumbai.

Published On Sep 06, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Mumbai, a city celebrated as a cultural crossroads, has consistently led the charge in driving change, embracing modernity, and igniting transformations. This essence is deeply ingrained in Mumbai's fabric – evident in its fashion, culinary landscape, and more. These facets have been skillfully harnessed and reimagined to give rise to novel expressions that embody innovation while cherishing their cultural origins. This sentiment succinctly captures the present culinary panorama of Mumbai, particularly in the domain of food.

From luxurious five-star establishments to humble solitary eateries, the wave of fusion cuisine has engulfed all, each embracing the challenge of reinterpreting tradition while preserving its core identity. This yearning to experiment with time-honoured recipes has organically spilt over into Mumbai's desert landscape. Throughout the city, one can readily witness the birth of various fusion desserts, as well as the introduction of international confections to the Indian palate for the very first time. These distinctive desserts exert an immediate allure, boasting eccentric flavour profiles, generating excitement, and offering a dose of novelty.

Among these innovative creations, certain fusion desserts expertly check all the right boxes, boasting not only delectable flavours but also an unparalleled level of creativity. These culinary marvels converge to deliver a profoundly enjoyable and memorable experience, captivating the senses with every bite.

Here are the most unique desserts in Mumbai to try

Among the array of tantalising fusion desserts found in Mumbai, the Nutella cone kunafa stands out as an exceptionally delectable offering. Rooted in tradition yet creatively reimagined, Kunafa is a Middle Eastern dessert revered for its unparalleled appeal. Mumbai's own Kunafa World has ingeniously infused this timeless treat with the sumptuousness of Nutella, elevating its allure to new heights. The ingenious amalgamation of Nutella's indulgence with the customary filling, all elegantly encased within an innovative cone, crafts an unmissable dessert experience that beckons to be savoured.

Mithai stands as one of India's most ancient and widespread traditional confections. It graces every occasion, festivity, and gathering, embodying a timeless cultural sweetness. The essence of Indian get-togethers feels incomplete without the inclusion of Mithai's charm. Meethi Elaichi, an artisanal mithai brand, has ingeniously transcended the bounds of tradition by blending classic mithai with fun flavours, resulting in an intriguing evolution. From mandarin cheesecake mithai to kaju katli truffle, Meethi Elaichi has playfully and ingeniously expanded the boundaries of what mithai can be. These flavourful marvels are a must-try!

Mochi, a time-honoured Japanese confection known for its soft, chewy exterior enveloping a core of red bean paste, has undergone a captivating transformation at the hands of The Mochico. This Mumbai-based venture is orchestrating a playful reinvention of mochi, infusing a delightful touch of eccentricity into this age-old treat. Departing from the conventional red bean paste filling, The Mochico has ingeniously introduced an array of ice cream flavours, ranging from biscoff to yuzu lemon and beyond. This inventive twist on mochi presents an enticing choice to those seeking unconventional dessert experiences in Mumbai.

Aamras has been an integral part of traditional Gujarati home-cooked cuisine for generations. Across the country, Gujaratis regularly savour a meal that includes puris, vegetables, and aamras. To pay homage to this cherished tradition while infusing it with contemporary flair, Masque, a renowned restaurant celebrated for its innovative takes on classic recipes, embarked on a culinary adventure. They artfully melded the renowned aamras with elements reminiscent of pani puri, an iconic Mumbai street food, birthing an entirely novel and distinctive dessert. This inventive creation has struck a chord with diners and is celebrated for its artful preservation of familiar flavours coupled with modernization.

Jamun, a standout delicacy gracing the menu at Nava, undoubtedly claims its place among the most exceptional desserts. As the rainy season advances, the jamun fruit (Syzygium Cumini) flourishes, expanding in size, sweetness, and succulence. This progression marks the optimal period to relish the exquisite flavours of this fruit.

Hence, a revitalising and lively jamun dessert consisting of jamun compote, jamun cremeux, vanilla mousse, and jamun chips emerged as the impeccable finale to the Chef's 9-course Vegetarian Seasonal Tasting Menu.

Undoubtedly, boondi ka laddoo stands as an emblematic Indian sweet, deeply ingrained in the fabric of our culture. A fixture in every festive occasion, this beloved Indian dessert has now undergone a delightful transformation. Enter Papacream, an ice cream parlour renowned for its whimsical assortment of flavours that ingeniously embrace the essence of Indian sweets. Their latest creation, the boondi ice cream, offers a captivating twist. Capturing the essence of the familiar boondi laddoos in an entirely novel form, this ice cream embodies the same cherished flavours while presenting a contemporary version of this timeless Indian delight.

Photo: Instagram/navamumbai, meethielaichi