Try These Dal Fry And Dal Tadka Dhaba Style Recipes For Ultimate Taste

For all the fancy dishes, nothing beats a simple dal. The comfort that a well-made, spicy dal brings is unmatched. What makes this humble dal even more mouth-watering is the fresh, dhaba version. Make these delicious dal fry and dal tadka dhaba-style recipes to make your simple meal soulful.

Published On Mar 08, 2024 | Updated On Jul 09, 2024


Dal tadka and dal fry might just be the most popular and commonly made dishes in many Indian kitchens. These recipes define the essence of a simple yet heart-warming home-cooked meal. Nothing will ever beat the satisfaction that a dal tadka recipe or a dal fry recipe brings to the soul. This dal fry recipe or dal tadka recipe is what people crave when they miss home or are even returning home after a long time. These dishes are not just favourite food dishes for many, but reminiscent of happy times spent at home. 
But, one might feel like experimenting with these age-old dal recipes to make them more tasty. While the simple version of dal fry and dal tadka at home are a favourite, on some occasions, the spicy and tangy recipes one gets at a dhaba take the cake. There is something about the rustic yet delicious taste of dal fry and dal tadka dhaba style. For people who relish the local Indian flavours and may not want to make something too fancy for themselves after a long day, these dal fry and dal tadka dhaba style recipes are just the solution. So, for all those occasions where you want to jazz up a simple home recipe, try these dal fry and dal tadka dhaba style recipes and treat your taste buds.


Dal tadka is a popular vegetarian Indian recipe. Whether you make it in its simple home-food version or whether you follow a dal tadka dhaba style recipe, this dish will make you a fan. Dal tadka dhaba style is especially a treat, especially for vegetarians. The simple home-style dal gets a zesty makeover and you get the comfort of home and the fresh and spicy taste of a dhaba. Dhaba food is the perfect cross between the simplicity of a home meal and a fancy restaurant recipe. This dal tadka dhaba style is the perfect representation of this concept.


These are the ingredients you will need for a delicious dal tadka recipe dhaba style:
1. Tuar dal
2. Moong dal
3. Onions
4. Tomatoes
5. Garlic
6. Turmeric powder
7. Bay leaves
8. Black cardamom
9. Ghee 
10. Salt
11. Water
12. Asafoetida
13. Chilli powder
14. Cumin
15. Kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves)
16. Chopped coriander 


Follow this dal tadka recipe dhaba style to bring mouth-watering dhaba flavours to your kitchen:

  • Preparing the dal in a pressure cooker 
    Rinse the tuar dal and moong dal well. Add in a pressure cooker with water and ghee and mix well. Now add tomatoes, onions, a bay leaf, garlic cloves and black cardamom. Mix and close the pressure cooker lid after adding turmeric powder and salt.
    Wait for five whistles of the pressure cooker or until the dal is well-cooked. Open the lid after the steam dissipates and mash the dal mix accordingly. 
  • Bring together the seasonings 
    Keep the mashed dal mix aside and start heating a little ghee. Add a few garlic cloves to the ghee and let them sizzle fry for a minute. Now add the cumin, chilli powder, kasuri methi and asafoetida and quickly mix. Add this simmering tempering all over the dal mix and stir well. 
  • Garnishing 
    Wash the coriander leaves properly and squeeze away any remaining water. Chop finely and sprinkle over the dal tadka. Serve fresh.


Another popular lentil-based dish, dal fry is often confused with dal tadka by many. Although both these dals have similarities, such as the lentils used to make these dishes, they also have a few significant differences in their cooking method, giving each a distinct flavour. As with dal tadka, dal fry dhaba style is the perfect mix of the comfort of home and the spicy flavours of a dhaba. A dal fry dhaba style is enough to make anyone drool. A popular dish, especially among vegetarians, a well-made dhaba-style dal fry will make your taste buds sing. The best part about this recipe is that it is as easy to make as flavourful as this dish is.


Following are the ingredients needed to make a dal fry recipe dhaba style at home:
1. Tuar dal
2. Moong dal
3. Onions
4. Tomatoes
5. Ghee
6. Water
7. Salt
8. Mustard seeds
9. Dried red chillies
10. Curry leaves
11. Green chillies
12. Cumin seeds
13. Turmeric powder
14. Ginger garlic paste
15. Kashmiri red chilli powder
16. Garam masala
17. Coriander powder
18. Coriander leaves


A simple dal fry recipe dhaba style:

  • Cooking the dal 
    For the first step, wash and soak the dal mix for five to six hours. Rinse away the water and put on a pressure cooker. Add water. Salt, turmeric powder and the dal mix and cook for five whistles. 
  • Preparing the spice mix 
    In a pan, heat some ghee and add in the mustard seed, cumin seeds, curry leaves and dried red chillies. Add ginger garlic paste, finely chopped onions and green chillies to this tempering, and stir well. Put the flame on low and add the turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder and mix. Now add the finely chopped tomatoes and some water. Let this spice mix simmer for a while on low flame.
  • Mixing it all together
    After the spice mix has softened and has cooked for a while, add the dal and stir it well to blend. Add salt, garam masala and water, if you want to adjust the dal’s consistency. Simmer on low flame for 5-10 minutes.
  • Garnish and serve 
    Finely chop washed coriander leaves and sprinkle on the dal. Serve fresh.


Although ghee is the best cooking oil to use for these recipes, you can use any other cooking oil like mustard oil, olive oil, etc.

Fresh roti, paratha or even rice are perfect sides for these dhaba-style dal recipes.

While their ingredients are similar, dal tadka is when the dal and vegetables are cooked together and a tempering of spices is added afterwards. Dal fry is when the dal and the spice mix are separately prepared and mixed at the end.

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