10 Best Indian Rum Brands You Must Try

Cast off the ordinary and set your taste buds on a treasure hunt! Uncharted waters of deliciousness await — explore the best Indian rum brands.

Published On Apr 18, 2024 | Updated On May 12, 2024


Ever felt like your cocktail repertoire is stuck on a tropical island, with only the usual suspects keeping you company? You know, the Bacardis and Captain Morgans of the world? Don't get me wrong, those classics are great, but what if I told you there's a whole world of delicious Indian rum brands waiting to be explored?

Yep, you heard that right. India has a rich history of rum production, crafting unique spirits with bold flavours and surprising smoothness. We're talking about rums that can take your classic mojito or Cuba Libre to a whole new level, or inspire you to invent your tropical masterpiece.

So, are you ready to ditch the ordinary and set sail on an adventure with some amazing Indian rum brands? We'll explore some of the most popular brands, discover the characteristics that set them apart, and even give you some tips on how to mix the perfect rum cocktail. Let's get this rum party started.

Old Monk/ Instagram 

Mohan Meakin Ltd., a massive Indian conglomerate with a rich history dating back to 1855, throws a curveball into the rum game. While this Indian rum brand produces a variety of beverages, its claim to fame in the rum world is the iconic Old Monk. This vatted dark rum isn't your typical beach bum drink.

Aged for a minimum of seven years (with a pricier 12-year version available too), Old Monk gets its character from molasses, a byproduct of sugarcane. This gives it a deep colour and a complex flavour profile that's surprisingly smooth despite its 42.8 per cent alcohol content. So, next time you're looking for a rum that goes beyond the usual sweetness, Mohan Meakin's Old Monk might just become your new favourite.

Maka Zai/ Instagram

Stilldistilling Spirits, a passionate newcomer on the Indian rum brands scene, is shaking things up with its handcrafted, small-batch approach. Launched in 2020, this Goa-based distillery prides itself on using local, high-quality ingredients. Their star product is the Maka Zai rum, available in two expressions: a Bartender's Edition white rum and a Tribute Edition golden rum. Both are crafted with carefully sourced sugarcane, ensuring a clean and natural flavour profile.

Unlike the heavier molasses-based rums, Stilldistilling's Maka Zai boasts a lighter, more contemporary style that's perfect for sipping neat or using in cocktails. Their focus on innovation and premium quality has quickly earned them a loyal following among rum enthusiasts looking for a different-than-usual Indian rum experience.

Famous rums: Maka Zai White Rum and Maka Zai Gold Rum

Amrut/ Instagram

Amrut, a name synonymous with award-winning single malt whiskies, also offers a delightful detour into the world of rum. Founded in 1948 in Bangalore, this distillery takes pride in its heritage and explicit approach. Unlike many traditional rum producers, Amrut uses locally sourced jaggery, a palm sugar product, instead of molasses.

This Indian rum brand gives its rum a distinct character, with notes of caramel and spice that set it apart from the crowd. Their most famous rum expression is the Two Indies, a blend of Caribbean rums matured in ex-bourbon casks and married with their jaggery-based rum. The result? A complex and flavourful spirit that's perfect for sipping neat or adding depth to your favourite rum cocktails.

Famous rums: Old Port and Two Indies


Wild Tiger Beverages/ Instagram 

Hailing from Kerala, the land of the tiger, Wild Tiger Beverages brings a taste of India's south coast to the rum world. Founded with a commitment to quality and conservation, this distillery uses indigenous sugarcane grown along the Malabar coast. Their signature product is the aptly named Wild Tiger Special Reserve Rum. Aged in American oak ex-bourbon casks, this rum boasts a smooth and complex flavour profile.

Expect hints of toffee, vanilla, almond, and honey, thanks to the ageing process. Wild Tiger Beverages even donates a portion of their profits to the Wild Tiger Foundation, making your rum choice a sip for a good cause.

Cabo/ Instagram 

When it comes to Indian rum brands, Cabo takes a tropical twist! Made in Goa, a state known for its beaches and laid-back vibes, Cabo isn't your typical dark rum. Instead, it's a rum liqueur. This means it's a blend of white rum infused with natural coconut flavours.

The result? Cabo Coconut Rum Liqueur! This sweet and refreshing spirit is perfect for poolside sipping or mixing into cocktails that instantly transport you to a beach vacation.  Made with local ingredients and boasting a smooth, coconut-forward flavour, Cabo offers a taste of Goa in every bottle. So, if you're looking for a rum that's all about sunshine and good times, Cabo Coconut Rum Liqueur might be your perfect match.

Segredo Aldeia/ Instagram

Fullarton Distillers, a family-run gem nestled in Goa, is making waves in the Indian spirits scene. Founded in 2013, they've carved a niche for themselves with a diverse portfolio that goes beyond just rum. While they offer other spirits like whiskies and gins, their rum range is worth exploring. Their popular rum is the Segredo Aldeia, which translates to ‘Secret Village’ in Portuguese.

This intriguing name hints at the rum's distinctive character. Unlike traditional molasses-based rums, Segredo Aldeia uses a combination of cane sugar and jaggery, an unrefined palm sugar. These ingredients impart a subtle sweetness and depth of flavour that sets it apart.

Available in a white rum and a cafe rum variant, Segredo Aldeia caters to both purists and those who enjoy a hint of coffee in their rum. Fullarton Distilleries' focus on quality ingredients and innovative flavour profiles makes them a brand to watch in the ever-evolving world of Indian rum.

Camikara/ Instagram

Piccadilly Distilleries, a titan in the Indian spirits scene, brings a touch of sophistication to the rum game with their Camikara brand. While they're renowned for their single malt whiskies, Camikara breaks the mould by using 100 per cent pure cane juice instead of molasses. This innovative approach yields a lighter and more delicate rum compared to its molasses-based brethren.  

But innovation isn't their only card – Camikara boasts quality that speaks for itself. Aged for at least 3 years in American oak barrels, it's a multi-award winner, recently clinching a Gold at the Rum & Cachaça Masters 2024. Further solidifying its Indian roots, the name Camikara translates to liquid gold in Sanskrit, a tribute to the sugarcane farmers who cultivate this golden spirit. Expect notes of honey, vanilla, and subtle fruit hints, making Camikara a complex and flavorful journey that reflects the rich heritage of India.

Earth/ Instagram

Surabhi Beverages, a brainchild of entrepreneur Sachin Bhamri, is the Indian rum brand that's shaking things up in the Indian alcove market with its focus on innovative spirits. Launched in 2019, they don't shy away from bold flavours. Their claim to rum fame is Earth, India's first spiced rum. Unlike traditional rums, Earth incorporates a blend of Indian spices during distillation, resulting in a complex flavour profile.

Expect hints of cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper dancing alongside the familiar notes of rum. This twist on a classic makes Earth perfect for those seeking an adventurous rum experience,  whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or used to create unique and flavorful cocktails.


Radico Khaitan, a powerhouse in the Indian spirits market since 1943, is a rum enthusiast's dream destination. With a rich history and a diverse rum portfolio, they cater to every palate. Traditionalists can savour the smooth and mellow character of Contessa Rum, a true testament to their legacy. Craving adventure? Pluton Bay Exotic Rum's dark brown, exotic blend packs a spicy punch.

Feeling like an island escape? Their 8 PM Bermuda Rum offers a warm and full-bodied taste of the Caribbean. And for the ultimate rum connoisseur, Radico Khaitan recently unveiled The Kohinoor Reserve Indian Dark Rum, a small-batch luxury rum crafted with fresh cane juice and matured in combination with casks. Whether you're a seasoned rum lover or just starting your exploration, Radico Khaitan has a rum waiting to be discovered.

Rock Paper Rum/ Instagram

Good Barrel Distillery, a Mumbai-based upstart in the Indian rum scene, is all about small-batch, artisanal excellence. Founded with a passion for quality and innovation, they use molasses sourced from local sugarcane farms. Their flagship rum, Rock Paper Rum, is a true testament to this dedication. Aged for a minimum of three years in ex-bourbon casks, Rock Paper Rum boasts a complex and nuanced flavour profile.

Expect notes of vanilla and oak mingling with hints of caramel and spice. This rum is perfect for sipping neat, allowing the flavours to develop on the palate, or for creating elevated rum cocktails that showcase its depth of character. Good Barrel Distillery is a brand to watch, as they continue to push boundaries and redefine what Indian rum can be.

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