Breakfast Recipe Ideas to Start Your Morning On A Healthy Note

If you’re looking for a quick breakfast inspo that is also healthy, we do have recommendations!

Published On Apr 04, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The sun is shining through the window, your morning alarm rings, with a reminder “it’s time to get up and start your day”, disturbing your sound sleep. But what do you do? You snooze the alarm to get those 10 minutes extra to sleep. By the time you wake up, you realize that you’re late for work and, at that moment, breakfast will be the last thing that comes to your mind. 

On frenzied mornings, trying to catch up with the routine, you choose to make that ultimate sacrifice of your breakfast. Now, you can’t do that every day, can you? If you’re looking for a quick breakfast inspo that is also healthy, we do have recommendations! This article covers 10 healthy breakfast recipes that will keep you energized and also not take much of your time. 

Dibba Roti

Originally hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Dibba Roti gives you the perfect crunch to start your morning. Typically served with chutney or pickle, this dish is mostly consumed as breakfast. Although, it’d also make a great evening snack, and kids prefer eating it as it is for its crust. “Dibba”, when translated means ‘flat/thick’ and “roti” means ‘bread’. There is an interesting tale behind the naming of dibba roti. It is traditionally made using a cast-iron kadai which gives the dish the shape of a mount or hill. And the word “dibba” has several other meanings in Telugu including “mount”, “hill”, “rising surface” etc. It is said that the name was probably derived due to this reason.

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Idli Sambar


Idli Sambar, the pride of all South Indians, is celebrated in almost every household in the southern part of India. This fluffy steamed rice cake is said to have originated in Indonesia and is quite similar to Indonesian dishes like ‘kedli’ and ‘bura’. Other than being a good source of protein, idli is one dish that doesn’t contain any cholesterol, no fat, and no saturated fat. Idli is low in calories and easy to digest. This one is considered as the best breakfast diet food as it can highly benefit people on their weight loss journey. Sambar, on the other hand, is a lentil-based stew rich in vegetables with detox benefits. It is also high on proteins and fibres. With all these benefits, Idli Sambar has to be on your go-to healthy breakfast list. 

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Bread Omelette


Imagine a food rich in carbohydrates and another one rich in protein. When these two forces combine, the power resonated is unmatched. Yes, we’re talking about bread omelette, a power-packed breakfast dish that’ll keep you energized and full all day long. This omelette sandwich happens to be the best morning breakfast for school and college-going teens. 

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Anda Paratha

Can parathas be a healthy breakfast? Yes, if they’re made the healthy way. In fact, they can be as nutritious as eggs. Anda Paratha is a popular street food in North India that is served best with tomato and onion raita or any other gravy and makes for a balanced diet breakfast.

A healthy breakfast is one of the best ways to start your day. But people often tend to skip their first meal. It is linked to harmful habits that lead to conditions including high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, etc. So, do not let your health take a back seat. Take your pick from these recipes and start the journey towards good health today! 

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Paneer Ragi Dosa

Dosa is a staple in India, especially in South India. When you add paneer to it, only magical things can happen. This Indian cheese as we know could be your next family favourite. And the existence of a really quick, easy and healthy variety of Dosa with paneer and ragi brings a tingle to the heart and a smile to the face. Paneer Ragi Dosa is yet another great idea for a healthy traditional breakfast. Trust us when we say that you'll thoroughly enjoy this calcium packed and protein rich dosa.

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