7 Artisanal Sweets Brands Delivering Joy Across India That You Must Explore

This festive season, explore desserts beyond your regular laddus and soan papdis with these artisanal sweets brands, delivering across the country.

Published On Sep 17, 2023 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


Embrace the world of gourmet mithais this festive season, where traditional Indian sweets undergo a luxurious transformation. While you might be familiar with your neighbourhood halwai and their delicious offerings, it's time to discover a new realm of indulgence. Gourmet mithais are a fusion of traditional flavours and artisanal craftsmanship, elevating these sweets to an entirely new level.

Picture mithais infused with exotic ingredients, skillfully crafted by culinary connoisseurs who draw inspiration not only from Indian traditions but also from global culinary influences. These gourmet mithais can be likened to a symphony of flavours, where you'll find hints of French pâtisserie or innovative twists on classic recipes, all meticulously created to tantalise your taste buds.

So, this festive season, consider gifting your loved ones a box of these exquisite gourmet mithais, an elegant and sophisticated take on the sweet traditions of India. It's a delightful way to celebrate the season while savouring the artistry and creativity of these master mithai makers. Let's dive into the best in the business for you to make your pick.

Here are 7 artisanal mithai makers delivering across India to elevate your festive celebration

Arq, a culinary venture guided by the creative talents of chefs Ashay Dhopatkar and Neha Lakhani, represents a harmonious convergence of Indian mithais and the artistry of French pastry making. A quick scroll through their Instagram feed is akin to an enticing visual journey that could spark sweet cravings, although we do hope your vigilant yoga instructor isn't among our readers.
For those seeking to elevate their weekend indulgence, consider the Besan Truffle. This exceptional creation reimagines the beloved besan ladoo by embracing it with a sumptuous dark Belgian chocolate truffle filling. The result is a symphony of textures and flavours that promises a taste experience like no other.
Price range: Starts at Rs 600

Meethi Elaichi, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to handcrafting excellence, has breathed new life into traditional Indian mithai by embracing contemporary flavours. Their brand is steeped in nostalgia, paying homage to cherished classics like Motichoor Laddoo, Walnut Burfi, and more, all of which receive a fresh and enticing makeover.

What sets Meethi Elaichi apart is their dedication to inclusivity. They not only reimagine the classics but also cater to specific dietary preferences, offering gluten-free, refined sugar-free and vegan mithai options.

However, the true gems of their brand lie in their innovative Modern Mithai range. This collection takes mithai to a whole new level with creations like the Kaju Katli Truffle, Mandarin Cheesecake Mithai, Blueberry Burst Peda, Aam Badam Mithai Macaroon, and the enchanting Glorious Gulkand Tart, among others. Each of these delights reflects Meethi Elaichi's commitment to fusing tradition with innovation, resulting in a truly extraordinary mithai experience.
Price range: Starts at Rs. 800

Bombay Sweet Shop, nestled in the heart of Mumbai, is a modern-day mithaiwala that has revolutionised the landscape of traditional Indian sweets. Constantly innovating and expanding their menu with each passing season, they have become a destination that's certainly worth exploring and indulging in.

From their conveniently accessible pan-India online store, you have the opportunity to purchase a delightful array of sweet creations. Some of their standout offerings include the enticing Bombay Bhel Chikki, the layered indulgence of Bombay 3-Layer Fudge, the delightful Indian Jujubes, and a whole lot more. Bombay Sweet Shop offers a vibrant and contemporary twist to age-old mithais, inviting you to experience the magic of flavours that are both traditional and refreshingly new.
Price range: Starts at Rs 350

Gur Chini, hailing from Delhi, catapulted into the limelight with their creation of the Italian pista and gold varq laddu, a luxurious confection priced at a staggering Rs 1,000 per piece, specially crafted for the opulent Akash Ambani-Shloka Mehta wedding. While you need not necessarily opt for something as extravagant, Gur Chini's collection extends to a healthier selection of mithai, thoughtfully crafted from stevia, honey, dates, and jaggery, offering a delightful twist on traditional favourites.

Their offerings come in a variety of options, including pre-packaged boxes or the opportunity to create your own personalised assortment. Some of their delectable choices include a diverse array of treats such as ghewar, Nolen Gur Alwar Milk Cake prepared in a woodfire oven, Kala Chana Dry Fruit & Gir Cow Ghee Burfi, and more. With Gur Chini, you can explore a spectrum of flavours that cater to both traditional and health-conscious palates.
Price range: Starts at Rs 800

Khoya Mithai, located in Delhi, stands out as a premium destination for connoisseurs of artisanal Indian mithai. Their commitment to quality is evident in their use of fresh and organic ingredients, ensuring that each sweet creation is a pure delight for the palate.
What sets Khoya apart is their dedication to preserving the authenticity of classic Indian mithai. From the traditional ghevar and kesar peda to the ever-popular besan ladoos and milk cake, Khoya Mithai maintains the timeless flavours that have been cherished for generations. However, they add a touch of finesse and refinement, elevating these classics to new heights.
Not only does Khoya excel in the realm of taste, but they also prioritise aesthetics. Their new-age and elegant packaging adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to the mithai experience, making it an ideal choice for gifting during festive seasons or special occasions.
Price range: Starts at Rs 1,450

The brand, Nihira, which aptly means 'newfound treasure,' boasts an impressive spread of nearly 80 sweet and savoury delights, even incorporating the rich flavours of alcohol into their mithais. The offerings include an array of options, from gin and cranberry ladoos to whiskey ladoos, red wine ladoos, sambuca and grape ladoos, and even Jägerbomb ladoos, all alongside the beloved Old Monk halwa.

For those who prefer non-alcoholic indulgence, Nihira presents an equally tempting selection, featuring delights like cheesecake barfi, Pina Colada ladoos, Tiramisu barfi, pista chandan pedas, and apple pie gujiya, among others. Beyond their delectable mithais, Nihira offers a bespoke experience, allowing customers to personalise everything from the packaging to the mithai selection, aligning seamlessly with the theme of special events.
Price range: Starts at Rs 200

Genda Phool, a contemporary mithai brand, seamlessly blends modern flavours with a dash of tradition. With a commitment to using premium ingredients, Genda Phool introduces a delectable lineup that includes Blueberry (a fusion of milk cake with blueberry notes), Rosette (a dry fruit laddoo adorned with delicate rose petal coatings), Hazelnut Pak, Cashewmel (a delightful cashew-caramel confection), and more.
Every aspect, from the aesthetics to the flavours, receives a refined touch at Genda Phool. What's even more delightful is that their offerings can be savoured from any corner of India, thanks to their nationwide shipping services.
Price range: Starts at Rs 500 

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