6 Of The Best Craft Breweries In India To Explore This World Beer Day

Craft breweries, while a recent concept in India, have been instantly successful. Read on to know more about some of these craft breweries to experience their beer.

Published On Aug 10, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Craft breweries are very intriguing and are still considered to be quite recent to the beer culture in India. Despite that, they have instantaneously garnered attention and have gotten very famous. The excellent craft beer one gets to try here, the good food and the relaxed ambience are an unmatched combination. Nowadays, it is not at all difficult to find a craft brewery in your vicinity, but the best ones are only a handful. Though visiting a brewery is a different experience than the regular dine-and-drink, it is known to be memorable and extremely special to beer enthusiasts.

The most famous breweries in India for you to explore

A brewery located in Gurugram, Haryana, it is famous as one of the few establishments to still serve their beer from the tap. A very well-known and recognized brewery, Quaff Brewing Co has impressively won the Best Microbrewery Award by Times Nightlife for five years consecutively and the Best Microbrewery by DLF Food Excellence for two years simultaneously. Hefe, Neipa, Weizenbock and Blond Ale are said to be the most famous brews that one should try here.

Started in Pune, this brewery has been wildly famous as one of the originals on the scene and is considered to be a top favourite among craft beer aficionados. You will find some traditional as well as unconventional craft beers up for tasting and will not leave feeling unhappy. Apple Cider, Oatmeal Stout, Smoked Lager and Mango Cider are said to be definite must-tries.

One of the leading names in the world of craft beer brewing, the people at Independence Brewing Company are known to mix up brilliant concoctions. This brewery should be on your list if you really want to explore India’s circuit of breweries. To help educate people about this emerging craft, the establishment also runs educational tours and even offers courses for people to learn. The Holy Grail, Honey Lavender Kolsch and the Raspberry Pie are said to be some of their best craft beers.

A no-fuss, old-school architecture is the vibe that this brewery in Hyderabad gives off. Known for its beautifully simple décor, the breathtaking natural surroundings and of course the amazing craft beers, this is quite a famous spot among locals. Some of the must-tries of this brewery are Apple Cider, White Spice and California Dream.

Any list of India’s famous craft beer breweries cannot be complete without this iconic brewery in Bengaluru. Massively famous among the local people, this is an extremely hot spot for people to catch a drink at. IronHill offers eight amazing brews which you can enjoy either in the beautiful interior area or the equally beautiful outer area. The charming décor of this establishment makes the experience even more pleasant. Sin City Cider, Season Finale, Afterlife Ale, and Sinnerman Stout are said to be must-tries out of their spread of eight craft beers.

This Hyderabad-based craft beer brewery uses top-notch new-age techniques to brew its craft beers. The vast, airy premises with their cosy interiors give an extremely welcoming vibe to its patrons. This brewery should be on your list to explore. Flavours like White Rabbit, Apple Cider and Belgian Wit are said to be the most famous among their craft beers.

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