6 Maharashtrian Snacks For Your Evening Menu

These snacks from the Maharashtrian kitchen will make the perfect companion to your tea

Published On Oct 25, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Marathi food is a treasure trove of delicious recipes that will make you fall in love with the cuisine. An intrinsic part of any Marathi household is the Maharashtrian snacks that range from super spicy to sweet. Healthy, nutrient-loaded Maharashtrian snacks have become household staples across different states in India. Each one gives the classic famous Maharashtrian snacks a twist of their own, and trust us when we say your tea time will be incomplete without a host of these lip-smacking dishes.

Evening tea time in a Marathi household is a ritual that brings family members together to munch and banter. From sharing moments of the day to hot political debates, chai and snacks are an unbeatable combination to enjoy the evening. So, let the feasting begin.

6 Maharashtrian Snacks To Relish


A Marathi snacks list is incomplete without the traditional Kothimbir Vadi. Made from a batter of fresh coriander leaves (Kothimbir), gram flour (besan) and Indian spices, the mixture is first steamed and then cut into bite-sized vadis. These vadis are then fried till golden and crispy. A light and spicy version of the pakora, this Marathi food is the perfect tea and coffee companion.  


Matar Karanji is one of the most loved Maharashtrian snacks made from seasonal fresh green peas. An indulgent winter delicacy, Matar Karanji is like a savoury gujiya filled with a flavourful filling of fresh ground coconut, aromatic Indian spices and green peas. You can use refined or whole wheat flour to make the karanji pockets. Deep fried till crisp and golden, hot matar karanji is typically served with a tangy chutney of khajur and imli and relished with a cup of masala tea. Among the most loved Maharashtrian dry snacks, these bite-sized pockets of flavour are ajji-approved tea-time munchies.


An authentic Maharashtrian snacks list will always have the humble sabudana vada. Other ingredients in the recipe of Maharashtra's authentic Sabudana (Sago) Vada include boiled and mashed potatoes, crushed peanuts and fragrant coriander leaves that make for a heavenly snack. These delicious deep-fried sago patties have a beautiful golden crispy crust and a melt-in-your-mouth centre. Since these are popular fasting food snacks, they have no garlic or onion. Very mildly spiced, these vadas with a cup of ginger tea make for a yummilicious evening snack.


Maharashtrian snacks are a perfect combination of Indian spices and this authentic namkeen is no different. A typical masaledar mix of chivda, also known as flattened flaked rice, with peanuts, curry leaves, broken cashews and spices, it is a healthy and tasty evening snack. You can choose to deep-fry the chivda or toss it in a drop of oil before adding your tempered spices to get the signature crunch of the namkeen.

Add this recipe to your Maharashtrian snacks list and serve it with tea for a twist to the usual munching menu.


The MVP of famous Maharashtrian snacks, Pohe or Poha, is an authentic savoury dish popular all over India today. A very nutritious and low-calorie snack, kande pohe can be made in less than 10 minutes and is surprisingly filling. Wash and dry the poha, and spice the oil with asafoetida and whole red chillies. To it, add mustard seed, curry leaves, peanuts, onions and potatoes. Once they turn glossy, add turmeric, salt and poha and mix.

Garnish with chillies, lemon juice, chopped coriander and sev. Serve it hot with a cup of tea and watch your guests polish off the plate within minutes.


Delicious, spicy and tummy-tantalising, Misal Pav is a popular street-style Marathi food. A 100-year-old dish, Misal Pav has been adopted by different states with their own twist. But the combination of spices with sprouted lentil gravy, spiced with a tomato-onion-coconut curry, is best for the Maharashtrians to perfect. A tea-time savoury hero, serve the misal gravy topped with onions and farsan, with a soft slice of pav (bread) and enjoy a wholesome pre-dinner meal.

Packed with proteins, carbohydrates and good fats, misal pav is a perfect energy-boosting snack to enjoy with your evening tea if you have a long night ahead.

Try out this Maharashtrian snacks list with your evening tea, and let us know your favourite! 

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