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6 Delicious Crispy Punjabi Snacks To Munch On

Experience love at first bite with these deep-fried and hearty treats from the Punjabi snacks menu

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There is a reason Punjabis are known as foodies, and Delhi is the food capital of India. They love to munch in between meals, whether it's with tea or a glass of whiskey. Chakna, as they call it, is a must in every Punjabi household. Punjabi snacks are delicious, easy to make and pair beautifully with all kinds of beverages (you know what we mean). Small plates of snack heaven, the Punjabi snacks list is an endless menu of lip-smacking dishes spiced with authentic flavours of their pind.

From the deep-fried Punjabi samosa to a spicy Punjabi tadka namkeen, these delicious recipes are a must-try at your next tea party.

6 easy Punjabi snacks to munch on

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Punjabi snacks are an explosion of flavours and one such example is the samosa chaat. Spicy, tangy, sweet and creamy, samosa is a popular Indian tea-time street food. A stuffing of mashed boiled potatoes, vegetables and spices is packed in a sheet-like wrap using all-purpose flour. Punjabi samosas are deep-fried till golden and served with a zesty ghugni. To turn it into a chaat, serve the crispy samosas hot layered with spoons full of green chutney, tamarind chutney and slightly sweet beaten curd.

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With a crispy golden crust on the outside and spiced potatoes on the inside, tikkis are popular Punjabi snacks with tea. Though tikkis can be made using a variety of ingredients, aloo or potato is a crowd pleaser because they’re so versatile. Stuff it with green peas, chana or moong dal for an elevated surprise punch. A North Indian snack, aloo tikki can be eaten plain with spicy green coriander chutney and as a chat with a mildly spiced matar ghugni and an assortment of chutneys. 

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In the list of Punjabi dry snacks, mathri is a favourite across generations. A recipe of the traditional Punjabi mathri is often passed as a valuable heirloom. Chef Ajay uses spiced and seasoned all-purpose flour dough to roll out bite-sized mathris. One of the most loved Punjabi snacks, these mathris are then deep-fried to make crispy delights that are stored in airtight jars. Serve the mathri with a zingy mango pickle and tea for a soul-satiating savoury treat. 

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Punjabi tadka snacks are delicious because they are fried to perfection. Taking the humble poha and giving it a makeover, it is impossible to have just one poha cutlet. Using soaked flattened rice, boiled potatoes, onions, carrots and mild spices, a tight dough is made for the cutlet. Shape them round or long and shallow-fry till crispy and golden. Serve them hot with ketchup and tea. It is one of the best instant Punjabi snacks to make if your guests decide to pay a surprise visit for tea.

With this cutlet, you can serve south Indian snacks to add variety to your tea-time menu. 

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Bread rolls are a popular household snack that is found in many cuisines across India. But they're a huge hit in Punjabi homes. Why? Because Punjabi snacks are hearty, crunchy and loaded with flavour. This unique achari bread roll recipe meets their brief. Made with boiled potatoes and a tantalising achari masala, these deep-fried rolls are a scrumptious snack to enjoy with tea. Serve them hot with ketchup and coriander chutney on the side.

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Originating in North India, the combination of Dahi Bhalla and Papdi Chaat is a must on any Punjabi snacks list. Spreading its roots across cultures, today both these delicious snacks are seen everywhere in India, but it's the Punjabi community we need to thank. Soft bhallas made from a fluffy batter of urad and moong dal are layered with flaky, crispy papdi and doused in a variety of chutneys. The sweet and tangy tamarind chutney, a spicy green coriander-mint chutney and sweet yoghurt elevate this truly soul-satisfying tea-time dish.

These six Punjabi snacks will make your tummy do balle balle as you enjoy a fun evening with friends and family. Check out more tea-time snacks India ideas that will bring cultural diversity to your table.

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