6 Best Spots In Pune For A Delicious Plate Of Poha

We’re on the quest to find the best poha in Pune, and these are our top picks.

Published On May 02, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


In Maharashtra, poha is a well-liked breakfast food, and Pune definitely takes its poha very seriously. It is a common breakfast food in the city and there are several poha spots in Pune that serve different varieties that will tantalise your tastebuds. People of all ages and backgrounds like poha because it is more than just a food; it is also a significant component of the local culture. It's also an easy dish to eat, typically light on the tummy and the wallet (when eaten out). 

Poha's ease of preparation is one among the factors contributing to its popularity in Pune. It may be prepared quickly and with few ingredients. Rice that has been flattened is prepped by soaking in water, followed by cooking it with onions, green chilies, and other seasonings. The recipe's simplicity makes it a convenient breakfast option, and people frequently eat it on their way to work or school.

Poha's accessibility is another factor in Pune's appeal. Poha is an inexpensive breakfast alternative, and Pune is renowned for being a student-friendly city. Some poha spots in Pune sell a plate for as little as Rs.20, making it an affordable choice for everyone.

People prefer to experiment with different toppings and flavours because poha is such a versatile dish. Some people like to top their poha with peanuts or potato chips or salli, while others like to serve it with yogurt or chutney on the side. Due to its adaptability, anyone can make poha to suit their individual tastes, making it a popular breakfast choice.

Poha has ingrained itself into Pune's culinary landscape, with numerous eateries and street vendors specialising in the dish. Pune offers a wide range of poha selections, from spicy to sweet, and each vendor has their own special recipe. This variation keeps the dish interesting and encourages repeat consumption.

Poha's appeal in Pune can be due to its simplicity in preparation, low cost, a wide range of uses, and fusion with regional cuisine. Many people in Pune now consider it to be a favourite breakfast option, and demand for it only seems to be rising. We'll look at the top 6 poha spots in Pune that are worth travelling to.

One of the best poha places in Pune is Shri Krishna Bhuvan. For more than 25 years, this restaurant has been serving wonderful poha, and it is well-known for its age-old recipe that has been handed down through the generations. Here, light and fluffy poha is served with lemon, sev, and fresh coriander leaves. Other breakfast options served at the restaurant include upma, misal pav, and sabudana vada. At Shri Krishna Bhuvan, a plate of poha costs about Rs.40, which is fairly inexpensive. 
Price: Rs.40 for each plate
Address: Budhwar Peth, Pune, near the Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple
Timings: from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm


A student-favourite in Pune, Vaishali is well-known for its delectable South Indian cuisine, but it's also a terrific spot to get some chaat and, no surprises here- a fresh plate of poha. With fresh coriander leaves, sev, and grated coconut on the side, this poha is made with peanuts, onions, and lemon juice. A lot of Vaishali loyalists consider this to be among the best poha in Pune. The poha at Vaishali is fluffy and silky and tastes tangy and sweet. 

Price: Rs.70 per plate 
Address: Vaishali, Fergusson College Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 
Timings: 7:30 am to 11:30 pm

Famous for its mouthwatering Maharashtrian sweets and snacks, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale is a popular poha spot in Pune. Here, poha is cooked with onions and curry leaves. It is then served with sev, lemon, and fresh coriander leaves (not too different from the others, except the curry leaves add a little more flavour). Poha from Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale is a great breakfast choice because it has a little bit of spice. The modaks, pedas, and kaju katlis from the confectionary are also well-known. 
Price each plate: Rs.50 
Address: Bajirao Road, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, Pune
Timings:  8:30 am. to 10:00 pm

A tiny tea shop called Bedekar Tea Stall is situated near Narayan Peth and is well-known for its delectable poha and those who have been frequenting it will tell you this is one of the best spots for poha in Pune. This little tea shop has become extremely popular through the years, and now, whenever you visit, irrespective of what time it is, you’ll find a crowd. If that isn’t proof enough that this is one of the top poha spots in Pune, then what is? Go here early, as the tea stall is only open till noon! The poha is simple and homestyle. 
Price: Rs. 30 
Address: Narayan Peth, Pune, Bedekar Tea Stall
Timings: 6.30 am to 12 pm.

The well-liked Goodluck Cafe in Pune is known for its wonderful poha and Irani Chai on its breakfast menu. Flattened rice, onions, and green peas are used to make the poha at this restaurant, which is also served with sev, lemon, and fresh coriander leaves. Poha here has been a staple ordered item for generations, making this one of the best poha in Pune. We love the dish here as it's a delicious breakfast item because of its somewhat spicy and sweet flavour, which is great to kick-start your day. Additionally popular at Goodluck Cafe are bun maska, omelettes, and sandwiches. Be sure to visit this poha spot in Pune for a truly Irani + Maharashtrian experience.
Price: Rs. 60 
Address: Deccan Gymkhana, Goodluck Cafe, Pune
Timings: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm


A popular poha spot in Pune called Pushkarni Sweets is renowned for its mouthwatering treats. The poha here is devoured by people of all ages, and though this is formally a sweet shop, a lot of the locals know it because of the lovely poha they serve, making it one of the best spots for poha in Pune. The pedas, modaks, and kaju katlis from the confectionary are also well-known. 
Price: Rs. 60 
Address: Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Pushkarni Sweets
Timing: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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