5 Aloo Snack Recipes To Spice Up Your Evening

Here are 5 easy potato snacks to spice up your platter.

Published On Jan 31, 2022 | Updated On Jul 09, 2024


Several Indian starters begin with simple potato snacks recipes like paranthas and more. Cubed potatoes are coated in a spicy batter and fried till crisp, making them ideal for serving as a pre-meal nibble or as a potato snacks dish with a spicy condiment. Talking about some mouth-watering potato recipes, here are 5 easy potato snacks to spice up your platter.

1. Aloo paratha by chef Ajay Chopra

Aloo paratha is a popular aloo snacks dish that can be consumed both as a snack and a supper. Chef Ajay Chopra explains the dish in great detail. Aloo paratha originated in Northern India but has now spread throughout the country. Boiled and mashed potatoes, onions, anardana, ginger, and fresh coriander are all be used to make the stuffing of this king of potato snacks. The paratha is packed with stuffing and fried on a tawa with some oil or ghee. Served hot, it is topped with a glob of butter as a garnish.

For the aloo mixture

3 - 4 boiled and mashed potatoes

1 cup chopped coriander

2 - 3 onions chopped

3 tsp amchur powder

2 - 3 green chillies chopped

6 tsp anardana

3 tbsp black salt (kala namak)

3 tbsp bhuna jeera

Ghee as required

For the dough

3 cup aata (wheat flour)
3 tsp salt
Water as required

  1. Mix the atta with some water and salt and make a dough.
  2. Drizzle some oil on the dough to keep it soft and moist.
  3. In a bowl, mix the mashed aloo, coriander, chopped onions, green chillies, bhuna jeera, amchur powder, anardana, and black salt.
  4. Take a small piece of dough and start flattening it—keep the edges thin and the centre thick.
  5. Place the aloo stuffing in the centre of the flattened dough. Stuff it enough so you can feel the stuffing in every bite. Make a round dough ball again.
  6. Flatten the dough ball with a rolling pin.
  7. For the tandoor style of cooking, grease one side of the flattened dough with water and place that side on the tava. Cook it till one side turns light brown.
  8. Alternatively, place it on the nonstick pan.
  9. Throw in a dollop of ghee and let it melt.
  10. Let it cook for a couple of minutes. Flip the paratha. Let both the sides cook properly till golden brown.
  11. Serve hot with dahi.

2. Aloo tikki chaat by chef Ajay Chopra

An easy potato snack composed of cooked potatoes, fragrant spices, and herbs—aloo tikki is every chaat lover’s favourite. Chef Ajay Chopra explains the dish in detail. Aloo tikki chaat is a famous North Indian dish. It's known as chowk ki tikki in Lucknow. It's loaded with fresh green peas, which are abundant throughout the winter. This is also a good potato snacks for kids.

For dal stuffing

3 bowl chana dal or yellow moong dal (soaked overnight)

6 tbsp ghee

1.5 tsp thing

3 tsp jeera

Handful of cashews and raisins

1 small bowl chopped ginger and green chillies

1.5 tsp turmeric powder

3 tsp red chilli powder

3 tsp coriander powder

1.5 tsp black salt

1.5 tsp amchur powder

Fresh coriander

For aloo mixture

4 - 5 boiled potatoes

1.5 cup arrowroot flour for binding

3 tsp cumin powder

Salt to taste

For tikki masala

3 tsp coriander powder

3 tsp red chilli powder

3 tsp cumin powder

3 tsp black salt

3 tsp chaat masala

  1. Soak the moong dal (pithi) overnight, which will be used as a stuffing in aloo tikki.
  2. Heat a pan and add ghee, and to that add the jeera and thing.
  3. Add cut cashews, raisins, and salt.
  4. Add chopped ginger, green chilies, and finally add the soaked dal.
  5. Add the dry spices—haldi, red chilli powder, and coriander powder, pinch of black salt, and amchur powder
  6. Add chopped coriander and toss it all together in the pan.
  7. Boil the potatoes, let them cool down, and then grate the boiled potatoes. Add a pinch of black salt and cumin powder and mix the dry aloo mixture with arrowroot powder.
  8. Make roundels of the aloo mixture and stuff the dal (pithi) in it to make it into a tikki.
  9. Add some ghee to the pan and shallow fry the aloo tikki. Let the aloo tikki cook till it turns brown and crispy.
  10. Mix the coriander powder, red chilli powder, cumin powder, black salt and chaat masala in a bowl to make the tikki masala.
  11. Place the crispy aloo tikkis in a bowl, sprinkle the masala, and some tamarind chutney, green chutney, and curd.
  12. Sprinkle thinly cut green chillies and ginger juliennes, and finally top it with some fresh pomegranate and coriander leaves.

3. Bedmi puri and aloo by chef Ajay Chopra

Chef Ajay Chopra reveals the recipe for bedmi puri—a traditional North Indian quick potato recipe dish that is typically served with aloo sabzi. Puri is a famous Indian bread that is served with a variety of potato snacks recipes from India depending on the location. Poori comes in a variety of flavours, including aloo puri, palak puri, dahi methi poori, ajwain puri, and the renowned bedmi puri.

For puri stuffing

3 bowl urad dal (soaked overnight)

6 tbsp ghee

3 tsp whole jeera

1 small bowl chopped ginger

1 small bowl chopped green chillies

3 tsp chilli powder

For puri dough

1 cup wholewheat flour

1 cup suji

3 tsp ajwain

Salt to taste

Oil for greasing

For aloo jhol

4 - 5 boiled and mashed potatoes

1 small bowl chopped ginger

1 small bowl chopped green chillies

1 chopped tomato

Soaked methi seeds

A pinch of thing

1 tsp amchur powder

1 tsp besan powder

1 tsp red chilli powder

1 tsp coriander powder

Salt to taste

Freshly-chopped coriander leaves

  1. Soak the urad dal in water overnight and allow it to soften.
  2. In a pan, heat the ghee. Add whole jeera, chopped ginger, green chillies, red chilli powder, and soaked urad dal; allow it to cook.
  3. Once done, switch off the flame. Allow the mixture to cool and then mash it well. Add some chopped coriander leaves.
  4. To make the dough for the puris, add the wheat flour, suji, salt, and ajwain in a bowl. Add water to make a firm dough. 
  5. Take out small portion from the dough and make roundels. Take one dough ball and make a dent in it. Add the urad dal stuffing into, and shape into proper balls again using your hands.
  6. Drizzle some oil onto the roundels and flatten them.
  7. Fry the puris in hot oil.
  8. For Fried Aloo, chop potatoes and deep fry them.
  9. Sprinkle salt, red chilli powder, fresh coriander, mix well and serve.
  10. For the aloo jhol, heat ghee in a pan. Add jeera, hing, chopped ginger, green chillies, and soaked methi seeds.
  11. Add a tbsp of besan powder, haldi, red chilli powder, coriander powder, hing, and chopped tomatoes. Add some water to the mixture and cook on medium flame.
  12. Add boiled and mashed aloo to the mixture, cover the lid of the pan and let it cook for 8 to 10minutes.
  13. Finally add salt, amchur powder, and fresh coriander leaves and cook.
  14. Serve bedmi puri with aloo.

4. Aloo ke kofte by chef Pankaj Bhadouria

Aloo ke kofte is a one-of-a-kind potato snacks / Indian main entrée. Chef Pankaj Bhadouria explains the dish in great detail. The gravy for aloo ke kofte is pleasantly spicy and creamy. It is made with cooked and mashed potatoes with a khoya filling. Deep-frying is used for the mashed potato balls. These golden-brown balls are then dipped into a sauce of onions, tomatoes, spices, and cream. Aloo ke kofte can be served for lunch or dinner with roti, paratha, or rice.

For aloo ke kofte

9 boiled and mashed potatoes

6 tbsp all-purpose flour

3 tbsp cornflour

Salt to taste

6 tbsp khoya

3 tbsp mixed dry fruits

3/4 tsp orange food colour

Oil for frying

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 cup chopped onion

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp red chilli powder

1 tbsp coriander powder

1 tbsp garam masala powder

1 tbsp ginger & garlic paste

1 cup chopped tomatoes

Water as required

6 tbsp tomato puree

1 tsp dried fenugreek leaves

1 tbsp cream

Dry fenugreek leaves for garnish

Cream for garnish

Coriander sprig for garnish

  1. Mash the boiled potatoes in a bowl. Add all-purpose flour, cornflour, salt, and mix well.
  2. Transfer 50 grams of this mixture to another small bowl, add khoya, mixed dry fruits, a pinch of orange food colour, and mix well.
  3. Make balls of the first potato mixture and flatten them out. Place the stuffing in and wrap it properly.
  4. Dust them with all-purpose flour and shape them into balls.
  5. Fry the kofta balls in hot oil until golden brown.
  6. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds, chopped onions, a pinch of salt, and sauté till translucent.
  7. Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste, and sauté. Add chopped tomatoes and cook until tomatoes get soft.
  8. Cool the masala and blend it into a puree.
  9. Transfer the puree to the pan and let it cook.
  10. Add water, tomato puree, and mix well.
  11. Serve hot by pouring it over the kofta balls. Garnish with dry fenugreek leaves, cream, and fresh coriander leaves.

5. Bisibelebath and aloogedde fry by chef Rakesh Raghunathan

Bisibelebath and aloogedde fry is a rice-based potato snack made at home in Karnataka. Chef Rakesh Raghunathan demonstrates the step-by-step procedure as well as a potato fry preparation. Bisibelebath is a delightful one-pot rice, lentil, and vegetable meal. Rice, lentils, and vegetables are cooked in a unique masala made from ground spices. This particular masala is at the core of bisibelebath and is responsible for the rice's delicious and spicy flavour.

For bisibelebath

3 tsp fenugreek seeds

3 tsp black peppercorns

3 tsp cumin seeds

6 tsp coriander seeds

6 tsp Bengal gram

6 tsp black gram

Cashew nuts

3 star anise

6 cardamom

9 cinnamon

9 cloves

3 tsp turmeric powder

3 cup freshly-grated coconut

3 cup rice

3 cup bengal gram

4 - 5 red chillies

3 tsp jaggery


3 tsp poppy seeds

Chopped carrots and beans

6 tbsp peanuts

1 cup tamarind water

1.5 tsp asafoetida

2 - 3 cinnamon stick

3 cup boiled Bengal gram and rice

For aloogedde fry

6 boiled and chopped potatoes

3 tsp sambar powder

3 tsp rice powder

3 tsp mustard seeds

4 - 5 curry leaves

3/4 tsp asafoetida

3 tsp white sesame

3 tsp black gram

  1. Heat 1 tsp ghee in a pan, add chopped carrots and beans, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp turmeric, and let it cook.
  2. Then add 2 tbsp peanuts, 1 cup tamarind water, salt, and cover it.
  3. In another pan, add the tsp ghee, fenugreek seeds, black peppercorns, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, Bengal gram, black gram, dry red chilli and asafoetida. Roast well.
  4. Turn off the flame and let the mixture cool. Transfer it to the blender, blend it to a smooth paste.
  5. Heat a tsp ghee in a pan, star anise, cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves, freshly grated coconut, poppy seeds, cinnamon sticks, and cashew nuts. Roast well. Once cool, transfer to the blender and process until you get a smooth powder.
  6. Add the paste, 1 cup boiled Bengal gram and rice, half a glass of water, jaggery, and spice powder to the vegetable mixture and mix it well.
  7. Heat 1 tsp ghee in a pan, add mustard seeds, curry leaves and tsp cashew nuts
  8. Pour the tempering over the bisibelabath.
  9. In a large bowl, add the sambar powder, rice powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida, curry leaves, boiled and chopped potato, white sesame seeds, and salt. Mix well.
  10. Heat sesame oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, black gram, curry leaves, and saute.
  11. That's it! Aloogedde fry is ready to serve.

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