Easy And Healthy Soup Recipes That Can Aid Weight Loss

This winter, stay warm and shed some kilos with nourishing bowls of these weight loss soups.

Published On Jan 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Come winter, nothing beats a hot cup of soup to keep you warm. Whether you're looking for a complete dinner or an evening nibble, hearty soups are the way to go. Soups are also a good strategy for sticking to your weight-loss plan. A decent bowl of soup not only satisfies your hunger but also provides your body with the proteins and minerals it needs on cold days—minus the overload of calories. Here are some of the best soups for weight loss that you can add to your diet.

3 Veg soups for weight loss

Moong dal is high in plant-based protein and fibre, both of which are important for filling you up and reducing the tendency to overeat, thus avoiding a calorie overload. Moong dal soup makes for a low-calorie meal that is also high in minerals and vitamins A, B, C, and E. It's also low in cholesterol and is good for your heart. Hence, moong dal soup is the perfect option if you want to consume something light and healthful. Whether you have it for lunch or supper, it will be considerably easy to digest. Here’s how to make this soup for weight loss.

¼ cup yellow moong dal

2-3 cups water

Salt, according to taste 

Black pepper powder, according to taste 

A pinch of turmeric powder (optional)

½ lemon, squeezed 

2 tsp ghee 

¼ tsp cumin seeds

A pinch of asafoetida/hing (optional)  

  • Wash the moong dal thoroughly. Soak it in 2 cups of water for at least 30 minutes.
  • Next, add the soaked dal and water to a pressure cooker. 
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste, and bring it to a boil.
  • Close the pressure cooker and cook on low heat for 10 minutes.
  • Once the pressure has been released from the cooker, open the lid and mash the dal with a ladle or a potato masher.
  • Add more water if required, and bring the mixture to a boil.
  • Next, heat ghee to a tadka pan. Once hot, add in the cumin seeds.
  • When they begin to sputter, add a pinch of hing, and let it cook for 30 seconds.
  • Pour the tadka over the prepared soup, mix well, and serve hot.

This broccoli-almond soup contains a lot of protein and other essential nutrients. Broccoli is a nutritious vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. However, if you boil it and eat it, you will reap greater benefits. It boosts immunity while also aiding in weight loss, hence this recipe makes for one of the most healthy soups for weight loss. Learn how to make this weight loss vegetable soup here:  

2 cups chopped broccoli

Small garlic, finely chopped 

3-4 cloves, roughly chopped

1 chopped onion

1 cup milk

Salt, according to taste

¼ cup almonds

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp olive oil

  • Soak the almonds in water for about 10 minutes. Then remove the peels and set it aside.
  • In a pan, heat the oil. Add onion and garlic, and cook till the onion becomes soft.
  • Then, add the chopped broccoli and cook for about 1 minute. Add the salt, cover, and let the broccoli cook on a medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and after the ingredients cool down a bit, grind them with almonds and milk to make a puree.
  • Transfer this puree to a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  • Turn off the heat, season it with salt and pepper, and enjoy!

The cabbage soup diet, which is intended for short-term weight loss, entails consuming large amounts of this soup. Cabbage is a popular and healthy negative calorie food that, in theory, can result in weight loss by burning more calories during digestion than it supplies. Here’s a look at this vegetable soup recipe for weight loss:

1 grated cabbage

2 large onions

2-3 green chillies

1 large tomato, chopped

Green coriander for garnish

Salt and pepper, according to taste 

  • In a small pan, heat a spoon of oil.
  • Once hot, add chopped onions and cook until golden brown.
  • Add the grated cabbage to the pan, followed by salt and mix well. 
  • Pour four to five cups of water into the pan and cover with a lid. Let it cook on medium heat for 10 minutes.
  • Add the chopped tomato and black pepper, and allow it to cook for another five minutes.
  • Pass the soup through a sieve, garnish with green coriander leaves, and enjoy!

These delicious weight loss soups are low in calories, filling, quick, and simple to make at home. Try these soups for a light lunch or dinner with a bowl of salad to fill you up. Replacing meals with low-calorie soups may cause your blood sugar levels to drop. Make sure to consult your dietitian for a well-balanced diet plan to begin your weight-loss journey.

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