At 57, Why Milind Soman Is Still A Trendsetter

From making greys look ageless to standing up to societal norms when it comes to age-differences in a relationship, Soman is a celebrity in his own right.

Published On Nov 04, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Milind Soman isn’t just about good looks, good looks and good looks. While there’s no denying that he’s every woman’s forever man crush, over the years, he’s given ample reasons to certify him as the ultimate torchbearer of artistic freedom. Be it his much controversial nude photoshoot with the Indian supermodel, Madhu Sapre in 1995, that got him into legal trouble charging him with obscenity or his marriage with Ankita Konwar, somehow, his professional and personal choices have always been questioned and caused a stir. But did any of it deter his spirits? Never! And that’s what makes him special.

From making greys look ageless to standing up to naysayers when it comes to age-differences in a relationship, Soman is a celebrity in his own right. As he turns 57 today, let’s take a look at what makes him the unrivalled trendsetter, regardless of his age.

Let’s admit it! Soman was doing greys when nobody else was, at least in Bollywood. Apart from his myriad fitness skills, the Made in India star caused something of a sensation with his salt and pepper look, especially during the pandemic. Letting nature take its course, Soman has never shied away from flaunting his natural greys with an undeniable charm. Dissing the common notion that grey hair makes you look older, the former supermodel not only made women go weak in the knees, but also set the trend that led men to join the cult of greys.

Love is ageless. Soman never conformed to the societal norms of settling down at a particular age or the age-difference in a relationship. He married Ankita Konwar at the age of 53 and got massively trolled for the age difference between them. While some mocked him and called him a paedophile, others made up crazy stories about their age gap.

However, in a Closeup commercial, Soman reiterated that they share an age gap of 26 years, the same that he shares with his mother. He said, “Conventionally, society has created these barriers for people when they fall in love. These are the people who should be together, these are the people who should get together. Those are based on many things – race, religion, country, gender... I think there should not be any barriers. I think everybody should be free to choose who they love and who they like and that should be based just on feelings that they have in the heart; it should have nothing to do with the society.”

Soman’s fitness regime has evolved with age. It has inspired many to believe that age is no bar when it comes to fitness, and that you don’t need to hit the gym or need any equipment to workout. From practising pull-ups at a public park to making fans do at least 10 push-ups for a selfie, Soman has been motivating fans to stay fit regardless of their age. Add arm swings, hanging core, daily runs, marathon, cycling and intense treks to that. In 2004, the fitness enthusiast participated for the first time in a Mumbai marathon, and there’s been no looking back since. At the age of 50, he won the Iron Man title at the Ironman Triathlon in Zurich, Switzerland. It included a 3.8-km swim, 180.2-km run and a 42.2-km cycle ride. Last year, he completed a 1,000-km long Green Ride on bicycle from Mumbai to Delhi to raise awareness against air pollution. In one of his Instagram posts, he wrote, “My greatest achievement in life is not fame or fortune or a marathon or the Ironman… it has been to find and to continue to find 15 min for myself every day (sic).”

Earlier, interacting with one of his fans in the comments section, he also revealed the one exercise he swears by for overall fitness is surya namaskar. Additionally, he also shared how he doesn’t believe in the idea of being on a diet but follows a healthy and mindful meal which includes lots of fresh fruits and organic vegetables. Stressing on how, moderation is the key and that simple, traditional Indian food from anywhere in the country, is the healthiest in the world, he wrote, “I have never had a diet, never had restrictions when it comes to food. I minimise over refined, processed and packaged products. Healthy body and a healthy mind make all natural, simple, home cooked food, healthy food (sic)."

Photo: Instagram/Milind Soman