What to buy this Dhanteras 2022? Here's An Extensive Guide

8 Items That You Can Add To You Dhanteras Shopping List in 2022

Published On Oct 12, 2022 | Updated On Feb 28, 2024


Marking the beginning of Diwali, Dhanteras is derived from the Hindi word Dhan (wealth) and teras (thirteenth) and falls on the 13th day of the Hindu Lunar calendar. On this auspicious day, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber, harbingers of wealth and prosperity are worshipped. Dhanteras shopping is considered very auspicious in Indian families. Among the things to buy on Dhanteras, gold, silver, and brass utensils are the most popular choices depending on the budget. A particularly important day for business owners, who invest in precious metals and perform Laxmi puja at their workplace. This is done to invoke blessings from Goddess Laxmi, the Hindu god of wealth and prosperity.  

If you’re away from home and wondering what to do on Dhanteras, don’t stress about the intricate rituals of the festival. Clean your home, decorate your temple, and perform Laxmi puja during the auspicious muhurat. Along with this purchase anything in the form of silver, gold, property, vehicles, utensils, or any other asset that signifies wealth.

If you want to purchase a precious metal but lack the budget for gold, you can go for the next best choice which is silver. Silver items to buy on Dhanteras include idols of Hindu gods and goddesses, puja items like plates, Katori, Kalash, or a silver coin embossed with Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh.

Falling on October 23, 2022, the auspicious time to purchase precious gold or silver items on Dhanteras is between 6:27am to 6:03pm.


What should we buy on Dhanteras? Anything that signifies wealth and that includes assets like utensils made from brass, copper, or silver. Avoid buying utensils made of steel, aluminum, knives, or anything sharp like scissors on Dhanteras. It is believed to bring bad luck. When buying utensils, fill them with water, milk, or rice before bringing them inside the home. Utensils filled with food items symbolise prosperity and a bountiful home. 


The best thing to buy on Dhanteras, if you have the budget for it, is gold. Whether it is a piece of jewellery like a necklace, chain, bangles, or even a coin, gold is a great investment that comes in handy in unforeseen circumstances. Buying gold in any form on Dhanteras marks prosperity and financial stability in the house. The item can be placed alongside Goddess Laxmi during the puja as an offering to the lord first.

The Ultimate Guide You Will Ever Need For Buying Gold Jewellery This Dhanteras will help you make a more informed purchase decision.


To your list of Dhanteras shopping ideas, silver in any form is a great investment option. Silver utensils, idols of gods, jewellery, and coins are considered very lucky to purchase on the occasion of Dhanteras. Silver idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh can be placed along clay idols and prayed to every day. If you are purchasing silver as an investment, you can buy coins or a raw bar that can be used to purchase other items later. Silver utensils are auspicious to offer food and water to Goddess Laxmi on the festive occasion of Diwali.


Your Dhanteras shopping should not be restricted to tangible goods. Opening a new bank account, investing in stocks, or opening a new business on Dhanteras is also a good decision. A day as auspicious as Dhanteras celebrates Goddess Laxmi, the god of wealth and prosperity, who is believed to bless all who pray to her with abundance in their life. Performing Laxmi puja at a new place of work is a sacred step towards invoking the Gods for their blessings on a new beginning.


One of the more expensive things to buy on Dhanteras is a piece of property. Investing in real estate on Dhanteras is also believed to bring good fortune in the coming years. If you are moving into a new house, take possession of the house on the day of Dhanteras, and perform a Laxmi puja before moving in. Doing this during the festival of Dhanteras and Diwali will create positive vibes in the new space and the house will be blessed by Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi.


Gomti chakra also known as cow’s eye shell is a very auspicious lucky charm used to attract money, prosperity, and good fortune. Found in the river Gomti, this white shell-like charm is considered to be a symbol of Goddess Laxmi. Resembling the Sudarshan Chakras or discus of Lord Krishna, it is believed that buying and placing a Gomti Chakra in the locker or cash box will attract wealth and blessings from the divine.


The best thing to buy on Dhanteras is electronics and home appliances. If you’ve been saving up to buy a new phone, laptop, or oven, there is no better time than Diwali. There is plenty of discounts and offers around the market and you can get a real steal deal on your choice of product.

Considered one of the most auspicious days to buy valuable items, add these 8 choices to your Dhanteras shopping list. Place your new purchase next to the idol of the deity while performing the puja and bring him good luck and prosperity. 

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