Top 4 Open Air Theatres In Delhi For A Date Under The Stars

Make your movie dates better with this list.

Published On Mar 03, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Movie nights are the perfect date ideas! You have your favourite popcorn, a movie that your partner likes and a fun, relaxing ambience. Drive-in cinema in Delhi is a fun way to take it a notch higher and show your partner how much they mean to you. Wrapped up in fuzzy blankets and cinema under the stars in the company of their favourite person? How couldn’t it melt someone’s heart? So for your next date, make things a lot more wholesome. Take your partner on an outdoor movie date. Pack up some champagne, a bunch of pizzas and some popcorn too. The drive-in movie theatres in Delhi are back in action to give you a romantic movie experience.

With the COVID-19 pandemic just waning, the world is still sceptical about hitting movie theatres. The drive-in movie theatres will give you a chance to not just amp up your date, but also not panic about COVID-19. Win-win right? You can take your pick from these open-air movie theatres in Delhi.

The Sunset Cinema Club is a gorgeous open-air theatre in Delhi, in the heart of Gurgaon. They offer exclusive movie screenings for groups, individuals and public viewing. The club boasts of different unique locations on the ground and their rooftops as well. You can pull out a bunch of bean bags or just take your car in for a surreal movie-viewing experience. Outside food is allowed in this drive-in movie theatre. You can check out their website for more information about this open cinema hall.

The club also allows you to book the display of a fun personalised message for your loved ones. You can say something beautiful to your partner or put together a fun collage. The only limitation of this drive-in theatre in Delhi is that the message cannot be longer than 1 minute.

Want to go old-school with your date? The Sunset Cinema Club Peepal Tree is the perfect drive-in cinema in Delhi for it. You can book a movie date at this surreal venue and sweep your partner right off of their feet. The cosy open space is illuminated in warm, ambient lighting, tucked safely under a sky full of stars and placed right in the embrace of a magnificent peepal tree. Spice up your movie night with some great food and watch old classics that will have you feeling mushy by the end of it. Keep an eye out for all the upcoming events at this drive-in theatre in Delhi.

PVR Cinemas recently launched their own private drive-in open-air theatre in Delhi. It’s a lavish space with plenty of room for all your pretty cars and partners. You can catch all the latest releases in their cinema under the stars. They have queued up all the latest launches and even play your past favourites through private bookings. Book tickets from their website and have the experience of your lifetime.

Do you think the drive-ins are cool? Well, consider floating in warm water under the open night sky for a fun movie date night. It’s a level higher than drive-in for sure. You do not have to even share it with anyone. You get your own mini-pool, a private side table for your favourite drinks and your own little pool toys too. If you want to take a break, you can pull out a bean bag and laze on that. The mini-pools are comfortable, and spacious, and offer a great view of the screen. The Bathtub Cinema space is draped in a rustic theme with some gorgeous warm ambient lighting. They are open for private and group bookings. You can attend their public screenings too and stay updated about all the upcoming events at this drive-in cinema in Delhi on their website.

Pack your favourite snacks and drinks to enjoy your favourite cinema under the stars at this open-air theatre in Delhi.


Want to plan something romantic for your special someone? Take them on an exquisite movie date night. But don’t stick to the age-old movie theatres. Pick an outdoor movie viewing experience instead. If you are looking for drive-in cinema in Delhi or Gurgaon, you definitely have a lot of choices of open cinema halls to pick from.

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