The Top 4 Drive-in Theatres In India That You Need To Visit

A movie-watching experience from the comfort of your car.

Published On Feb 14, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


It would be an understatement to say that we were caught unaware when the Covid-19 pandemic epidemic waltzed into our lives like an uninvited guest. Even though it turned our lives upside down, we would be lying if we said we didn't regret cancelling all those movie plans. Yes, we missed strolling down the stairs of the theatre and yearned for a tub of popcorn with cola while watching our favourite celebs on the big screen.

Well while we are at it, here's a question...would you prefer going to a crowded theatre and risking the social distancing protocol or rather seeing a movie in the privacy of your car with your loved one, beneath the beautiful night sky? The latter one sounds more tempting but seems too good to be true, right! But trust us, long gone are the days when the only options you had to watch a movie was either going to a cramped-up cinema or watching it alone at home. Because now we have the Drive-in theatres as a blessing that takes on a whole new literally!

Imagine watching the new as well the re-runs of your favourite movies as the sun goes down and the outdoor projectors go up with the sky being illuminated by the nightlife. Sounds romantic right? Then what are you waiting for, reserve a seat in the drive-in cinema now because we have compiled a list of where you can find the most hyped drive-in movie theatre in your city.

Those who wish to return to the big screen after being confined to their homes can now do so in a comparatively safer outdoor setting. Reliance Jio World Drive has a spectacular rooftop drive-in theatre in Mumbai. With a capacity of 290 automobiles and a 17.5-acre estate with commercial malls and upmarket dining, it is the country’s biggest drive-in theatre. The Jio drive-in theatre includes a 10-meter-high, 24-meter-wide screen where you can view the movie. A single ticket costs up to Rs 2,000 per automobile. This drive-in cinema now has two showings every day, one at 7 PM and the other at 11:30 PM.

Christie RGB Laser Projection adds to the experience in this one-of-a-kind theatre. The soundtrack is delivered to your vehicle through FM transmission using your car's sound system, thus providing sound augmentation. You can easily book tyour tickets from BookMyShow or the PVR app.

Indoor cinemas are a thing of the past, as is binge-watching Netflix at home. It's time to explore a drive-in theatre in Bangalore for an open-air cinematic experience. Screenings of some of the best films, live music, and snack stalls to keep you fuelled all set in a gorgeous green setting—that’s what Bangalore’s Timbre Theatre offers.

Cinema-lovers can enjoy a nostalgic 60s feel and viewing experience from the comfort of their own automobiles, thanks to contactless meals, safety precautions, and minimum social interactions. However, the theatre has restricted entry, with just 17 automobiles allowed every show. The tickets cost Rs1,199 per vehicle. In addition, each automobile is limited to a maximum of four persons. Face masks must be worn during the movie-watching experience, except when you are in your automobile. Don’t forget to pack your blankets and comforters to keep warm and make amazing memories beneath the sky!

Haven't we all fantasized about going to a drive-in theatre at least once and seeing our favourite characters in action under the stars? The drive-in theatre in Chennai at Prarthana Beach has the ticket (literally) to that advantage, with the added advantage of a seaside breeze. Once inside, you'll need to secure a parking place in front of the big 4,500 sq. ft. screen.

If you don't feel like sitting in your car, you could very well instead take a seat in their 500-seater gallery. The cinema features a powerful projector, DTS stereo system, and xenon light installation. Each automobile gets a separate compartment, equipped with elevated ramps, all of which add to a wonderful movie-going experience!

Yeah, watching Netflix in the comfort of your own home sounds appealing, but don't let that deter you from checking out the city's spectacular open-air theatre, which we assure is well worth leaving your warm beds for! You may be surprised to learn that Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has a theatre that began offering an open-air drive-in movie experience much before Mumbai. The SunsetDrive-in cinema in Ahmedabad, allows moviegoers to enjoy blockbuster films beneath the stars and can hold 20 to 30 automobiles. Moreover, the cinema features a dope food court where patrons can choose from a variety of delectable snack alternatives. The Sunset Cinema club has branches in other cities as well including Gurgaon, Pune, and Chandigarh.

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