Videos That Are Making Us Smile In These Tough Times

Here's why we want you look at these five videos on the internet that recently went viral.

Published On Jun 10, 2021 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


It's time to take a break from your lockdown chores and all the negativity surrounding you amid the second wave of COVID-19 in India; and spare some time to look at these videos that have been going viral since their release. Unlike the heart wrenching ones that have flooded the internet in past months, these will bring a smile on your face and lift up your spirits. 

A recent video uploaded by The Best of Nature on its twitter handle gained over 5.9 lakh views in no time. In the heart touching video, two tiger cubs are seen crawling to their mother resting in her den. Titled, 'Eventually they all come to mommy...', the video is sure to bring a smile on the face of the viewers once they see the big scary  cats in this cute family moment.

Comedian Munawar Faruqui upon winning the YouTube's Gold Play button for reaching 10 lakh subscribers has released a rap song called, Dus Lakh | Munawar x Spectra | Prod Shawie | Official Music Video | 2021. The comedian who was in the news for a disrupted show and for being jailed in Indore earlier this year, , has with his remarkable fan following  always managed to win hearts with his comedy. The video that premiered on his YouTube channel on June 1, has already gained over eight lakh views. 

If you belong to a middle class  household, especially from East Delhi, you will definitely relate to comedian Gaurav Gupta's gigs. His comic punches on his family members, are not only relatable but quite the laughter riot. In his recent stand-up comedy act called, Retired Dad and Plumber, that has already gained over four lakh views, the way he narrates the struggles of a middle-class retired father, finding unusual ways to kill time at home by trying to look for broken things to repair, is sure to remind many of their own dads. 

In another video from the wild shared by actor and environmentalist, Dia Mirza, on her twitter handle, a tiger can be seen rushing into the bushes on looking at the elephant heading towards it. With around 1.5 lakh views, the unusual video has grabbed eyes all around. Along with it she  mentions, "@SanctuaryAsia is looking for the person who captured this video." Among several comments touting the elephant as the real king of the jungle, is one by IFS Shailendra Singh, that says, " So, there is actually an orderliness in the so-called 'lawlessness' of the jungle! Nothing happens here without a reason as amply demonstrated by the two mightiest animals on earth." 

Shah Rukh Khan has had many doppelgangers over the years who have time and again shocked his fans with the stark resemblance with Bollywood's King Khan. Joining the club, is Ibrahim Qadri whose body language, attitude, and overall appearance is so convincing that even the real SRK will be left awestruck. That's the reason why his latest videos imitating the superstar have suddenly caught the eye of netizens. Qadri is no less of a star himself with over 46,000 followers on Instagram.

Photo: YouTube/Gaurav Gupta