Interview: Shruti Haasan Opens Up On Her Relationship, Love For Cooking, PCOS & More

The actress gets candid about what made her fall in love with Santanu Hazarika.

Published On Jul 12, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Shruti Haasan has been a great crossover actress for the past two-decade now. She’s carved a niche for herself in the Tamil and Telugu film industry and has featured in superhit movies such as Gabbar Singh, Balupu, Yevadu, Race Gurram and Premam to name a few. Shruti is currently filming Salaar, in which she stars opposite Prabhas. The Prashanth Neel-directed film has become one of the much-awaited action films slated to release in 2023. Apart from Salaar, Shruti will also star alongside Chiranjeevi in KS Ravindra’s Mega 154 and Nandamuri Balakrishna in NBK107.

So Shruti has an impressive filmography down south and is pretty much packed this year with an interesting line-up of upcoming movies opposite South Indian superstars. In a candid conversation with Zee Zest, the actress talked about her experience of working with Prabhas, her relationship with Santanu Hazarika, her struggle with PCOS, and much more.

My character Aadhya in Salaar is really layered and she is a very interesting part of the story. All the characters I am playing of late are extremely different to each other and there is no exception to this one, so I am really excited for people to see the different shades that have come through in the character and specially because of the way our director Prashanth Neel conceptualised it. It was a pleasure working with someone who is so clear about the people in a film.

It's been wonderful working with both of them. Starting with the director I always been a fan of the fact that he creates these really intense world's which you get stuck in to and he’s got his signature style of narration and storytelling which I really like. I am really glad to be a part of that and it is a pleasure to work with a director who's so clear and responsible towards all that he is doing. It's been wonderful working with him.

Prabhas is wonderful as well. Genuinely nice human being and makes everyone feel it. When I go to the set I don't feel like I am going to work at all. It seems like hanging out with friends and doing something fun together. For that I am really thankful. 

I have been speaking about PCOS for a long time because it's something that I had for a very long time. I don't really take it personally. I don't struggle with body image issues as I have worked hard to accept myself, know myself and kind of respect the rhythms of my body but being the profession I am into it’s definitely challenging because there are days I feel bloated or have issues with the weight or hormones and then I have to give my best for it to not show it on screen and that's really where it becomes challenging.

I haven't really been subjected to body shaming but there is a generalised mood on the internet to talk about anybody's appearance, opinions or bodies (male or female) that's just kind of an unhealthy trend.

I love cooking. It's really therapeutic to me. I really enjoy feeding people and having them enjoy the food. I cook, I bake, I like making cakes, I like making substitutes like gluten cakes. I also love cooking basic South Indian food which is my go-to. 

I really love keeping my food light, especially when I am working. Like good soup, salad or healthy sandwiches. I also enjoy my cheat meal which usually includes rice. I am not a big fan of breakfast, which is what everyone says it's horrible. You should value breakfast most, but I usually have a very light breakfast which is usually some boiled eggs and fruits.

I have been vocal about my relationship because I am pretty much open about most things in my life. I didn't feel I wanted to hide this. I don't know how I would define it other than saying that he is really my best friend and supporter, understands certain parts of me and for that I am really thankful. I keep falling for him every day because he keeps surprising me with his kindness, and I am also a big fan of his talent and intelligence.

Shantanu is different from actually anybody I ever met. He is a mix of so many different things that make him really interesting to me. He is extremely witty, but he is also kind, super sarcastic. He is also really caring. He is very positive and very spiritual, but he also loves the dark side rather than the complications in life. He balances all his imperfections in a perfect way and that is what I really like about him.

I am not a very early morning person. I am usually not in a great mood very early in the morning. Waking up brushing my teeth, checking my phone and just trying to get into the day as quickly as possible. I don't have the energy to meditate or focus on the day. I just need to get into the day because I am not a morning person.

My beauty regime has always been quite simple - hydrate the skin inside and outside. I really believe in cleaning all of my makeup and having a clean face to sleep at night. That's what gives you a clean canvas for the next day. We work in makeup and so much light pollutes so it's really important for us to clean our faces. I love good hydration. I use the Pulp aqueous hydration serum which I really love for hydration.

When I am not shooting, I am busy writing music and finishing that up and finding to expand my horizons into writing or production whatever else I can do. I like to have a large canvas.

Photo: Instagram/shrutzhaasan