These Punjabi Songs Should Be On Your Playlist For A Kick-Ass Workout

Ditch the dumbbells, grab your dancing shoes! These Punjabi beats will have you sculpting and grooving in equal measure.

Published On Feb 18, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Forget run-of-the-mill gym playlists. If you're looking to inject some serious energy and excitement into your workouts, look no further than the electrifying world of Punjabi music. From bhangra beats to heart-pounding anthems, these infectious tunes are guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your feet moving. So, lace up your sneakers, crank up the volume, and get ready to experience a fitness revolution – Punjabi style!

Known for the top-notch vibe that Punjabi music instils among the listeners, it is not only popular among Indian audiences, but from Birmingham to Brampton Punjabi pop music culture is winning hearts. Stunningly, the reach of these songs is not only restricted to the Punjabi community, despite Punjabi being a South Asian language. Indeed, language isn’t a barrier but a medium to express! So, without wandering a lot into the history of Punjabi music, let’s hop on to the list of Punjabi gym songs that should be on your playlist for kick-ass workouts. Ready? Shoot!

Artists: Karan Aujla, Ikky
Album: Making Memories
Released: 2023

This soulful ballad by Karan Aujla and Ikky might seem like an unusual choice, but its emotive melody and powerful vocals create a surprisingly effective build-up for those long cardio stretches. Imagine, if you will, sweat glistening under the gym lights as the song crescendos, urging you to dig deeper.

Artists: Prabh Singh, Rooh Sandhu, Jay Trak
Album: 9:45
Released: 2023

The upbeat vocals of this Punjabi song surely have all the oomph to glide you wild, helping you hone a perfect workout session that too effortlessly over a bouncy rhythm. No doubt, 9:45 is perfect for warming up or cooling down with its infectious energy leaving you with a spring in your step.

Artists: Sharn, The Paul, 40K
Album: Mi Amor
Released: 2022

This surefire mood booster Punjabi song is a fusion of Western influences with traditional Punjabi elements. The song's infectious rhythm and heartfelt lyrics celebrate the universal language of love, showcasing the artists' versatility and passion. It creates a unique soundscape that will keep you energised through even the most challenging reps.

Artists: Parmish Verma, Paradox
Album: Check It Out
Released: 2023

This song by Parmish Verma and Paradox blends their unique styles, featured in the album of the same name, and showcases a compelling fusion of beats and rhythms, establishing itself as a standout addition to the contemporary Punjabi music scene. Undoubtedly Check It Out is your anthem for those moments when you want to showcase your progress and feel the burn with a touch of attitude.

Album: Making Memories
Artists: Karan Aujla, Ikky
Released: 2023

Featured on the album ‘Making Memories’, is a melodious showcase of Karan Aujla and Ikky's dynamic partnership, delivering a track rich in heartfelt lyrics and engaging tunes that captivate listeners.

Artists: Riar Saab, Abhijay Sharma
Album: How I Love
Released: 2023

Don't let the title fool you. Riar Saab and Abhijay Sharma’s Obsessed is a sophisticated R&B number with a driving beat and mesmerising vocals. It's the perfect soundtrack for channelling your inner fire and pushing your limits with a touch of sophistication.

Artists: AP Dhillon, Shinda Kahlon
Album: True Stories
Released: 2023

This powerful ballad Kaur is a testament to resilience and self-belief. Its soaring vocals and emotional lyrics will resonate with anyone seeking motivation and empowerment during their workout.

Artist: Shubh
Album: Still Rollin
Released: 2023

Inject your workout with a dose of high-octane energy with Shubh's Cheques. This high-tempo track is packed with driving basslines and playful wordplay, guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping and your feet moving.

Artists: Parmish Verma, Pardhaan
Album: Aam Jahe Munde
Released: 2020

This popular Punjabi track is celebrated for its catchy beats and relatable lyrics, showcasing the everyday life and aspirations of ordinary guys. The song pulsates with an infectious energy, urging listeners to chase their dreams with unwavering determination and embrace the challenges that come along the way.

Artist: Diljit Dosanjh
Album: Ghost
Released: 2023

With an infusion of contemporary Punjabi beats with a subtle nod to traditional elements, the track pulsates with an infectious energy. The lyrics exude confidence and self-assuredness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking motivation and a touch of swagger during their workout routine.

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