10 Best Bollywood Songs for Birthdays: Celebrating Life with Music

Birthdays are special days to celebrate your existence in this world with your favourite people. So here are some of the best Bollywood birthday songs that you must have on your playlist.

Published On Nov 28, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Birthdays are special days to celebrate your existence in this world with your favourite people. The day you can rock the party and blow out the candles while listening to all the uplifting and entrancing music that makes you feel better. Righteously, Bollywood's idea of glorifying this notion of celebrating birthdays like crazy is not wrong. However, as Indians if not with bollywood then which songs are we entitled to feel the connection with. True, isn't it?


This upbeat song, which features a diverse group of young singers like Mahadev Krishna,  Ishq Bector, Neuman Pinto, Mika Singh,Anushka Manchanda, Rishikesh Kamekar, and Hard Kaur, is a must-play bollywood song for birthdays. 2010 saw the debut of this song in the motion picture Krantiveer: The Revolution, ever since than everyone's heart has been captured it’s beat!

This song is for the whole awesome group of birthday great friends or cousins, it's the ideal hip and happening dance track to wish them all over. The famous singer and lyricist pair Sachin-Jigar wrote this entertaining song for the film ABCD 2. 

Enjoy this Happy Birthday song from the film Kill Dill with some amazing bunch of people. This energetic birthday single, which features the stunning Parineeti Chopra and Ranveer Singh, is the result of Sukhwinder Singh Ji's vocal prowess. Also you can play the glitzy video to spread joy and party spirit to everyone.

You need not look further than Happy Birthday from the movie Disco Singh if you're looking for a fun and family-friendly Punjabi birthday song. On this piece, which has lively music by Jatinder Shah, the gifted Diljit Dosanjh contributes his vocals. This song is sure to brighten any birthday celebration, whether you're celebrating with family and friends or you just want to surprise your significant other.

Bhai ka Birthday is taken from Salman Khan's Bollywood flick ANTIM: The Final Truth. The lively, uplifting song, which is sung by Sajid Khan, is ideal for dedicating to your friends and brothers. The words of the song emphasize the strong relationship that exists between siblings and the happiness that results from sharing a momentous occasion with them. 

This upbeat song, which features the voice of the renowned Asha Bhosle Ji, has grown in popularity among those looking to cheer up their loved ones. The song, which has upbeat lyrics and pleasant music, is a cheerful and jovial celebration of Pinky's birthday. The joyful mood is enhanced by the music video, which features characters dancing and having a good time. The song has gained popularity, especially among Bollywood lovers, for birthday celebrations.

Many young people still sing, listen to, and adore this timeless birthday song, which was sung by the famed Mohammad Rafi Ji. Even now, a calm, lovely song from the film Farz, which starred Jeetendra and Babita Shivdasani, is still regarded as an iconic piece. Some enjoy karaoke to this song, while others enjoy playing various instruments to it.

The song sung by India's nightingale late Lata Mangeshkar Ji for the film Sujata, which stars the gorgeous Nutan and the handsome Sunil Dutt, this is one of the best bollywood songs for birthdays. Many middle-aged and older individuals enjoy it for its joyful lyrics, which bless the person to whom it is dedicated. Try this song right now if you haven't listened to it already!

Written by the well-known duo Kalyanji-Anandji, the song was featured in the film Mera Munna. Typically in Indian households, mothers sing this song to their kids on their birthdays because they have a deep emotional connection to the voice of the legendary singer,Lata Mangeshkar Ji. 

This song managed to win people's hearts even when the movie didn't seem to! Nakash Aziz sang this happy birthday song for the film Ishq Forever, which featured former Miss India Ruhi Singh and newcomer Krishna Chaturvedi.

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