BTS’s Popular Songs You Must Listen To, And Fall In Love With Their Music

One of the most popular boy bands in the current music scene, BTS, is constantly winning hearts and smashing records with every new song. Here we bring you some of the best BTS songs to explore.

Published On Nov 09, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


BTS, a South Korean group of seven men, has become one of the world's biggest music acts in recent years. They've transcended language, age, and other barriers to connect with people of different backgrounds. Since their debut in 2013, they've consistently produced music that resonates deeply with the youth. Their success can be attributed to their ability to address important topics through their songs, words, and personal experiences.

Despite the emphasis on image in the celebrity world, BTS has rejected this notion, consistently conveying messages that help people feel less alone in their struggles. With multiple Grammy nominations, numerous awards, and countless records, they've always prioritized their fans, known as ARMY, and expressed deep gratitude for their support. Remarkably, they've remained genuine, sincere, and humble throughout their career.

Despite facing obstacles, challenges, prejudices, and racism, BTS has been open about their emotional struggles, making their music relatable to people around the world. Their core message as musicians is that music transcends all barriers. Explore their discography to enjoy their popular songs and feel their love and support through their music.

BTS’s most famous songs which deserve a spot on your playlist

Silver Spoon, an early hit by BTS, remains one of BTS’s most popular songs. With its lively beats and high energy, the song conveys a crucial message. In it, the band, representing youth, expresses their annoyance, anger, and resistance against older generations and their patronizing assumptions about today's young people. To convey this frustration, the song employs a metaphor, using the small-sized bird, Bapsae, to symbolize the youth. These young individuals are born without privilege or wealth, forcing them to toil harder than previous generations due to increasing competition. The song challenges the notion of the silver spoon that has made it easier for older generations to succeed.

Spring Day is undeniably one of BTS’s most famous songs, even within their discography. It continues to be a favourite among fans. This heartfelt track delves into the profound anguish of yearning for a loved one who is no longer with us, accompanied by the enduring sorrow that accompanies such loss. Released during BTS's early years as a group, Spring Day resonates with anyone coping with the acute pain of losing someone dear.
The song is also associated with one of South Korea's most tragic events, the Sewol ferry sinking in April 2014, which claimed the lives of many children. BTS received praise for their courage in releasing the song despite a presidential order not to discuss the tragedy. This gesture earned them respect not only from the general public but also from the grieving parents of the children affected by the Sewol ferry disaster.

Magic Shop stands as one of BTS's finest songs and is adored by fans, particularly because the group dedicated it to their fanbase, ARMY, as a source of reassurance. The metaphor of a magic shop symbolises the existence of a sanctuary for ARMY, a place that's always open to them during both tough times and otherwise. The band convey their commitment with one of the best BTS songs to always be there in this magical space, offering solace to their fans and anyone in need. Their music will perpetually serve as a source of relief, comfort, or even as an escape for those who seek it.

Mikrokosmos, another of BTS’s popular songs, isn't just a fan favourite but holds a special place in the hearts of the band members themselves. They've consistently included it in their concert line-ups over the years. This song provides comfort to the members, and they've openly acknowledged its significance. Mikrokosmos is a treasure trove of symbolism, spanning science and spirituality, blending a serene presence with upbeat harmony to create a warm and inviting musical experience.
One of the song's key messages is the idea that everything is interconnected and part of something greater. BTS expresses their belief that the group and their fans have now become integral parts of each other's worlds, serving as each other's light and contributing to the beauty of their shared journey.

Black Swan holds a deeply personal connection to the group, who often draw inspiration from their own experiences and emotions in their music. This song exposes the profound fear of failure, the anxiety of the unknown, and, notably, the fear of losing their passion for creating music. Through the song's symbolism, BTS communicates their intense love for their art and the apprehension they feel about the world if they were to lose their connection to their music. No doubt it is one of BTS’s most famous songs.

ON is an infectious song that's a sheer delight to listen to. Filled with the symbolism that's characteristic of BTS's work, it rightfully ranks among BTS’s most popular songs. One of the key symbols in the song and its music video is the bird, representing the band's journey from their humble beginnings to their current success. In ON, BTS reflects on the challenges they've faced on their path and emphasises their belief that their dedication and hard work were essential to breaking free from the limitations, prejudices, and assumptions that once confined them during their early years.

This song serves as a heartfelt tribute to their devoted fanbase, ARMY, through which BTS expresses their profound gratitude, love, and admiration for their fans. The lyrics and moving melody penetrate deep into the emotions, conveying the group's genuine appreciation for their fans' unwavering support from the very beginning. By declaring ARMY as the driving force behind their every accomplishment and triumph, the song's central message is that as long as they have ARMY, they are not just seven individuals, but a collective family, reflecting their genuine affection for their fans.

This soul-stirring ballad not only embraces you with its heartfelt lyrics and soulful music but also serves as a channel for your emotions, particularly during difficult times. Released during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted life as we knew it, BTS conveys a message of solidarity with everyone facing adversity during this crisis. This message is delivered not only through the lyrics but also by resonating with the shared experiences and emotions that many individuals felt while grappling with the pandemic.

Butter showcases the upbeat and vibrant side of BTS. It's a lively summer track that's sure to get you up and dancing to its infectious music. Designed to uplift and bring joy to those in need of a pick-me-up, Butter is the perfect song to enjoy when you simply want to take a break from the world's cares. Give this spirited track a listen, and let it whisk away your worries for a while.

Run BTS, part of BTS's anthropological album Proof was released as the group announced a brief break to explore solo musical ventures and fulfil their mandatory military service obligations by their home country's law. This song beautifully conveys the deep love and respect that BTS has for one another, both as a musical group and as individuals who have become like family. It proudly recounts how BTS confronted every challenge with unwavering courage, buoyed by the support of their teammates. The lyrics express their enduring trust, gratitude, and pride in each other, reinforcing the idea that they will always be unstoppable because they have one another.

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