'Hierarchy' Season 2 — Is It Happening?

Did Jooshin High get rocked again? Dive into clues for 'Hierarchy' Season 2 and Jae-i's sweet escape!

Published On Jun 09, 2024 | Updated On Jun 15, 2024


Did you just devour the Netflix original K-drama series Hierarchy and now you're craving more Jooshin High drama like it's the latest designer bag? Well, Jooshin High's ruthless hierarchy had us hooked – the power struggles, the underdog scholarship kids, and the secrets darker than a Saturday night detention. But was that season finale? More like a bomb went off, leaving us with a crater of unanswered questions. Will Kang Ha get his payback? Can Ri-an claw her way out of the mess?  And seriously, what was up with that post-credits scene? Hold on tight, K-drama fam. We're here to dissect every clue in Hierarchy Season 2. Is it happening? Let's unpack and find out.

For the unversed, Hierarchy — written by the talented Chu Hye-mi (About Time) and directed by the acclaimed Bae Hyun-jin (Alchemy of Souls, Big Mouth), has all the makings of a major hit. Hierarchy taps into the popularity of dark school dramas, exploring the sinister secrets lurking beneath the surface of South Korea's prestigious Jooshin High.


Did you see the ending of Hierarchy? Kang Ha rocked the boat at Jooshin. He got all the scholarship students fired up to fight back against the bullies. Like, finally, someone said something.

But it wasn't just about bullying. Kang Ha exposed some seriously shady stuff going on at Jooshin, way beyond the school walls. Turns out, those rich parents were using their kids' relationships as business deals. Yikes!

And then there's that post-credit scene where Jae-i's finally free and living with her mom, but then we see something crazy back at Jooshin that hints at the possibility of Hierarchy Season 2 happening. Are you ready for round two?  Let me know what you think will happen next, in the comment section below.

Just as the credits were rolling, He-ra stumbled upon a body–like, soaked in blood, talk about a cliffhanger.  Meanwhile, Kang Ha's walking down the hall with this different vibe, like a total mystery man. He even sends a cryptic message to someone – what was he planning?

Then, the scene cuts to Ri-an, standing with He-ra and the others in front of the body. He gets this creepy message: "You look a bit worried." Seriously, who sent that? And get this – Ri-an breaks the fourth wall and stares right at us.  What does it all mean? Is he involved? Is he next?

We need answers, like, today! Let's chat – what are your theories on who's behind all this? Is there a Hierarchy Season 2 coming soon? While there isn't any official confirmation from the streaming platform or the makers, we expect Hierarchy Season 2 as K-drama fans to answer all the questions that are left open for us.

Hierarchy’s ending 


Hierarchy's ending is a rollercoaster of emotions. We spent the whole series watching Kang Ha, Ri-an, and Jae-i tangled up in this crazy love triangle, and then a big shock. In the final episode, everyone goes their separate ways.

Jae-i finally stands up to her awful dad. She tells him straight up that she's always lived in fear of him throwing her away, just like he did to her mom. But guess what? This time, she's the one leaving. She packs her bags, hits the road, and ends up at this beautiful beach house.  And then... the moment we've all been waiting for. The very last scene shows Jae-i reuniting with her mom. Talk about a tearjerker!

So, where does Jae-i end up? It's not clear. But one thing's for sure – she's finally free from her controlling dad and ready to build a new life, maybe by the ocean with her mom by her side.  What do you think?  Where do you see Jae-i's story going?

Hierarchy cast


Hierarchy's cast is filled with fresh faces bringing the K-drama's complex world to life. Roh Jeong-eui shines as Jung Jae-i, the daughter of a ruthless businessman who finds the courage to break free from his manipulation. Lee Chae-min portrays Kang Ha, the enigmatic transfer student who throws Jooshin High's rigid social hierarchy into disarray. Rounding out the trio is Kim Jae-won as Kim Ri-an, the heir to the Jooshin Group, forced to navigate loyalty to his family and the desires of his heart.

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