'The Atypical Family' Season 2 — Is It Happening?

Will the Boks rediscover their powers? Find out if "The Atypical Family" gets a Season 2!

Published On Jun 15, 2024 | Updated On Jun 15, 2024


So, you finished binging The Atypical Family and let's be real, that cliffhanger had you yelling at the TV, right? Especially with Da-hae stepping up her mysteriousness. But hold on, before you spend all day combing the internet for season 2 news, let's chat about what's going down. The Atypical Family Season 1 just wrapped up, and while there's no official word yet, the buzz is there. We all know how these things work – good ratings, tons of fans freaking out online — that's the magic formula for a season 2. So, spill it, did you love it? Are you Team Superpowers or Team Normal Life (Da-hae, we're looking at you)? If the internet goes wild enough, maybe we can manifest The Atypical Family Season 2 into existence.

For the unversed, directed by the acclaimed Jo Hyun-tak (SKY Castle), The Atypical Family follows the story of the Bok family. Led by superhero Bok Gwi-Joo (Jang Ki-Yong), the Boks face a terrifying reality — their extraordinary abilities are fading. Just as they grapple with this loss, a mysterious woman named Do Da-hae (Chun Woo-hee) enters their lives, forever changing their world.

Written by Joo Hwa-mi, the series cemented its place as one of 2024's highest-rated K-dramas. The show dominated Netflix, staying in the Top 10 weekly rankings for a remarkable four weeks straight. With 2.1 million views logged between May 27th and June 2nd, 2024, The Atypical Family continues to be a hit for the streaming giant.


While The Atypical Family has garnered high ratings and strong viewership on Netflix, however, a season 2 renewal hasn't been officially announced yet. Typically, networks assess a show's performance after the finale airs before deciding on its future. Considering the show's popularity, there's a good chance for season 2. Fans eager for the Bok family's next chapter will likely have to wait for an official announcement from the network.

The Atypical Family ending (Spoiler Alert!)


The Atypical Family finale leaves the fate of Gwi-Joo and Da-hae open to interpretation. Though the series focuses on the Bok family losing their powers and the chaos it brings, a glimmer of hope emerges with Da-hae. The ending fast-forwards several years, revealing Da-hae has a son with Gwi-Joo. This son exhibits a surprising ability –  retrieving things from the past.

The final scene shows Da-hae tearfully reunited with a seemingly resurrected Gwi-Joo, suggesting the power might have brought him back.  Whether this is a literal resurrection or a manifestation of Da-hae's memories is left ambiguous, offering a bittersweet yet hopeful conclusion.

The Atypical Family cast 


The Atypical Family boasts a talented cast led by rising stars Jang Ki-yong and Chun Woo-hee. Jang Ki-Yong portrays Bok Gwi-Joo, the superhero grappling with the loss of his powers. Chun Woo-hee takes on the role of the enigmatic Do Da-hae, whose arrival throws the Bok family's world into a whirlwind. Veteran actress Go Doo-shim plays a pivotal role within the Bok family, while actress Claudia Kim is also credited for a part in the series.

Whether you're craving heart-pounding superhero action or a heartwarming family story, The Atypical Family delivers on both fronts. With its captivating plot, stellar cast, and cliffhanger ending, this K-drama leaves viewers wanting more. So, settle in for a binge-watch, and prepare to be swept away by the extraordinary world of the Bok family. And who knows, maybe The Atypical Family Season 2 will bring definitive answers about Gwi-Joo and Da-hae's fate, along with a whole new set of adventures for this unique family.

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