Best K-Dramas To Watch On Your Next Cozy Night In

With captivating visuals, acting skills and a story that does not waver, these are some of the best K-dramas to watch.

Published On May 15, 2024 | Updated On May 18, 2024


It has been quite some time, that K-dramas have continued to rule people's hearts everywhere in the world. The world of K-dramas is a riveting place. From thrillers to period dramas, rom-coms, thrillers, horror, crime and whatnot, K-dramas rule every genre of television series. Riveting storylines, with just the right balance of everything, aesthetics that elevate your experience of watching the K-drama and a talented star cast all come together to make K-dramas the engaging experience they are. Although one might say that some plots may outright be outlandish, the way of execution makes them the perfect dose that helps viewers de-stress. One has to accept some exaggerated parts of K-dramas and focus on the other enthralling aspects. With so many K-dramas constantly being released, we bring you some of the best K-dramas to watch, ranging from cute rom-com to edge-of-your-seat thrillers and horror fantasy. Reigning over the screens of people from all around the world, you will be adding them to your top ten K-dramas to watch.

The Glory/IMDb

The Glory, the K-drama, revolves around a girl who wants to become an accomplished architect. But, her life takes a dark turn when she becomes a target of a bully and ends up having to leave her school to escape the daily torture. However, the twist comes when the child of her bully ends up in her classroom as her student, which makes her launch an elaborate plan to get revenge on her bully and everyone involved. The Glory, the K-drama full of twists and turns, will have you gasping at every turn, making it a must-watch.
Where to stream The Glory: Netflix

Reborn Rich/IMDb

Marking the return of Song Joong Ki, a celebrated actor, to the world of K-dramas, Reborn Rich, the K-drama is a fascinating thriller for you to watch. The protagonist, played by Song Joong Ki, is a dedicated employee who mysteriously gets killed by his employers. The twist to this thriller comes when he finds himself in the body of the youngest son of the very family who employed him in his previous life. How he goes about exacting his revenge forms the plot of Reborn Rich, the K-drama everyone has been praising ever since its release.
Where to stream Reborn Rich: Viki

Marry My Husband/IMDb

It is the story of a woman suffering from a terminal illness who then gets cruelly killed by her husband, who also happens to be cheating on her with her best friend. The twist comes when she somehow travels back ten years in time, now wanting to escape her fate in any way possible. It is one of the best K-dramas on Amazon Prime, which instantly went viral when it was released. 
Where to stream Marry My Husband: Amazon Prime

My Demon/IMDb

A mega-famous series, this is one of the best rom-com K-dramas in the last year. The plot of this K-drama takes off when, due to divine intervention, the powers of a mighty demon get transferred to a human. What follows are his efforts to get his powers back while falling in love with the girl who has them. Taking you along a roller coaster ride, that has romance, comedy, suspense and a side of fantasy, this K-drama is perfect for when you want to take a break from your daily life and get lost in the fantastical world of rom-com K-dramas. 
Where to stream My Demon: Netflix

Gyeongseong Creature/IMDb

This K-drama is all the buzz as Park Seo-Joon makes his comeback as the dashing hero of this fantasy thriller K-drama. This K-drama has quickly become one of the top ten K-dramas to watch. Set in the 1940s, he stars as the dashing owner of a pawnshop and the most famous man in the area. The story starts as the torment of the occupying forces on the locals comes to light and the events that follow. Eventually, it falls on our protagonist and his allies to fight the horrifying result of this torment. Follow along for a thrilling tale of history mixed in with fantasy.
Where to stream Gyeongseong Creature: Netflix

Sky Castle/IMDb

One of the best K-dramas on Amazon Prime, this K-drama is the story of the residents of a luxury private neighbourhood, which consists of doctors, professors and other accomplished intellectuals. The women of this neighbourhood are active supporters of their children’s educations, going so far as throwing each other a party when someone’s kid gets into a prestigious university. But when one family hastily leaves after their kid gets into a prestigious school, the woman whose family moves in after them takes it upon herself to provide respite to the stressed children and change the ways of this mysterious neighbourhood. 
Where to stream Sky Castle: Amazon Prime


A charming rom-com set in the olden era, it follows two people who suddenly crash into each other’s lives. Love blooms eventually as the female protagonist takes care of the injured male protagonist. The rom-com is set against the background of the political unrest in South Korea in 1987 and follows these star-crossed lovers as secrets come to life.
Where to stream Snowdrop: Disney+ Hotstar

Love To Hate You/IMDb

One is a lawyer who does not like women and believes she is fine all by herself, while the other is a renowned actor who is famous for his good looks, acting skills and good nature and is the most in-demand actor for romantic movies but does not trust women. What happens when the paths of these two personalities cross and whether these cynical people end up falling in love forms the plot of this hilarious K-drama.
Where to stream Love To Hate You: Netflix

Photo: Gyeongseong Creature/IMDb