Durga Puja In Mumbai: 7 Pandals To Experience The Essence Of The Bengali Festival

Durga Puja, a significant festival for Bengalis, unites the community nationwide in a spirited celebration. Here is where to experience the joyous festival in Mumbai.

Published On Sep 08, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Bengalis are renowned worldwide for their rich culture, art, and deep reverence for traditions. Their festivals exude unparalleled enthusiasm, joy, and vitality. Among these celebrations, Durga Puja stands out as one of the grandest. For non-Bengalis, it's a prime opportunity to fully embrace the vibrancy of Bengali culture and traditions.

During these special days, every Bengali adorns themselves in their finest attire, immersing in the festive aura while honouring Maa Durga. The Goddess's arrival is an unforgettable experience. The amalgamation of food, attire, adornments, dance, music, and rituals offers a glimpse into the essence of West Bengal's essence in just a few days. This festival unites Bengalis as a close-knit community, magnifying the festive delight.

The mesmerising aura captivates effortlessly. To embrace this cultural extravaganza, explore the myriad Durga Puja pandals that grace Mumbai during this festive period. The splendid Goddess Durga idol and the surrounding burst of culture will ignite joyous spirits, leaving you enchanted by the festival's sheer splendour.

The most beautiful Durga puja pandals in the city of Mumbai are

Renowned for its distinctive pandals, this site is a perennial delight to explore. Annually, the Powai Bengali Welfare Association, or PBWA, unveils a fresh theme for its Durga Puja pandal. The pandal consistently garners attention for its ingenious concepts. Graced by renowned vocalists and notable personalities, this pandal ranks among Mumbai's most frequented.
Location: Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai

Birthed by the local Bengali community, this endeavour is now spearheaded by the renowned Bollywood vocalist Abhijeet Bhattacharya. The pandal seamlessly marries the allure of Bengali traditions with the glamour of Bollywood. Unparalleled in its rituals, authentic cuisine, and vibrant atmosphere, this site exudes an irresistible magnetic pull.
Location: Lokhandwala Durga Puja Ground, Andheri (West), Mumbai

The pandal organised by the Shivaji Park Bengal Club stands as Mumbai's inaugural and most historic Durga Puja. Since its inception, the club's Durga Pujo and its splendid Goddess Durga idol have drawn devotees citywide, inviting them to partake in the immersive encounter. Renowned for resurrecting the vintage allure of Durga Puja, the Shivaji Park Bengal Club infuses the experience with delightful waves of nostalgia.
Location: Shivaji Park, Veer Savarkar Marg, Dadar (west), Mumbai

Welcoming over a hundred thousand devotees daily throughout the puja period, the Durga Puja pandal hosted by the Navi Mumbai Bengali Association stands as an essential destination. Renowned for its intricate and enchanting mandaps, as well as the resplendent Goddess Durga idol, the association is a beacon of artistic excellence. Visitors from all corners of Mumbai converge to admire the association's distinctive and captivating thematic displays, making it an irresistible spectacle.
Location: Sector-6, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

The centrepiece of the Notunpalli Sarbojonin Durgotsav pandal is the massive Goddess Durga idol. Capturing the spirit of Kolkata within Mumbai's bounds, local artists unite to craft the idol through age-old techniques and materials. Drawing the presence of Mumbai's celebrities, the pandal is distinguished by its serene ambience, in contrast to the bustling energy prevailing elsewhere.
Location: Bandra West, Mumbai

Ranked among the city's most historic celebrations, the North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja Samiti effortlessly upholds its reputation for hosting exceptional Durga pujas spanning decades. Dubbed the Mukherjee Durga Puja, this event pays homage to Padmashri Sashadhar Mukherjee, a prominent Bollywood filmmaker and member of the illustrious Mukherjee clan. Noteworthy figures from Bollywood and television, such as Rani Mukherjee, Kajol, Ayan Mukerji, and more, all belong to this esteemed lineage. For a chance to encounter famous Bollywood and TV personalities, this pandal stands as the definitive choice.
Location: Uditi Tarang Housing Colony, Tulip Star Hotel, Juhu Tara Road

Originating from Chembur, the Chembur Durga Puja Association (CDPA) spearheads a renowned Durga puja event, celebrated as one of Mumbai's most prominent and long-standing festivities. Each year, the association unveils a captivating and inventive theme for their pandal, attracting devotees citywide. Impressively, the pandal receives nearly two lakh visitors daily during the puja days. Adding to its allure, the association offers a traditional bhog feast showcasing Kolkata's renowned dishes and hosts a captivating daily Aarti, evoking a transcendent ambience.
Location: 101, Navratna Apartment, Sion- Trombay Road, Chembur

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