Author Durjoy Datta Believes Beauty Lies In The Imperfections Of Love

In his latest book, 'When I Am With You', Datta weaves a tale of urban love and some of the complications that come with it.

Published On Dec 14, 2022 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


There are romance novels and then there are romance novels by Durjoy Datta. The best-selling author who has delivered one successful novel after another – with titles such as Till the Last Breath, Someone Like You, Our Impossible Love and The Boy Who Loved, among others – says that he does not write keeping the demands of commerce in mind, but only what he wants to write. No wonder, his name is always on some bestselling author list or another. With his latest – When I Am With You – Datta has delivered yet another timeless tale of urban love that goes beyond the clichés.

Edited excerpts   

When I Am With You is a story of Dhiren and Aishwarya, two characters who have had a dysfunctional childhood and are trying to recreate a part of their childhood. Aishwarya wants to open a nursery, and Dhiren is in the business of video games. The book centres around the theme of raising children, the pressure on young parents, and cryptocurrency.


Love doesn’t need to be pure per se; it needs to be honest and authentic. That’s what I aim for in the books. I never sought to write perfect love stories because it’s in the imperfections that beauty lies.

I think I used to be more prolific than I’m now. Until a few years ago, I was writing two books a year. I have slowed down now because a) I’m a father now, b) there’s crippling self-doubt and c) the internet. I write a book a year now which is still not bad, I guess. I can write a lot because I really like writing and there’s nothing else I would rather do. My best days are when I write a lot. Or when I read.  

It was supposed to be a stop-gap arrangement. I would write for a couple of years and if it doesn’t take off, I would go back. It was a calculated but slightly foolish decision at the time, but hindsight is always 20/20. I was lucky it panned out well.

I never read romance. My parents were buying me books; so, romance was out of the question. I read everything apart from romance — thrillers, horror, suspense, literary fiction, fantasy. Anything that I was allowed.

I have realised it’s better not to have one. I should have a laptop and that’s it. If I get too dependent on a schedule, and I slip, then everything goes for a toss.

I have tried doing that in the past and failed miserably. I have tried to construct bestsellers and studied my own books that have worked better but it hasn’t worked for me. So now I write books that I want to write.

My books are hardly about romance. Romance is what happens to the characters about whom the story is. That’s the approach I take and keep the writing fresh for me.

I would say I am. But what I feel about love keeps evolving.

Photo: Durjoy Datta