7 Biggest Ganpati Pandals In Mumbai And Pune To Visit This Ganeshotsav

The celebration and the whole experience of the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is said to be incomplete without some pandal hopping. Here are some pandals in Maharashtra you must visit once.

Published On Aug 10, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Ganpati pandals are like the official announcement of the arrival of Lord Ganpati in our midst. The following several days are spent in a happy blur of joy, dancing and celebrating Lord Ganpati. These gorgeous pandals across the country are temporary houses before the visarjan time beckons. But, the beauty, opulence and ethereal vibes of pandals in Maharashtra are incomparable. Pandal hopping is an extremely favourite way for locals to go and revel in the pandals’ beauty and also to seek Lord Ganpati’s blessings. Read on to add some of the most famous Ganpati pandals to your list for this Ganpati festival.

Here are some of the most famous and grand Ganpati pandals to check out in Maharashtra

Probably one of the most well-known Ganpati pandals in all of Mumbai, it is almost like this pandal is known to Ganesh devotees worldwide. One of the oldest pandals in the city, it is said by the locals that Lord Ganpati, while residing here, is sure to fulfil any wish you sincerely ask for. The most iconic is the pandal’s idol of Lord Ganesha, whereas the common image is of Him being a pot-bellied God, Lalbaugcha Raja makes its Ganpati idols resemble a fit, tall human body.

Andhericha Raja was started by the factory workers settled in Andheri, in 1966. Now a famous Ganpati pandal, devotees wait in long queues in huge numbers to catch a glimpse of Lord Ganpati and seek his blessings. The pandal has grown to become one of the most-visited Ganpati pandals in Mumbai. Reportedly, the visarjan procession of this pandal starts in the evening and reaches the shoreline the next day, in the early morning hours.

Highly revered as the most auspicious of all Ganpati pandals in the city of Pune, the history of this specific location goes back to the 17th century. Thus, due to the intense veneration and the history connection, the idol of Lord Ganpati from this pandal has always been bestowed the respect and honour of leading the visarjan process as being the first idol to be immersed in the water.

The second in line to be immersed after the Kasba Ganpati, this Ganpati pandal is also one of the highly worshipped of Pune’s Ganpati pandals. The pandal is worshipped with utter devotion due to its connection to the temple of Goddess Durga. This makes this pandal all the more holy in the hearts of devotees. Every year, the idol of Lord Ganpati is placed on an iconic dome that is famously made entirely of pure silver.

Easily the ‘richest’ pandal, the GSB Seva Mandal Pandal in Mumbai is also used to seeing humongous crowds of people, queuing for a blessing from Lord Ganesha and to witness the grand beauty of his idol in this pandal. The idol said to be insured every year for figures going into crores, is all-out decked in gold ornaments, decorations and even a crown. This pandal must be on your list just to behold the sheer opulence of Lord Ganpati nestled here.

This Ganpati pandal was started by none other than esteemed freedom fighter, Bal Gangadhar Tilak. His establishment of Kesariwada Ganpati in Narayan Peth, Pune was an act of rebelling against the British forces. This special connection to the Indian freedom struggle makes this Ganpati pandal even more special. The faith that the locals have in Lord Ganpati and the history of the freedom struggle should make this pandal a definite try this Ganpati season.

Mumbaicha Raja is also an extremely iconic Ganpati pandal in the city of Mumbai. Famous for its near-accurate replicas of prominent Hindu temples every year, this pandal attracts a huge crowd, eager to delight over its decorations. The grand, larger-than-life idol of Lord Ganpati, the magnificent decorations and the spirituality thanks to the replicas of temple buildings are sure to put you in a state of jubilation. 

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