10 Kailash Kher Songs You Must Add To Your Playlist

With a range like no other, here are the best of Kailash Kher's music that you must check out.

Published On Jun 30, 2023 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


Kailash Kher is a renowned Indian singer and composer known for his powerful voice. With his distinctive style and mesmerising vocals, he has made a significant impact on the Indian music industry. Kher gained widespread recognition with his breakout hit song Allah Ke Bande, which showcased his raw talent and emotional depth. He has since delivered numerous chart-topping hits and has lent his voice to various Bollywood films. Kailash Kher's unique blend of sufi, folk, and rock influences, combined with his heartfelt performances, has earned him a dedicated fan following and established him as a well-respected figure in the music industry. Here are some Kailash Kher songs you absolutely must listen to.

10 underrated Kailash Kher songs you must check out

Among Kailash Kher's best songs is Re Re Bajrangi. Kailash Kher's rendition of Re Re Bajrangi was a captivating and energetic performance. His powerful vocals and infectious energy brought the song to life, creating a lively and uplifting atmosphere. Kher's unique voice and passionate delivery made Re Re Bajrangi a memorable musical experience.

Although all of Kailash Kher's songs are beautiful, here’s one we think you will particularly enjoy. A renowned one in the Kailash Kher album, it has managed to steal everyone’s hearts. Kailash Kher's moving rendition of Saiyyan struck a chord with listeners. His emotive vocals and heartfelt expressions brought out the essence of the song's longing and devotion. Kher's ability to convey deep emotions through his singing made Saiyyan a timeless and emotional track that continues to captivate audiences.

This song is popular among Kailash Kher music lovers. Kailash Kher's Teri Deewani is a mesmerising track that showcases his powerful vocals and emotional depth. In case you have not heard this magical piece yet, we urge you to listen to it, and get ready to fall in love with his voice.

Another iconic song famous among Kailash Kher music lovers is Chand Sifarish. Kailash Kher's rendition of the song Chand Sifarish from the film Fanaa was a soulful and enchanting performance. His rich and melodious voice beautifully expressed the emotions of love and longing, making the song a memorable and captivating musical experience. Kher's passionate delivery added depth and charm to this romantic composition.

Ya Rabba is an unforgettable one among Kailash Kher's songs. Kailash Kher's Ya Rabba is a heartfelt and soul-stirring track. His emotive vocals and poignant lyrics evoke a sense of longing and introspection, making the song a powerful and emotional journey.

Among Kailash Kher's best songs, this one stands at the top. Kailash Kher's Tere Naina is a beautiful and melodious song. With his heartfelt vocals and soulful rendition, he brings out the emotions of love and longing, creating a spellbinding musical experience.

Bam Lahiri is one of Kailash Kher's best songs. Kailash Kher's Bam Lahiri is a high-energy and infectious track. With its powerful vocals and energetic beats, the song creates a vibrant and hip atmosphere, leaving listeners energized and full of life.

For Kailash Kher lovers, this one is close to the heart. Kailash Kher's Dua is a soulful and prayerful song that touches the hearts of listeners. With his heartfelt vocals and profound lyrics, he captures the essence of seeking blessings and guidance, creating a deeply emotional and uplifting musical experience. The song resonates with its spiritual and introspective themes.

Tere Naam has a beautiful place in the Kailash Kher album. Kailash Kher's Tere Naam is a poignant and melodious interpretation of the iconic song. With his emotive vocals and heartfelt delivery, he adds a unique touch to this romantic track, evoking deep emotions of love and longing. Kher's version captures the essence of the original while showcasing his musical style.

Kailash Kher's Daulat Shohrat is an inspiring and motivational song. With his powerful vocals and uplifting lyrics, he encourages listeners to value inner virtues over worldly fame and wealth. The song carries a message of humility and contentment, reminding us of the true measure of success in life.

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