Unwind In Style: 8 Exquisite Hotels In Nainital For Travellers

From luxury to budget stays, Nainital is a tourist's paradise. Soak in the quaint hill station's beauty with our eight recommendations.

Published On Jun 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Nainital is a gorgeous hill town that has enchanted visitors for years. It is tucked away in the enthralling beauty of the Kumaon area of Uttarakhand. This well-liked tourist resort, known for its tranquil lakes, verdant woods, and expansive views of the Himalayas, provides a lovely escape from the rush of city life. As travellers arrive in Nainital, they are met with a variety of stay options that suit every taste and inclination. For those looking for a special place to stay, the city provides a wide range of possibilities, from opulent resorts to warm boutique hotels. In this article, we'll give you a virtual tour of some of Nainital's top accommodations, where you can enjoy the comfort, friendliness, and stunning views that come together to make for a wonderful stay.

There is a wide variety of lodging options in Nainital for visitors. There are numerous hotels in Nainital that provide a range of amenities and services to suit every budget. Whatever your travel preferences, Nainital has a cosy, inexpensive guesthouse or an opulent stay at a five-star resort.

Nainital is home to a number of renowned five-star resorts that provide a really opulent experience for people who appreciate luxury and splendour. These hotels offer exquisite service, tastefully decorated rooms and suites, and a variety of amenities like spas, wellness centres, swimming pools, and great dining establishments. Many of these places of business are in excellent settings with breathtaking views of the mountains or Naini Lake. They offer the ideal retreat for visitors to relax and reenergise in the height of luxury.

Nainital also provides a variety of boutique hotels and heritage buildings if you're looking for a more individualised and private experience. These beautiful businesses have a unique personality and provide a window into the area's rich history and culture. These hotels provide their visitors with a comfortable and welcoming ambience with their elegantly appointed rooms, gracious hospitality, and attentive service. Some boutique hotels are housed in structures from the colonial era, which adds to their distinctive character and attraction. Travellers who stay in these upscale boutique hotels can experience local culture fully while also enjoying contemporary conveniences.

Nainital has a wide selection of guesthouses, lodges, and low-cost hotels that offer cosy lodging at reasonable rates for travellers on a tight budget. For those who want to experience Nainital's splendour without breaking the wallet, these places are perfect. While the amenities may be less extensive than at luxury resorts, these hotels frequently make up for it with their kind and helpful staff. Since many cheap hotels are situated in handy areas, visitors may easily access well-liked sites and take advantage of the local food.

The hotels in Nainital offer a portal to the spectacular natural beauty that surrounds the city, regardless of the style of lodging you select. Birds chirping gently lull you to sleep, and the crisp mountain air welcomes you. The breathtaking view of the snow-capped peaks or the glistening waters of the Naini Lake will meet you as soon as you step out onto your balcony. The hotels in Nainital offer a peaceful and quiet atmosphere that matches the natural splendour of the area, whether you're enjoying a cup of tea in the cosy confines of your room or strolling through the beautiful gardens of a resort. 

Here’s a round-up of some of the best hotels in Nainital

The Manu Maharani Nainital Hotels is the ideal location for a vacation or business conference because of the unspoiled beauty of Nainital, its exquisite settings, and impeccable services. The hotel offers a panoramic view of the gorgeous Naini Lake and looks out over the Nainital Valley.

Note: They're currently closed for renovations, please check before making any reservations. 

Dalhousie Cottage is a 150-year-old British bungalow that is well-maintained and equipped with contemporary facilities. The two-bedroom homestay is on the first floor, while the host resides on the ground floor. The bungalow has a well-kept lawn and is flanked by a native oak woodland. Only 1.5 miles separate the property from the town.

One of the top hotels in Nainital, Hotel Himalaya once hosted Indian princes and kings and provides a variety of alluring amenities to its visitors. It features a Mini Golf course on the property that is great for a laid-back vacation.

This boutique hotel, which opened in 1991 and has a long history in the hospitality sector, is tucked away in the middle of nature and provides the greatest views of the stunning Nainital Lake. The accommodations at LakeSide Inn provide sweeping views of the lake. The hotel is located on Nainital's Mall Road, making it a popular destination for travellers. Another plus is that it’s situated bang in the middle of the town!

Sterling Nainital is located just 8km from the city centre and boasts 49 luxurious rooms. Activities like rowing, paddling, and cycling near Naini Lake are constantly popular. A sizable, cheery Holiday Activity Centre with indoor games is available for guests at the Sterling Resort. Your vacation at Sterling Nainital is likely to be memorable thanks to the magnificent rooms, breathtaking views, and exceptional service.

The resort provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience in exquisite cottages with all the conveniences and amenities and the highest standards of sanitation. Along with the Himalayan views that are to die for, the resort offers an interesting assortment of attractions like seven lakes, the well-known Ghorakhal Temple, and alluring Tea Gardens.

With top-notch amenities, Nainital is situated across the verdant mountainside of Uttarakhand. The hotel has been exquisitely built with wooden flooring and nice furniture and is situated in the middle of nature with views of the surroundings from each of the 47 options that you have to choose from!

One of the greatest hotels in Nainital with a lake view, this establishment offers all the modern conveniences together with breathtaking scenery and lush surroundings. It is located close to the bustling Mall Road.

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