Spend Diwali Vacation This Year Discovering These Offbeat Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

With Diwali holidays being almost an entire week this year, there is no better time to explore these offbeat weekend getaways around Mumbai.

Published On Oct 25, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


With Diwali festivities spanning nearly a week this year, it is obvious to think of long weekend getaways. Acting as the perfect recharge for everyone overwhelmed with work and festive responsibilities, a long weekend vacation might be just what is needed to get through. With Diwali being a long weekend, it is the perfect opportunity to plan and embark on a getaway near Mumbai. Even the weather will be at its best, making it seem like the perfect vacation setting.

Having said that, what would make your weekend getaways close to Mumbai, even more memorable is if you choose an offbeat place as your travel destination. Doing so is bound to have multiple benefits. One, since it's a Diwali long weekend, almost everyone will want to make the most of this break by planning a Diwali vacation trip in India. This will, in turn, make it difficult to enjoy a calm, refreshing break from the city's chaos when you find the same crowd everywhere. Also, exploring offbeat weekend getaways close to Mumbai is bound to create some of the best travel tales for yourself, giving you new experiences without having to jostle through crowds.

The best places to visit in Diwali for the perfect weekend getaways near Mumbai


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this reserved forest is one of the most beautiful places to visit in all of Maharashtra. The plateau is also an important biodiversity zone, home to hundreds of species of flora and many fauna species as well. A visit to this beautiful place will truly make for a most memorable experience.

Location: Satara, Maharashtra
Famous attractions nearby: Bhilar Falls, Sydney Point, Parsi Point, etc.


Known for its paragliding, this idyllic hill station is a sound choice for a short vacation from Mumbai to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and to relax completely. The lake, the picturesque mountains, and the adventure sports all make for a relaxing as well as an adventurous vacation.

Location: Pune district, Maharashtra
Famous attractions nearby: Bedsa caves, Shinde Wadi Hills, Pawna Lake, etc.


A largely unexplored haven for nature lovers, this hill station is full of stunning views, waterfalls, hilltops, and so much more of nature's best. With its lush greenery that will rejuvenate you to your very soul, this small, offbeat hill station makes for one of the best quick getaways from Mumbai, right in the lap of nature.

Location: Palghar district, Maharashtra
Famous attractions nearby: Dabdaba Falls, Jai Vilas Palace, Sunset Point, etc.


Popularly known as the 'Grand Canyon' of Maharashtra, this magnificent valley with its peaks, cliffs, and canyons is the answer to everyone with an adventurous streak in it. If you are looking to refresh yourself by indulging in some treks or spending time in nature, Sandhan Valley is your way to go.

Location: Akole, Kalsubai-Harishchandra Wildlife Sanctuary, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Famous attractions nearby: Samrad waterfalls, Myanmar Gate, Ashoka waterfalls, etc.


Tadoba National Park, a part of the larger Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, is not only one of Maharashtra's but also India's most thrilling tiger reserves. With an impressive population of the majestic royal Bengal tiger, this destination promises to be one of the most enthralling vacations, as soon as a tiger struts in front of you in all its lethal glory, leaving you speechless.

Location: Chandrapur district, Maharashtra
Famous attractions nearby: Tadoba Lake, Erai Dam, etc.


Home to mighty waterfalls, lush greenery, and mountains that will leave you impressed, this destination is the very definition of a natural paradise. A fine example of Maharashtra's typical natural beauty, Bhandardara will win you over with its quiet charm and idyllic beauty, making you want to return as soon as you can.

Location: Akole, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra
Famous attractions nearby: Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai Peak, Arthur Lake, etc.


Slightly further than Mahabaleshwar lies Tapola, a place that is famously known as 'mini Kashmir.' Bearing a resemblance to the beauty of Kashmir, the sweeping valleys of this place, coupled with a picturesque river that adds to its charm, will be one of your most special vacations. Adding a historical mystique to the natural beauty, there are also many forts in the area's forests, waiting to reveal their secrets to explorers. The mountains, valleys, and a beautiful lake all combine to make Tapola an almost perfect weekend getaway.

Location: Satara, Maharashtra
Famous attractions nearby: Babington Point, Chinaman's Falls, Wilson Point, etc.

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