Must-Visit Stops In Bengaluru To Have That Fulfilling Shopping Experience

Bengaluru, the ever-dynamic city, is full of spots and places that are every shopaholic’s dream place. With a wide range of stuff and a mix of the luxurious mall experience with the thrill of street shopping, it is easily a shopping paradise. We bring you some of the city’s best spots to shop your heart out.

Published On Nov 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Bengaluru, a major metropolitan city in India, boasts a diverse population hailing from different walks of life and hometowns. Consequently, the city has always offered numerous experiences for its residents to indulge in their favourite activities during leisure time. Among these activities, shopping stands out as a common favourite, if not the absolute favourite, for many people, especially the younger demographic. Regardless of the item, the shopping process and the thrill of acquiring something new contribute to the overall enjoyable experience.

Catering to the varied interests of the locals, the city hosts a plethora of stores offering a wide range of products, from branded clothes and antiques to electronics and footwear, among many others. This diverse shopping scene has transformed Bengaluru into nothing short of a shopping paradise for every shopaholic constantly seeking new places to explore and indulge in retail therapy.

The charming collection of shopping destinations includes a mix of posh, luxe malls and shopping streets with some dating back as far as four hundred years. This blend contributes to Bengaluru's unique allure as an interesting city to live in. While malls provide a pampered, plush shopping experience, the real thrill lies in exploring the iconic streets. Engaging in the pursuit of the perfect piece, bargaining for a better price, and embracing the lively chaos are essential elements that add to the overall enjoyment of the shopping experience. Read on to discover and mark these places on your list of must-visit stops for your next shopping excursion.

Bengaluru’s popular shopping hotspots to explore


MG Road Bangalore shopping is very renowned and offers a plethora of choices for shoppers. This bustling shopping street features a blend of upscale branded showrooms and street vendors, creating an enjoyable and diverse shopping experience. The delightful mix of the best of both worlds on MG Road will undoubtedly leave you thoroughly impressed. 
While the street is famous for its offerings of silk sarees and more, it is also home to Higginbothams, India’s oldest bookstore, established in 1844. This adds an extra layer to your MG Road Bangalore shopping experience, providing a fully wholesome outing with a diverse array of items to explore.


Famously recognized as one of the largest malls in India, Phoenix Marketcity stands out as a complete shopping destination. If you seek a day of comfortable shopping with a diverse array of brands, this mall is the ideal choice. Boasting an extensive collection of renowned brands, Phoenix Marketcity ensures that you won't miss out on anything. The added convenience comes in the form of numerous restaurants and cafes within the mall, providing a perfect opportunity to relax after a tiring day of shopping.

The Zudio store in Bangalore is an incredible retail destination offering the latest styles in clothing, footwear, self-care items, and more. What distinguishes the Zudio store in Bangalore from others is its customer-friendly pricing, making high-quality products affordable. A visit to the Zudio store in Bangalore is a must for every shopping enthusiast, as the trendy and vibrant collection will leave you eager to acquire a bit of everything showcased in the store.

The KLM Mall, is a renowned Marathahalli shopping mall, making it undoubtedly the best choice for budget-friendly and quality shopping. Whether you are looking for sarees, dresses, fabrics, or more, this Marathahalli shopping mall is a one-stop destination. The extensive collection and affordable prices at KLM Mall have established it as a favoured shopping hotspot among the locals.


As the proclaimed first luxury mall in India, UB Mall is your ultimate destination for high-end luxury shopping. Boasting an impressive collection of luxury brands, the mall consistently ranks among the city's top shopping hotspots. The opulent ambience, set by renowned brands like Rolex and Louis Vuitton, is complemented by equally impressive dining options, providing a complete and luxurious shopping experience.

One of the most famous street shopping spots in Bangalore, Commercial Street is said to be the equivalent of Delhi's much-loved Sarojini market in Bangalore. From the latest fashions, artificial jewellery, footwear and even home décor items, you will find everything here at Commercial Street in Bangalore. This street is a must-visit for every shopping lover for the true street shopping experience.


A renowned shopping destination, particularly for silk sarees, Chickpet Market stands as an enduring hub that has been a favoured shopping spot for at least four hundred years. Infusing a sense of history and heritage into its bustling lanes, a shopping excursion to Chickpet Market promises to be an enriching and memorable experience.

Balaji Antiques and Collectables stands out as the foremost name in the realm of antique shops in Bangalore. A family-run establishment since 1924, it has maintained its stature as one of the city's premier antique shops across the decades. The moment you step into the store, the reasons for its enduring reputation become evident. Their collection is a treasure trove that spans from delightful artefacts like 1940s London-made lighters and 1950s toy pistols to exquisite mid-century furniture and remarkable pieces from Indian history. With such an impressive array, this store rightfully earns its place as one of the leading antique shops in Bangalore, offering a compelling reason to visit for those seeking authentic antiques.

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