The Best Guide To Long Weekend Ideas For 2023

A list of all the long weekends, and what you can do in 2023.

Published On Feb 15, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Corporate life has left everyone pining for vacations. 15 casual leaves a year is never enough to see everything that you want to. That’s what you thought right? Plenty of travel lovers out there have hacked the corporate casual leaves rules to travel as much as they want. It’s not a very complicated strategy either. Your long weekends in 2023 are an opportunity that was hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to make the best of them. You plan right, you can travel a lot more with just a few extra leaves. Not a bad deal, right? All you have to do is make a plan, decide where you want to go and manage your budgets accordingly.

In this guide, you will find all the important long weekends with dates and what you can do with them. Whether you plan to go solo or in a group, you will be able to travel plenty in 2023. Just start by taking a look at the 2023 calendar with holidays.

In January 2023, Republic Day conveniently falls on a Thursday. You take a leave on Friday the 27th, and you have yourself a nice 4-day long vacation (Thursday the 26th, Friday the 27th, Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of January). The question is, what are the best places for a 4-day trip in India?


Craving the mountain scene in January? Head up to Dharamshala which is just a 10-hour bus journey from Delhi. Experience the snow-covered Triund Peak, go Paragliding in Bir and don’t miss out on all the good food these places have to offer. The thukpa and momos at the Tibet Kitchen are a speciality you cannot miss. If you are a vegan, check out the Bodhi Greens Cafe.

Your next long weekend pops up in March, during Ram Navami. It is a restricted holiday so it is up to you whether you want to take it. And, you definitely should! It falls on March 30th, a Thursday. You take leave on the 31st of March which is followed by the weekend (April 1st and April 2nd). Since April is the beginning of summer, this is the time to do some cool things. So take out the 2023 calendar with holidays and mark these dates.


Want to travel away from the crowd? While Rishikesh is fun in March, it tends to get overcrowded for the same reason. A cool alternative for similar vibes and more peace is Khajjiar. This tiny hill station in Himachal Pradesh is perfect for your weekend plans. It’s filled with lush green forests, lined with the great Himalayas and home to the gorgeous Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from that, don’t forget to check out Khajjiar lake and other beautiful places to visit in Khajjiar.

If you look at the 2023 calendar with holidays, the Good Friday weekend, albeit shorter, still offers a fun opportunity to travel. You can take your Monday off if you wish, but three days are enough to plan a weekend trip too. It falls on the 7th of April (Friday) while the 8th and 9th of April is the weekend that follows.


April is the perfect time to start looking for beach places in India. It’s warm but not too hot so you can cool off in the sea while not getting tanned. Head to South Goa for a quieter, more relaxing vacation. Palolem Beach, on the other hand, is the gateway to a more exotic side of Goa. It’s quiet and lined with the beauty of the Western Ghats. Check out the Cabo De Rama fort while you are there and drive down south to check out the Galgibaga beach. Butterfly Beach and the city of Karwar are two more interesting spots worth exploring. Go backwater kayaking at Cola beach and you will want to keep coming back for more. If not Goa, you can hit the mountains and check out all the summer places to visit in Northeast India.

In May 2023, Buddha Purnima falls on 5th May, a Friday. You can either take a Monday (8th May) off or just enjoy the long weekend (with May 6th and 7th being Saturday and Sunday).


May is the time to think of colder places. While it’s not possible for everyone, you can plan to hit the snow for a weekend. The best place to visit in May is the cosy hill station of Pelling. The closest airport to this location is Bagdogra airport from where you hire a cab. The hill station is a must-visit destination in Sikkim. You can hike in the hills, visit beautiful monasteries such as the Sangachoeling Monastery, explore the Kanchenjunga National Park and experience the beauty of the Rimbi Waterfall. Explore beyond Gangtok in Sikkim this year. You can even check out must-visit hill stations in Mumbai.

June is a good time to take a trip. If you live in north India, it’s still hot and if you live in the South, it’s raining cats and dogs. Perfect time to plan a swift escape. If you look at the 2023 calendar with holidays, the long holiday weekend in June falls during Bakri-Eid, the 29th of June (Thursday). You can take the Friday off and spend a good 4 days switching up your scene.


June is a good time to explore the mountains. They’re dry and cold and the rain hasn’t hit them yet. Take short trips in India starting with Kasol in Himachal Pradesh to fall in love with the Himalayas. It’s a well-loved destination for trekking and camping. It is one of the best places for a 4-day trip in India. The Pin Parvati Pass, Kheer Ganga Pass and Sar Pass are worth checking out. If you are lucky you’ll get to see the sunrise over snow-capped mountains, drink warm chai and indulge in hot soupy noodles. The closest airport to Kasol is the Kullu Manali Airport or you can even take a train to Joginder Nagar. You won’t see skies as clear as you will from the Himalayas in Kasol.

Count your lucky stars because Muharram in 2023 falls on a Friday. This way you have 28th of July, 29th of July (Saturday) and 30th of July (Sunday) off to take short trips in India.


July is a good time to explore the ghats of India, especially those down in the southwest. Take a trip to Coorg and experience its bountiful green landscapes and coffee plantations. Explore the historical sights in the historical city of Madikeri, enjoy the view from Raja’s Seat and hike to Abbey Falls. Apart from that, you can even drive up to Mysore, Kushalnagar (for its exquisite monasteries and Tibetian community), Tala Kaveri (the origin of the river Kaveri) and the Nagarhole National Park. Don’t forget to try the chocolates, coffee, wine and the speciality Pandi Curry of Coorg. The Mangalore International Airport is the closest to Coorg and the Mysore Hassan is the nearest railway station to Coorg.

Your monsoon escapes are all set for you. You get another vacation with the Independence Day weekend. This time, Independence Day falls on a Tuesday. You can take Monday off i.e. 14th August which is nicely preceded by a Saturday and a Sunday.


If you think Rajasthan winters are too cold, the next best time to go is August. The monsoon doesn’t set in in Rajasthan by August so it’s starting to get colder but the temperatures don’t fall below a nice 25-30 degrees celsius. Visit the gorgeous city of Udaipur and explore its historical forts and palaces. Visit lake Pichola, the Lake Palace and the Kumbhalgarh Fort. The Sajjan Garh Palace also known as the Monsoon Palace should not be missed. Take some heritage walking tours, check out the Jag Mandir and don’t forget to add the Pratap Memorial to your list too. While you are there, try Rajasthani delicacies such as Dal Bati and Kachori. Udaipur has its own railway station and an international airport making travelling much easier.

This year, October has blessed travel lovers with two long holiday weekends, one at the beginning and one towards the end. Make the best of it, and mark it on the calendar of 2023 India with holidays and festivals.

This year, Gandhi Jayanti falls on a Monday. This is a national holiday and you have to make the best of it by taking a quick trip. Use up the 30th of September, the 1st of October and the 2nd of October for quick weekend plans.


Yes, you might be tired of visiting cities but there are hundreds of reasons that will convince you to go to Kolkata. It might be a little warm but the onset of winter will prevent it from getting too hot. You start with the Victoria Memorial Hall, the Dakshineswar Kali temple, and the Howrah Bridge and relax in the gardens of Park Street. Apart from that, Kolkata is known for its street food. Enjoy the traditional Bengali sweets such as pedhas and rasgullas, the puchkas at Vivekananda Park, Kathi Rolls at Zaika in Park Street, Luchi and alu dom in BBD Bag and Mishti Doi and Balaram Mullick. The culture capital of India will satisfy your need for travel, and the foodie in you.

This year, Dussehra falls on 24th October (Tuesday). The Monday before (23rd October) is an optional leave for Navami and you have the holiday weekend before that (October 21st - Saturday, October 22nd - Sunday). You can opt for an additional leave on Wednesday (25th October) if you wish, keeping in mind the calendar of 2023 India with holidays and festivals.


You have to visit Ahmedabad during Dussehra this year. The city has picked up its garba performances after a two-year-long hiatus, and the celebrations are worth experiencing. Buy a traditional Gujarati outfit from Law Garden and pop into any one venue to bask in these joyous festivities. While you are there, try out all the delicacies in this extensive street. Apart from that, you can visit the Sabarmati riverfront, explore the Jama Masjid and visit the vintage car museum. The Hutheesing Jain temple is an architectural marvel and so is the Science City in Ahmedabad. Apart from that, check out the Adalaj stepwell, the Bhadra fort and the Vastrapur lake.

This year, Guru Purnima falls on Monday 27th of November and it is an optional holiday. You can plan a quick winter trip.


While the world goes to Goa, you should check out Wayanad. It is at its most pleasant during the winter months of November. You can walk through lush tea estates, and check out the Banasura Sagar Dam, Chembra Peak, Kuruva Island, the Bamboo Factory and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The location is a favourite amongst backpackers, making it a must-visit for winter. It is one of the best places to visit in November in India.

The Christmas long weekend starts on 23rd December (Saturday) and ends on 25th December (Monday).

The Union Territory of Puducherry is a gorgeous French colony with beautiful colonial houses, street art, beaches and amazing food. It’s at its prettiest during the winter month of December, and makes for a perfect weekend getaway. Visit the White Town, take a heritage walk, try the Crepes, pop into Auroville and take a walk on the beautiful beach. The Rock Beach, the Coromandel Cafe, Le Cafe (open 24/7), the Matrimandir Viewing Point and Cafe Des Arts are must-visits. Apart from that, there are plenty of places in India that are a must-visit for winter.

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