Here Are 12 Places To Stay In Bengaluru, No Matter Your Budget

Often hailed as India's Silicon Valley, Bengaluru attracts visitors from all walks of life. From decadent hotels to budget hostels, the city has a variety of accommodation options to choose from.

Published On Sep 05, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore, stands as Karnataka's capital city. Often hailed as the 'Garden City of India,' it boasts an array of splendid parks, offering exciting experiences. Bengaluru's pleasant weather throughout the year makes it an ideal travel destination. Unlike many other places, you need not wait for specific seasons to visit this city. In recent decades, Bengaluru has notably emerged as India's IT hub, housing major national and international companies. What sets it apart from other bustling metropolises is the seamless fusion of its rapid IT growth and its natural charm. This blend creates a harmonious coexistence of modernity amidst nature, making Bengaluru truly unique.

Exploring this city is a remarkable experience from every angle. To enhance your stay and make your vacation even more enjoyable, we present an array of accommodations, spanning from luxurious options to budget-friendly hotels and hostels. Whether you seek luxury or an old-world charm, Bengaluru caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that your stay here is truly unforgettable.

Segregated budget-wise, here are the places to stay in Bengaluru you must explore

Nestled in one of Bengaluru's most prominent locations, MG Road, The Oberoi stands tall as a remarkable 5-star hotel that promises an unparalleled experience. Spanning across expansive grounds, this luxurious property in Bangalore has garnered numerous awards, all of which speak volumes about the exceptional service it extends to its guests.
Location: 37-39, Near-Hsbc Bank, MG Road, Bengaluru

Shangri-La Hotel, a splendid 5-star hotel, is bound to leave you mesmerised with its lavish extravagance. With splendid vistas that encompass the majestic Bangalore Palace and commanding cityscapes, this posh hotel offers exceptional accommodation with a delectable culinary experience and a range of recreational services. Your stay here promises to create memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.
Location: No 56-6B, Palace Road, Bengaluru

The very mention of The Ritz-Carlton evokes a sense of grandeur. The property offers more than just stunning premises. The hotel delivers an experience of indulgence like no other. As you step into this luxurious haven, you're greeted by an array of top-notch restaurants that cater to every palate. Moreover, the hotel's rooms themselves are a masterpiece, providing not only exceptional comfort but also breathtaking views of the city's skyline. Every detail of The Ritz-Carlton experience is meticulously designed to provide an unmatched sense of luxury, ensuring that your stay lives up to the reputation that the brand carries.
Location: 99 Residency Road, Bengaluru

This enchanting hotel guarantees a comprehensive list of top-notch amenities. From tiny necessities to indulgent luxuries, this hotel ensures your stay is nothing short of comfort and convenience. The hotel houses multiple restaurants in the vicinity to cater to your culinary preferences, rejuvenating spa services for ultimate relaxation, and a pool for a leisurely dip. With an abundance of facilities at your disposal, your time spent here is poised to be a truly remarkable and satisfying experience.
Location: 46 Richmond Road, Bengaluru

Built within inviting premises, The Woodrose offers a delightful combination of a warm ambience, accommodating staff, and great service. For those seeking a budget-friendly yet comfortable stay, this property is an ideal choice. Blending vintage vibes with contemporary elements, it exudes a nostalgic aura reminiscent of classic clubs. Amidst such an ambience, your stay is set to be a truly remarkable and enjoyable experience.
Location: Brigade Millennium Campus 7th Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru

Tucked away from the city's commotion, Mango Mist Resorts offers a serene haven for its guests to unwind and rejuvenate. Amidst tranquil surroundings, this retreat provides the ideal setting to escape the hustle and bustle. The inviting pool and other amenities are thoughtfully designed to offer a seamless escape from the pressures of fast-paced city life, allowing them to fully relax and recharge.
Location: Sy No.33, 37, Harapanahalli, Bengaluru

If you believed Bengaluru was all about luxurious hotels, it's time for a different perspective. This city boasts a distinctive demographic, heavily influenced by its status as an IT hub. With a significant influx of young people settling down or seeking exploration opportunities, the city has seen a surge in the number of hostels catering to this vibrant crowd. Gostops stands out as one of the city's renowned hostels, offering accommodations equipped with modern conveniences, all at a pocket-friendly price.
Location: 22, 3rd Cross, 6th Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru

Emerging as yet another sought-after hostel in Bengaluru, The Hosteller's popularity has resulted in multiple branches across the city. This surge in demand can be attributed to its widespread appeal among the young demographic. Whether newcomers to Bengaluru, travellers exploring the city, or locals seeking a break from the mundane, The Hosteller manages to captivate all with its ambience. 
Location: Multiple locations

Locul hostels are a favoured choice among Bengaluru's youthful crowd, offering a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Known for its cheerful interiors, contemporary conveniences, and a setup that fosters a strong sense of community, this hostel provides an ideal option for accommodations in Bengaluru. Whether you're looking for a place to stay or a quick escape, Locul hostels promise an enjoyable and communal experience during your time in the city.
Location: Multiple locations

In the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru's lifestyle, the pursuit of success and the demands of corporate existence can eventually feel overwhelming. It becomes crucial to find moments to unwind and detach from these pressures. This is where the significance of periodic breaks comes into play. Homestays like Aashrey Getaway, situated on the outskirts of Bengaluru, offer an ideal escape for such occasions. Surrounded by a tranquil environment, this retreat provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in soothing surroundings, allowing the strains of stress and responsibility to dissipate amidst the lush landscapes.
Location: Sarjapur – Bagalur Road, Bagalur, Bengaluru

Discover the charm of Cargo Haus, a homestay in the tranquil corners of Bengaluru. If you're seeking a distinctive experience that seamlessly blends contemporary amenities with picturesque natural settings, this is the place to be. Cargo Haus offers serene surroundings that work like a soothing balm, providing a rejuvenating escape from the city's chaos. Prepare to unwind and destress remarkably as you immerse yourself in the calming ambience of this unique homestay.
Location: Jade Garden, Sadahalli, Akkalenahalli Mallena–Halli, Bengaluru

Embracing the great outdoors, Elephant Country Homestay offers a distinct experience to its guests. Located beside the Bannerghatta Wildlife Sanctuary, this homestay is perfect for both adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. With contemporary and cosy lodging, the property has a farm-like ambience. Adding to the charm are the home-cooked meals prepared by the host. If you're interested in wildlife, nature, and immersive experiences, this unique homestay is your ideal retreat.
Location: Survey 41, Bhoothanahalli, Bannerghatta PO, Bengaluru

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