Why Eating Out In Sharjah Is Anything But Boring

From Lebanese to European to downright local, Sharjah’s culinary map is as vibrant as its people.

Published On Jul 05, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


There are no nightclubs in UAE’s Sharjah. Alcohol is prohibited and people prefer to dress modestly, for religious and cultural beliefs. But what you do find in Sharjah is a bustling community of people who absolutely love to eat at restaurants. One of our tour guides said that their family eats out five days a week (my mother would be aghast), laugh to their heart’s content and soak in every moment of the good weather they can get.

So, whether you are sitting at a Tim Hortons café at the Al Majaz Waterfront sipping on an iced caramel latte or digging into layers of cream stuffed into a cinnamon-flavoured roll at Sweet Roll & More in Khor Fakkan, your mind will automatically veer toward the one singular thought: ‘Where can we eat next?’. 

Here's a list of five restaurants and cafes in Sharjah that can make you feel like a local, a Parisian or a hippie traveller.

This gorgeous space serves traditional Arabic food that comes with an extra dollop of Emirati hospitality. Set amid a white and turquoise colour theme, this casual yet traditional restaurant serves up a fabulous meal, no matter what you choose. 

There is a dedicated Emirati section that comes highly recommended. The biryani here is perfect for those who like mild food. Delicious spices, delicate aroma, long-grained rice and meat or chicken cooked to perfection – a must-try. One of the preparations you cannot miss here would be the Tahta Laham where shredded lamb is cooked in Emirati spices and then served between layers of white rice and topped with caramelised onions, fresh coriander leaves and dried raisins. It comes with a side of yogurt. 

Do not leave the place without trying the Leqaimat, a traditional dessert of deep-fried dumplings. It’s sweet, decadent and addictive. Here’s something you should know — their servings are quite large, so order wisely. 

Where: Souq Al Shanasiyah, Sharjah City

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With UAE’s celebrity chef Maroun Chedid at the helm, Shababeek not only has the most vibrant of settings, but the vibe in itself is lively and welcoming. The restaurant serves Lebanese food and each thing you try will make your heart melt, be it the hummus or the goat labneh. If you love meat, the restaurant has a delightful grilled meat platter, which is also their signature dish, that will satisfy your soul. 

Don’t ignore the salads here – the Fattouch Ballade where vegetables are tossed in pomegranate molasses and served with pita chips is delicious. From the ‘hot mezze’ section, try the Creamy Spinach Sambusek or the Kibbe Riz. From the mains, the ‘Rosemary Scented Roasted Oriental Chicken in Puff Pastry’, a slow-cooked dish that’s wholesome, packed with flavour and totally meant for sharing, is recommended. The Oriental Braised Lamb Shank with Firek Pilaf in Puff Pastry is a stellar choice. This is yet another restaurant where the serving size is massive. 

Where: Al Qasba Waterfront, Sharjah City

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Founded in 2001 in Dubai by Dr Edward Saad, Shakespeare and Co in Sharjah is visually stunning. The beverage menu features a whole range of gourmet coffees, teas, tisanes, shakes and mocktails. To eat, you can dig into a whole host of deliciousness, ranging from brisket to gram toast and shakshouka to a breakfast burrito. 
The menu is very café-like but it’s a notch better than that. So, while you get tacos here, you also find falafel and sliders. However, the coolest part of this menu is the signature burger section where you can make your own burger. The menu is massive here, so it’s needless to say that a couple of trips are needed to enjoy the fare. 

Where: Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Majaz 3, Sharjah 

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Sitting pretty at the foothill of Al Rabi hills at Khorfakkan, this café is popular for its specialty brews. But it’s not just the coffee and food menu that makes you smile. The view of Khorfakkan Corniches from there is just stunning. A perfect place to sit quietly, alone if possible, and read. 
The menu is contemporary and dabbles with popular flavours from across the world. You’ll get avocado on toast as well as halloumi on toast. Then there’s the Truffle Mushroom Croissant and the Eggs Benedict Croissant. Yes, you can stuff yourself with carbs here and leave guilt somewhere lower on the plains. 

Where: Al Rabi, Khorfakkan 

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If you’ve ever had any fantasies of being kidnapped by an alien spaceship, a trip to Al Suhub Rest House, which is also where you’ll find this café and restaurant is a must, but no, you won’t be kidnapped. Sip on delicious coffees and dig into their eclectic menu and just enjoy the stunning view. 

The evenings are a treat here. The menu features dishes such as Sourdough Crust Pizza, Beef Bulgogi, Blackened Tuna Burger, Spicy Ikasumi Pasta With Shrimp, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and many such indulgences. 

Where: Al Suhub Rest House, Khorfakkan

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Photo: Priyadarshini Nandy