A Tried-And-Tested Guide To Planning A Bachelorette Trip In Sri Lanka

There’s nothing like a getaway with the bridal squad to kickstart the wedding festivities.

Published On Jan 03, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


One of my girlfriends is getting married and the whole squad is waiting for the big day with anticipation. We’re already discussing the hows and whats of it — what will we wear? How will we get there? When will we have the sangeet dance practice? Which songs do we choreograph?

But way, way ahead of all of this is a day of equal anticipation, but of a completely different kind — the bachelorette. The celebration of a woman’s singledom for the final time before she’s married. A time of indulgence — in food, drink, dance, whims, debauchery, all kinds of fun, and all kinds of catharsis.

Because that’s what female friendships are about, aren’t they? They are warm, judgment-free homes with cuddly hugs and raucous laughter, endless conversation and the occasional tear, with space to come as you are. And what is a bachelorette, if not time dedicated to exactly this?

With international travel opening up in the post-Covid world, planning a getaway with the girls felt like the perfect thing to do. We went for a week-long bachelorette trip to Sri Lanka, and have come back with a heart full of love and a head full of memories.

Getting that mix  — of the raucous ‘typical bachelorette’ and the wholesome, cathartic nights in—is a great combination, and here are a few ways to get it right.

When you are planning a trip for someone, especially a bride, you are creating something very special. This is why understanding the bride’s likes and dislikes are so important. Does she want to dance all night? Or is she more of a wine-and-cheese person? We got right into all the little details, and every aspect of the trip focused on her, as it should!

There were loud, noisy parties filled with dancing and bridal dares, and there were quieter nights with comfort food and card games. All of us love a beach day, so we identified some of the best beach shacks on Sri Lanka’s south coast. We spent an afternoon spotting turtles at Wijaya Beach in Unawatuna, and then topped it off by heading to Dalawella Beach for the famous beach swing. For the adventurous, surfing at Weligama is a fantastic idea, as it has one of the best breaks in Sri Lanka.

It could be as simple as a villa rental in Lonavala or as grand as a trip to Ibiza. The question is — what does the bride-to-be want to do, and does the destination offer all of it?


Sri Lanka ticked all of our boxes — beautiful beaches, bikini season, party places, lots to explore and discover, great food and drink, good stay options and relatively easier on the pocket. It also really helped that some of us have been to Sri Lanka before (this was my third time!), and having a lay of the land was useful.

There are always two factors influencing this — the kind of trip you want to plan and everyone’s comfort level.

We wanted a relaxed, fun trip with experiences that we would all enjoy together. We knew we would be spending a lot of time on the property itself, so we wanted a place where we could be comfortable and enjoy a space to ourselves. And we also considered the budget of everyone in the group. This helped us identify properties that would work for all of us.

We also followed some useful habits like tracking our daily spending and splitting the food bill based on who had what. I’m saying what needs to be said — it’s fair to the vegetarians and non-drinkers in the house!

Luckily, Sri Lanka has something for every budget. Our recommendation for stay—Iluk House in Mirissa. It’s a beautiful, bohemian-style villa that can house up to eight people, has a private pool and opens out to the beach. The meals served there were some of the BEST we ate on our entire trip — Mediterranean-style cuisine cooked by the house chef for dinner, and a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast. 100% recommend!

Sri Lanka was PERFECT for us because it has SO MUCH incredible local food to try, as well as lots of cute cafés and vibe-y restaurants with plenty of options and something for even the most discerning foodie! A mix of it all sounded like a good idea to us, and we discovered that the best local food can be found at the tiniest of hole-in-the-wall places that are basically home kitchens run by the locals.

Digging into rice and curry at Mama’s Restaurant in Galle, a wholesome plate of perfectly seasoned kotthu at a tiny corner joint in Mirissa, and kicking back (or dancing the night away) at Doctor’s House in Weligama — all unique vibes, and all brilliant experiences. Doctor’s House is also the kind of place that you can visit for a relaxed brunch or a sundowner.

Do your research and make reservations! This, especially in a post-pandemic world, is quite important. We found that in a place like Weligama, parties and DJ nights happen on certain days of the week only. So some research would definitely help.

Alcohol will be part of your plans at any time of the day or night. Here’s a tip — if you’re travelling internationally, pick up a couple of bottles from the airport Duty-Free. It’ll last, and work out a lot cheaper as well.

What’s a bachelorette without the ‘bride’ sash, right? So, stock up on these essentials — the sash, a tiara, decorative banners, photo props, balloons, tribe sashes… the list is endless. You’ll find all of this and more on Amazon or at a party store in your neighbourhood. Some things can double up as party favours—think naughty shot glasses or even something cute like little phallic bath bombs.


This is where we got really creative. We planned a party in our villa itself, where we decorated the room, brought in a cake and some goodies, some props and created a playlist with the bride’s favourite songs. What ensued was a night of dressing up, dancing and laughter, which ended with us kicking off our heels and having heartfelt conversations on the bedroom floor. It’s always, always a mix.

If the hotel or property staff know you’re there for an occasion, they can curate something for you — like floating breakfasts or beachside dinners. The property we were staying at — Eraeliya Villas — offered to set up a candlelit dinner by the beach for us.

But there are some elements only you can work out for the bride. Gift her a hamper of everything she loves (think skincare, desserts, some sexy lingerie… it could be anything!) Does she enjoy massages? How about a spa party? The possibilities are endless.

Plan an evening filled with her favourite music, dance, and food, and mix it up with some games and surprises! Our bride loves her sarees, so we surprised her by carrying sarees, dressing up and taking lots of photos and videos.

Here are a few games that are a LOT of fun:

Never have I ever.

Guftagu cards: for those deep, soul-baring conversations.

Bachelorette dare cards: it is what it is!

Drunk cards: as the name says, these cards will get you drunk!

Logistics don’t have to be tedious. Things like buying props, booking cabs, making reservations, keeping track of spending and splitting bills — dividing the tasks make it a lot easier for everyone, and keeping tabs on finances using Splitwise is always convenient.

The best thing about a group of girls getting together is that it’ll always be a celebration of each other no matter what. We are pillars of love, support and strength. This is why, whatever you do, you can’t really go wrong when you’re with each other. So, even if after all this planning nothing goes according to plan, that’s okay. It’s more than okay; it’s great! It’s a story to be told, and an amazing one at that.

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