8 Things To Do In Dwarka Apart From Visiting Temples

When you are done paying your respects at the famous Dwarkadhish Temple, here are some other things to do in Dwarka

Published On Nov 15, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The ancient city of Dwarka is located in the northwestern part of the country in the state of Gujarat. It is a Hindu pilgrimage site and one of the Sapta Puris, the seven holy places in the country. Adding to its religious significance, the city is believed to be the home of Lord Krishna where he stayed for the better part of his life. According to mythology, he was residing in Dwarka city when he was advising the Pandavas against the Kauravas in the battle of Mahabharat. 
Thousands of devotees flock to the city every day to pay their respects at the many temples dotting the city. The city has quite a few temples that one can visit. But, if you are looking for things to do in Gujarat besides visiting the temples, here is a detailed list.

Things to do in Dwarka, Gujarat


If you want to visit just one temple in Dwarka city, this should be it. Dwarkadhish temple is one of the most famous and oldest temples in the city. This temple sits at the cusp of the Gomti river and the Arabian Sea. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna who is also lovingly called Dwarkadish or ‘King of Dwarka’. This temple has a black marble idol of Lord Krishna which is one of the main attractions of this temple, including the elaborately designed shrines. This temple is a sight to behold.


This city is home to some of the most ancient temples dating back to the 1100s. The beach is calm and serene. Visit in the evening for relief from the day’s heat and to catch some outstanding sunset views. You can take a swim on the beach as it has low tides and you can also indulge in a boat ride. Or you can just take an evening stroll and collect seashells while watching the pilgrims take a holy dip in the water. There are many temples lined in and around this beach that you can visit as well.

The camel rides along the Gomti river are one of the most popular tourist attractions of Dwarka city. You can ride a camel along the banks while learning the history of the five rishis bringing five sweet water wells in the place. You can enjoy the mesmerising sights of the other side of the river while riding a camel along the bank.

What is a holiday without some shopping in a place like Gujarat where you can get some really cool things to wear, carry and keep? The Dwarkadhish market is one place in the city that has pretty much everything that a person would need. It has some really nice Gujarati stitched clothes, home decor items and trinkets. The market is famous for Dwarkadhish idols and souvenirs of the wheel of stone found in the sea. The city is full of artists, hence you would definitely find something to your liking so splurge to your heart’s content.


This small island is located 30 kms from Dwarka city and it was the main port until Okha was developed. The beach is lined with ancient temples, beautiful coral reefs and soft white sand. Thousands of tourists flock to this island to see its exquisite marine life and camp there to sunbathe on the beach.


This Lighthouse was inaugurated in 1962 and stands 43 metres tall. It is about 2 km from the main Dwarka city and offers magnificent views of the Arabian sea. You can enjoy the beautiful beach waves and the cool breeze while exploring the lighthouse. The panoramic views from the lighthouse make it a popular tourist attraction, especially at sunset time.

This lake is about 20 km from Dwarka city and is surrounded by yellow sand that looks like sandalwood. This sand is used by devotees to make tilaks on their bodies before they go to pay their respects in the temples. According to legend, this talav was where Lord Krishna used to entice his Gopis, his young lady friends. The place is cool from the water of the lake and a light breeze blows throughout the day to give you some relief from the heat. This is one place you must visit in Dwarka city.

If you are a nature buff and are particularly interested in birds, you must visit this sanctuary. Home to hundreds of different variants of birds, this place is beautiful. Wherever you see water, you will see hundreds of Demoiselle Cranes floating and chilling.

It may be famous for its temples and religious significance but there are many other places to visit and things to do in Dwarka, Gujarat. Hence, we have created this list for you to plan your holiday and make the most of it when you visit the ancient city of Dwarka. 

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