Kishangarh Rajasthan: A Guide to Forts, Palaces & Sightseeing

Make your trip to the ‘land of kings’ memorable with this perfect itinerary for Kishangarh, Rajasthan.

Published On Jun 19, 2023 | Updated On Apr 22, 2024


The northern state of Rajasthan - the land of Rajputs, palaces, forts and crowns is undoubtedly a mesmerising place for a vacation. If you are planning a trip to this culturally vibrant state with stunning architecture, aesthetic views and royal food, then we urge you to ditch the expected cities swarming with tourists and consider the unexplored Kishangarh.

We know that finalising a travel itinerary can be a puzzling and daunting task. But Kishangarh, Rajasthan is a place worth all the planning. Known for its old-world charm, bustling marble market, scenic dumping yard (where multiple Bollywood movies have been shot) and other attractions, this city in the Ajmer district is a must-visit. Follow this list of places to explore in Kishangarh, Rajasthan to plan your trip better.

The list of places to visit in Kishangarh must begin with the majestic Kishangarh Fort. Constructed in 1649 by Maharaja Swaroop Singh, this fort is the epitome of the amalgamation of the best Rajput and Mughal architectural techniques. Entry of outsiders is restricted here, however, people staying at Hotel Phool Mahal Palace have access to the fort. Just 27 km away from Ajmer, the fort stands tall on the road linking India and Pakistan, hence the strict supervision and restrictions! A world of grandeur testifying to the royal life of the gallant kings of yore is exhibited inside the fort. With granaries, jails, the royal durbar hall, breathtaking murals on the walls and other alluring treasures, the Kishangarh Fort is a place you will cherish visiting!

Gondulav Lake is a man-made lake providing a picturesque view of the Phool Mahal Palace. Ideal for a tranquil halt to catch your breath and watch nature take over everything else, this lake is now struggling with waste disposal. However, it's still the source of refreshing breezes and soulful conversations. Fish feeding and boating are the other attractions here. Make sure to click a lot of Instagram-worthy pictures at this beautiful spot in Kishangarh, Rajasthan.

Another gem worth exploring while visiting Gondulav Lake: Sukh Sagar. Directly translating to the ‘river of happiness,’ Sukh Sagar is the perfect place for respite seekers. With a soothing milieu, the scenic banks of the Gondulav Lake for view, and the pristine little abode created by chirping birds, and loitering squirrels, this is a pleasant distraction from all the worldly chaos. Sukh Sagar is a hit among trekkers, bird watchers and nature lovers!

Having listed the Kishangarh Fort and the Gondulav Lake, we must now reveal the highlight of your next trip to Kishangarh, Rajasthan - the Phool Mahal Palace. Constructed in 1870 by King Kishangarh Maharaja, the Phool Mahal Palace has the royal Kishangarh Fort in its backdrop. Being situated at the brink of the Gondulav Lake just makes things better! The palace has now been transformed into a boutique hotel that gives you a marvellous stay! Stunning views, royal rooms, exquisite dining options, and just the sheer pleasure of living life king-size make this palace the ideal place to spend your time in Kishangarh!

Located at the heart of the Gondulav Lake, Mokham Vilas (or Jannat) is an earthly paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers. Enjoy the splendid view of migratory birds taking shelter here and give yourself a memory to remember. Your visit to Kishangarh, Rajasthan must feature a halt at this exotic place.

Kishangarh is known as the Marble City of India and your visit to the Dumping Yard will explain why. Contrary to popular assumptions, Rajasthan is more than just about its deserts and hills - it secretly houses a mini Switzerland at Kishangarh. Multiple music albums and Bollywood scenes have found an ideal location at the Dumping Yard. This scenic white desert is a landfill of marble slurry that has accumulated over the years. This dump yard now serves as a beautiful spot for photoshoots and the aesthetic feels of a snow-covered hill! Click pictures to your heart’s content at this gorgeous location that steals the show for Kishangarh.

The Khoda Ganesh Temple in Kishangarh is a must-visit for stout devotees of Lord Ganesh. Constructed some 250 years ago by the royal family, this temple is regarded as one of the holiest places in town by the locals. Experience divinity at the steps of this renowned temple when you visit Kishangarh next!

History intertwined with religious magnanimity is what distinguishes the Ajmer Sharif Dargah in Kishangarh, Rajasthan. Built by the Mughal emperor Humayun around 1465, the Ajmer Sharif Dargah is located 28 km away from Kishangarh. It is one of the most renowned places in the region and houses the shrine of the revered Persian Sufi Saint – Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. The sheer serenity of the places will leave you mesmerised. Evenings at the Dargah are a sight to behold with all the fairy lights and the grandeur exhibited by the white marble dome. The Ajmer Sharif Dargah welcomes people from around the world who bow their heads in piety before Chisti’s shrine. 

If you are somebody who loves collecting historic masterpieces, and artwork, or perhaps enjoys an occasional stroll through a space that promotes local art, then you will love Studio Kishangarh. Managed by the royal family, Studio Kishangarh is an art and design workshop founded by Princess Vaishnavi Kumari. It helps promote the cultural heritage of the place via art, music, and literature, with a special emphasis on miniature paintings.

If you are travelling within a time frame, then yes, you could easily cover all the highlights of Kishangarh in a day. But, to savour the royal experience, and the rich cultural and historical essence of the place, you must spread your trip over at least 2 days. Especially, if you want to go inside the Kishangarh Fort, staying overnight at the Phool Mahal Palace might be the ideal way to gain entry into the fort and also enjoy the experience of royal living!

Kishangarh takes pride in running Asia’s largest marble industry. While its marble slurry dumping yard attracts many visitors every year, the city is also home to several architectural marvels that have withstood the tides of time.

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