8 Forts Near Bengaluru That Offer A Majestic View

If you enjoy dipping into history, check out these 8 magnificent forts in Bengaluru that are a must visit in 2022

Published On Sep 09, 2022 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


Bangalore, a cosmopolitan city, steeped in resplendent beauty has retained its old-world charm and historic forts. Burgeoning with modern restaurants, gastropubs, and state-of-the buildings, the Silicon Valley of India has an equal number of well-preserved monuments that reflect its glorious past. Forts in Bangalore exude an old-timely radiance with their magnificent architecture and serene ambiance. Blessed by the weather gods, the city has a benevolent climate all year long, making the view atop the forts astounding.

Here are the top must-visit forts near Bangalore in 2022:


Located in the heart of the city, Bangalore Fort was built in 1537 as a mud fort by Kempe Gowda I and is fondly known as Kemp Fort Bangalore. It was only much later that the fort was made in stone by Haider Ali but in vain. Captured and demolished by the British, all that remains of this magnificent monument are the ruins and the Delhi Gate. A heritage site, Bangalore fort photos reek of the glory and magnificence that once was. Housing the summer palace of Tipu Sultan Fort Bangalore is still one of the popular tourist spots in the city.

Location: Krishna Rajendra Road, New Tharagupet, Bengaluru

Timing: 9am to 6pm 

Fee: Rs 5 (for Indians), Rs 200 (for foreigners)


Home and birthplace of the brave Tipu Sultan, the Devanahalli Fort has seen quite a few battles after being built in 1501. One of the most visited forts near Bangalore, Devanahalli, is located 35km north of the city and is an archaeological marvel. A sprawling 20-acre fort boasts of twelve bastions and artwork that will leave you in awe of their intricacy. Home to several historically significant temples and lush green lawns, the fort is a haven for art and nature lovers alike.

Location: Bangalore-Hyderabad highway 

Timing: 7am to 8:30pm 

Fee: Free

Located just 100 km from the city of Bangalore, Madhugiri Betta is a single hill and the second largest monolithic rock in Asia. Bearing testimony to Bangalore’s fort history, Medigeshi Fort has witnessed many historic battles. Perched around 4000 feet, the trek to the fort is both tricky and adventurous. Atop you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and revel in your feat. Showcasing exquisite Dravidian architecture, the fort is a popular trekking spot for adventure lovers.

Location: Madhugiri 

Timing: 7 am to 8:30 pm 

Fee: Free

Best Time to Visit: March to October 


Also known as Kalavara Durga, Skandagiri fort is 65km off the city of Bangalore and one of the most popular trekking spots around the city. An ancient fortress built by Tipu Sultan, the fort houses a historic temple that is flocked with devotees on Saturdays. Camp the night at the fort to witness the most magnificent sunrise from behind the Nandi Hills.

Location: NH 7, Bellary Road

Timing: 6am to 6pm 

Fee: Free

Another Kempegowda fort built off the Kunigal Highway near Herur, Huliyar Durga is one of the most prominent forts because of its peculiar shape. Built during the Gowda reign the fort is in the shape of a cup but is mostly in ruins now. The trek to the fort is exciting because it entails rough rocks and vertical climbs making it a challenging experience. Surrounded by surreal greenery, the view from the top is worth the difficult climb.

Location: Kunigal Taluk, Tumkur District 

Timing: NA

Fee: Free

Best Time to Visit: January to October


Completed in 1791 under the rule of Tipu Sultan, his summer palace is an architectural legacy featuring Indo-Islamic compositions. Built with teak wood, the arches, balconies, and intricately engraved pillars are beautiful pieces of art themselves. The palace has a painting of the Sultan’s throne wrapped in gold silk sheets and encrusted with emeralds. Though the throne has been dismantled and sold by the British, the palace has a museum with other artifacts.

Location: Tipu Sultan Palace Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore

Tipu sultan summer palace timings: 10 am to 6 pm 

Fee: Rs 15 (for Indians), Rs 200 (for foreigners) 

Located 100km from the city, Channarayana Durga was one of the most strategic forts in Bangalore that saw many battles for its possessions. Constructed by Chikkappa Gowda, the king of Madhugiri, the fort moved into the possession of the Marathas, Mysore Wodeyars, and finally, the British, who abandoned it. What was once a beauty worth killing for is in ruins now. It is one of the current popular trekking spots near Bangalore.

Location: Near Madhugiri, Tumakuru district

Timings: Open all day

Fee: Free

Perched at 3664 feet, 60 km from Bangalore city, Makali Durga fort sits splendidly on a granite hillock. Surrounded by vegetation mixed with medicinal and herbal plants, the fort offers a magnificent view of the lake below and the hills ahead. The trek up to the fort is a challenge, but the serene setting amidst nature will be a relief from the bustling city crowd. Offer prayers at the nearby Shiva temple, spend the day birdwatching, and head back down before dusk.

Location: Doddaballapur

Timings: 8am to 6pm

Fee: Free

These splendid forts in Bangalore take you back to the glorious past of a city steeped in rich culture and tradition. From Tipu Sultan ka Kila to the Kempegowda fort, each of these 8 archaeological marvels are worth a visit. Make the most of your visit to Bangalore and check out these must visit attractions in the city, through the eyes of a local. 

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