5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions To Add To Your Bali Bucket List

Bali is enveloped in sheer natural beauty, having spectacular terraced rice fields and looming volcanoes that exude absolute peace and serenity.

Published On Jan 28, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Be it planning a trip with your beloved or your best friends, Bali is a one-of-a-kind holiday destination. Bali, also known as the ‘Land of Gods’, has thousands of temples and a strong spiritual vibe—meaning, the whole island radiates invigorating vibes, irrespective of the part you are in. Besides attractions like historical monuments, majestic temples, and beautiful beaches, it is known for stirring adventure sports such as white-water rafting, flyboarding, kitesurfing, jetpacking, and others. 

Bali is enveloped in sheer natural beauty, having spectacular terraced rice fields and looming volcanoes that exude absolute peace and serenity. If you want to cover a majority of Bali’s famous tourist attractions during your trip—right from enjoying the scenic beauty and thrilling water sports to spending quality time on the serene beaches and partying your heart out—we would highly recommend you plan your trip meticulously before you travel. 

Our compilation of famous tourist destinations in Bali will help you discover the treasures of Bali and make your trip worthwhile: 

Ubud is also called Bali’s cultural delight. It is an encapsulated version of Bali that showcases all its cultural and natural peculiarities. It beautifully exhibits Bali’s culture through temples, paddy fields, museums, and street dance performances, making it one of the famous tourist places in Bali. 

Furthermore, you can spot white herons at Petulu and visit the famous Monkey Park. A few more things for which Ubud is famous are paintings, woodcarvings, textiles, and crafts, where you can relish the artistry and expressiveness of Bali’s natives.  

Have you experienced jetpacking before? If you haven’t, then let us tell you it’s an enjoyable water sport. You sit on a chair and have two jets spouting from your back and heels. The water jet pack uses seawater as a very high-density propulsion fluid that lifts you up to 30 feet high and thrusts you forward at a speed of 30 miles/hour. Jet packing in Nusa Dua makes it a famous destination for water sports lovers. Even if you aren’t a hard-core water sports enthusiast, experiencing jetpacking is highly recommended. You would take back a thrilling and memorable experience with you.

Tanha Lot is one of the remarkable landmarks of Bali. It is also known as ‘Land in the Sea’, a perfect title given its iconic offshore setting. Inside the temple area, you can take a walk while appreciating the beauty of the temple, its surroundings, unique location, and peaceful vibe. 

It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Bali and is a paradise for sunset lovers. The view at this temple is one of its significant highlights. Here, you will also find small shrines and other amenities like restaurants, shops for souvenirs, and a beautiful cultural park where you can enjoy the dance performances of the localities. 

Nungnung waterfall, a 50-meter-high waterfall, is one of the peaceful tourist places in Bali, where you can hear the tranquil sound of running water pretty clearly, relaxing and de-stressing your mind and body. It is located over an hour away from Ubud. 
You can easily combine your visit to Nungnung waterfall with your visit to Leke Leke waterfall and spend your whole day immersing yourself in nature’s beauty. 

At this waterfall, you will feel the refreshing spray on your body. That said, make sure that you don’t venture too close to the waterfall as it may be quite risky. An important point to note is that there are no changing rooms or toilets at this location. 

Kuta Beach lies on the southwestern coast of the province and is one of the most famous resort areas and tourist places in Bali. The vast stretch of cream-coloured sand of 2 to 2.5 km is easy on the eye. As it is a perfect combination of surf, sun, and sand—it attracts a larger base of international visitors as compared to the local visitors. 

Kuta Beach is a unique attraction as it has it all—thriving bars, multi-story shopping malls, nightclubs, and accommodation across a wide range (from reasonable guesthouses to luxurious 5-star hotels). 

Bali is all about captivating cultural scenes, religious offerings, and never-ending adventure—in a nutshell, every kind of beauty. If you visit here, you will get to have a diversified experience and embrace the positive vibes, while unwinding. 

Moreover, you can plan a trip to Bali during any time of the year that suits you as it remains warm and humid throughout the year. This reduces the complication of deciding on the dates for your trip, which can sometimes be really perplexing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let the planning begin!

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