Hop On To A Hobbit Stay For Your Next Holiday

Are you planning your holidays anytime soon? Check out these five hobbit houses in India to make your holidays truly memorable.

Published On Feb 11, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Remember watching Lord Of The Rings and seeing Bilbo and Frodo stay in a gorgeous hobbit home in the movie? We’ve all admired that beautiful wooden home, full of knick knacks and a lovely garden to go with it!

If you think this gorgeous home was just a part of the movie, let’s clear that up for you this instant! Hobbit homestays are a reality, and we’re about to spill the tea on where you can find these beauties.

Yes, you heard it right! You can also lead a quiet, peaceful and comforting life just like the hobbits in hobbit homes. Hobbit homes or houses are now gaining popularity and are considered an ideal vacation spot. Because who does not want to stay in a cozy, warm environment during their holidays?

We have curated a list of the five best hobbit homes in India for you to experience the hobbit home stay:

This new holiday home is like a mini trip to New Zealand, with underground caves, a pool and many more amenities. It is India’s first Earth shelter home and is located at Murbad, which is just two and a half hours away from Pune.

The name of this home, Asanja, is a mixture of the Sindhi word ‘Asanjo’ which means ours and the Punjabi word ‘Sanjha’ which means for everyone. As soon as you enter this property, you will see a panoramic view of the Sahyadri hills and then a white and blue underground cave. As you enter this cave, it will instantly transport you to the world of Middle Earth. Along with bedrooms, there is a pool, an indoor dining table and rooftop gardens which are spread throughout the property. The interiors have a shade of aqua and white with a lot of texture work in tile, stone, glass and wood. Everything in this property is a reflection of nature. It is a canvas of earthly structures, nature’s beauty, and luxury at its best.

This hobbit house property has two sections, Asanja Titaly and Asanja Dragonfly. The Asanja Titaly is a two-bedroom underground home with a huge swimming pool. Asanja Dragonfly is 3-bedroom home villa which can easily accommodate six guests. Each room has a sunroof and one can enjoy natural sunlight through it. The entire property boasts of exotic flora and fauna. So, every guest staying here indeed feels like a fantasy, fictional character. There are multiple indoor activities namely board games, carrom, etc. The property also has an inhouse chef to cook delicious meal.

This wonderful place is located at a height of 5100 ft above sea level and is surrounded by beautiful hills. This property is situated in Coorg. This exclusive hobbit homestay in India has a grass and flower covered roof. It also has a cave-like entrance with round windows. It is the best place to connect with nature, breathtaking mountain views, sound of birds and the flora and fauna.

In terms of food, a multicuisine menu which includes the delicacies of Coorg cuisine is made here. One can also go for short trek around the natural trail whenever you’re here.

This hobbit house in India is located at the Silver Oaks nature retreat in Munnar region of Kerala. This retreat is a place which is a living paradise amidst nature, is surrounded by rain forests and a variety of wild animals, rare birds and other species. One can participate in adventure activities like trekking, elephant watching, bird watching etc. In this hobbit house, there is an indoor pool as well as a common pool. One can visit this place during monsoon to experience beautiful nature and all the waterfalls. Summer and winter months are a suitable time to visit Idukki.

This wonderful hobbit home in India is located at the beautiful and popular hill station, Ooty. These hobbit homes in India are shaped as capsules and the space inside is beautifully decorated. This place offers you a variety of choices in terms of food, fun indoor activities and music. The night offers you breathtaking views of the sky filled with a constellation of stars.

The best time to visit the Ooty Aventura Fern Hill is during monsoon, summer and winter.

The Heavot Caves Resort is located in the beautiful town of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 10 km from Shimla. This hobbit home in India is a paradise of tranquillity, surrounded by  lush green hills and located just in front of the gigantic Himalayan mountain range.

Once you are here, it distracts you from all the worries. The rooms here are dome-shaped and have a lawn in the front, with mountain ranges on one side and pine trees on the other. All the rooms here are located in the middle of the sparse green valley. Enjoy this beautiful landscape, the chirping birds and the exotic flora and fauna when you’re here. The Heavot Caves Resort is the perfect getaway for everyone who is looking for rejuvenation and relaxation.

All the meals here are freshly cooked and all toiletries are provided. The best time to visit here is during the summer season. Visiting during winters is for the adventure enthusiasts.

We hope that we have sorted you in planning for your next cosy holiday destination at these hobbit homes in India. 

Photo: Unsplash