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10 Interesting Things To Do At Jim Corbett National Park

10 Activities at Jim Corbett to awaken the explorer in you.

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Nestled just 15km from the old town of Ramnagar is Jim Corbett National Park - India’s oldest national park. Sprawling over 520.8 square-km of rolling hills, ridges, and open grasslands is a dense, deciduous forest in the foothills of the Himalayas. The forest is home to over 600 species of birds, 50 species of mammals, elephants, sloth bears, langur monkeys, leopards, and gharials. The vast savannah along water bodies is known as an elephant spotting zone, but tiger sightings are occasional. With a slew of other activities in Jim Corbett, the national park has enough to keep you on your feet. 

Here are 10 things to do at Jim Corbett National Park. 

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One of the most adventurous things to do in Corbett is rafting in the speedy waters of River Kosi. Sway along the rapids as the meandering river takes you through rugged hillsides of the dense forest into open vegetation lands. A thrilling pleasure for adventure enthusiasts, river rafting might just beat your Jim Corbett sightseeing experience.

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An open-jeep safari taking you through deep forest areas and open fields are the best places to see in Jim Corbett. Here you can spot an array of exotic wild animals thriving in their natural habitat. Divided into four core zones, you can spot elephants, monkeys, leopards, red foxes, and if you’re lucky, the Bengal tiger. See the antics of the gray langur at Corbett here.

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Open grasslands along the river are one of the best places to visit in Corbett if you want to see a herd of elephants lazing around. But what if you could ride an elephant and enjoy the scenic beauty of the park from their eyes? An elephant safari is one of the many exciting things to do in Corbett with the little ones.

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Another great way to experience Corbett sightseeing is by cycling around the national park. While you cannot enter any protected zones for wildlife, you can spot plenty of birds and other small animals around the area. A mountain biking experience in the wilderness with an eerie silence broken by distant animal calls is something unique to enjoy.

Have time left and wondering what to do in Jim Corbett? Head to the museum to gather insights about different animals and the famed Bengal tiger. A peek into their lives and habitat will help you understand the fauna of our country better. Gather the children and take them to a live history class in the wild.

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Did you know at Jim Corbett you can catch your fish and eat it too? Of all the things to do at Corbett, this one really gives you a hands-on experience in the wild. Catch varieties such as Mahseer and Goonch at the Ramganga river, set a bonfire on the side, and devour the delicious freshly caught river fish. It is a scintillating experience for fish lovers.

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There is no dearth of things to do at Corbett, especially if you are an adrenaline junkie. Novice or professional, rock climbing the face of the Himalayan range is a thrilling experience. With professional trainers to guide you along the way, it is a safe and fun activity to indulge in.

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A slightly unconventional activity at Jim Corbett is a river crossing. And that too balancing yourself on a zip lining rope suspended from one end to the other. The ferocious river flowing below makes it a daunting experience for those with a fear of water. But once you cross over, the feeling of accomplishment is incomparable.

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Flocked with tourists of varying interests, if ornithology- the study of birds excites you, this is the place to be. At Jim Corbett visiting places in and around the forest will give you access to watch and learn about over 650 species of birds, some of which migrate to the park for mating. The best time for birding is November and December.

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Among the exciting places to visit in Corbett, the mountainside have the best action-packed adventure sports. Rappelling, another adrenaline-pumping activity to enjoy at the park, serves a dual purpose. You get the thrill of accomplishment and gasp at the breathtaking view while suspended from the top.

Named after the British hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett, the national park is a one-stop destination to experience nature in its most raw state. Among the many things to do at Corbett, make the most magical memories as you explore wildlife and savour every minute in the wilderness. Know more about the park’s jungle safari and rendezvous in the wild here. 

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