Why Taapsee Pannu Doesn’t Believe In Following Fashion Trends

The Vogue Eyewear brand ambassador reveals her fashion secrets and how her style game changes with her mood.

Published On Jun 22, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Taapsee Pannu is a non-conformist and that’s how she has charted her path in Bollywood. You can witness that in her choice of roles – from a quirky woman who gets trapped in a time loop in Looop Lapeta to a seductress who can go to any length for the man she loves in Haseen Dillruba, and a sexagenarian professional shooter in Saand Ki Aankh. And this non-conforming to rules isn’t limited to just her film choices but Taapsee’s fashion game too. “My fashion statement changes just like my moods. I don’t follow a trend or a fixed norm because that kills my creativity,” she tells Zee Zest, and we appreciate her refreshingly honest response.  

When she first burst onto the Hindi film scene in 2013 with Chashme Baddoor, the model-turned-actor had a tomboy-style dressing sense, which was offbeat. Her style diaries then graduated to exaggerated colours and accessories, and via that route, she reached the current stage, where she is dressing according to her mood and not trends and rules. Over the years, she has given several notable fashion moments – remember how glamorous Taapsee looked in that butterfly gown she wore to the Filmfare Awards red carpet in Assam back in 2020? Must say, it’s quite the evolution, and these have earned the actor several fashion brand collaborations, including the one that led us to an interview with Taapsee: Vogue Eyewear.  

Vogue Eyewear launched its latest campaign (one that also marks the brand's 50th anniversary) with Taapsee, the face of the brand, and the key message is that every individual is a superstar in their own right. We speak to the Bollywood actor on her journey with the eyewear brand, her fashion must-haves, her style icon, her love for travel, and much more. 

Read the edited excerpts below: 

While I prioritise comfort over everything, a must-have in my fashion closet is a pair of statement sunglasses. This is the perfect way to complete a look. Vogue Eyewear, a versatile brand catering to everyone’s needs, is also one of the most affordable ones, which makes it even more preferable for the younger generation. 

Stepping into the third year of a successful collaboration, it has been a privilege to be associated with them. Vogue Eyewear has always stood for originality and inclusivity, which is where I resonate with them the most, as it echoes my personal thoughts and beliefs. 

The latest campaign not only marks the marquee moment of their 50-year anniversary but also touches upon the true and authentic feelings of the audience. It encourages self-belief and confidence and motivates them to come forward and #LetsVogue like superstars.  

The campaign reaffirms that every single individual is a superstar and reinforces the brand’s ethos of self-belief, self-trust and self-confidence. 

My fashion statements change just like my moods, and I feel I want to dress up according to my mood at that particular moment. And not follow a trend or a fixed norm because that kills my creativity. 

I genuinely feel eyewear looks good on me, so I have a huge collection of that. Other than that, I have interesting earrings and hair accessories that I wear a lot. 

The eyewear you choose reflects your personality and mood. Sunglasses are usually the first thing someone would notice about you and hence they serve as an introduction to your personal style and help in making style statements. 

Personally, I love choosing sunglasses that resonate with my authentic style and bring out various facets of my personality to seamlessly complement my outfits and looks. 

I don’t follow one person. I like different people at different times based on the look they sport. I believe so many of them are inspiring. Depends on which direction you are looking to get inspired in. Is it an Indian vintage look or basic? Is it an experimental red carpet look or a classic? Each one has a different icon for me. And that changes or names get added on with time and experience. 

Currently, my personal favourite is the VO5409S from the latest collection of Vogue Eyewear. It exudes the ’80s glam and makes a bold style appeal. 

I went to the United States for a month and travelled to different cities there. I am a very regular tourist, who believes in living in rented houses and not hotels, renting cars and driving rather than hiring cabs, and taking the train instead of flights for domestic transfers. And I love eating local food. 

I feel very comfortable in cotton clothing, and this includes saris. I feel stylish and sexy wearing a basic cotton sari, so I do wear it as often as my little black dress. I wear a sari in the classic style usually because that takes me under 5 mins to get ready. When one owns and loves the outfit as much as their body type, they will feel comfortable in whatever they wear. 

Staying fit. Because then no matter what you wear it looks stylish or becomes a style statement.

Photo: Vogue Eyewear and Instagram/Taapsee Pannu