What’s Hot And What’s Not For The Indian Summer Bride Ft. Celeb Stylist Ami Patel

Summer brides, here’s all the inspiration and guidance you need to look and feel your best on your special day.

Published On Apr 19, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


A wedding is possibly one of the most-awaited days of one’s life, and the bridal look stands right at the centre of it all. So, finding the perfect bridal look, especially one that is suitable for the warm (read: hot) weather, is essential. Plus, the bridal look must be stylish yet comfortable, and make you feel confident.

If you want your fashion game at the wedding to be summer-friendly, then consider the following dos and don’ts by celebrity stylist Ami Patel. Ami is the mastermind who styled the gorgeous Alanna Panday on her wedding day. Don’t tell us you missed pictures of Alanna from her ‘Enchanted Forest’-themed wedding!

She wore an all-white lehenga choli set with a matching veil, and her outfit was complemented by diamond jewellery – all designed by celebrated designer Manish Malhotra – and personalised kaleerein

Scroll on to check out the dos and don’ts for summer wedding fashion for brides.

According to the celebrity stylist, pale pink/nude pink really sets the tone for a warm wedding ceremony in 2023. Screaming romance, this is the colour that Athiya Shetty wore for her wedding that took place recently at her paternal home in Khandala near Mumbai. 

For those who prefer a more subdued but stylish look, opting for pastel tones – such as mint green and pale pink – could be a good bet. Such colours help create a romantic and feminine appearance. Also, pick lighter and breathable fabrics so you don’t end up feeling stifled and sticky, and can bear the scorching summer heat. 

Shorter blouses with long sleeves have been making their presence beautifully felt, courtesy celebrity brides such as Alanna and Athiya. “Necklines [for the bridal blouses] can be square or deep,” suggests Ami.

When it comes to accessorising, the celebrity fashion stylist’s humble request is: “Please don’t look like you are wearing a jewellery shop. This doesn’t mean you don’t wear gorgeous traditional jewellery but ensure that you don’t go overboard with it.” She’s all for wearing traditional pieces of jewellery and suggests you wear it all – from matha patti to kamar patta, payals, et al – to keep the tradition alive, but make it simpler. 


Do the traditional look but leave your mark on it by choosing customised accessories. “Personalisation, I have noticed, is big currently. Whether it is the veil with the couple’s special date on it or initials, or kaleerein with custom elements. Weddings are a time of emotion and love, personalisation just makes everyone happy,” she asserts. You can even wear something from your mother’s jewellery box or wardrobe to add a personal touch to your bridal look. 

Bollywood star Kiara Advani, who recently tied the knot with her Shershaah co-star Sidharth Malhotra, wore a custom-made love story kaleerein by designer Mrinalini Chandra. The pair included charms of stars, the moon, the couple’s initials, butterflies, a thoughtful dedication to Sidharth’s beloved pet dog, their favourite destination, and important dates. Mrinalini had also designed the kaleerein for actor Katrina Kaif, whose pair was called RaAbta, and those featured messenger doves and charms with the words Cleep, Om and Elysian, which are special to the couple.  

“The lehenga silhouette will continue to be popular even this season, but don’t overdo the cancan, it may make you look like a cupcake,” the celebrity stylist says jokingly, as she makes her point. “The insides of the outfit are as important as the outsides. Go for something that looks like a skirt, an ensemble that shows the beauty of the outfit but isn’t stiff. Think practically. When you are sitting on your wedding chair, the lehenga should not come on top of you.” To avoid wardrobe mishaps and uncomfortable situations – such as the cancan peeking out of your lehenga – choose softer materials. 

Since the bride will be spending the entire day in particular footwear, Ami suggests that she pick wedges – with approximately three-inch heels or shorter – instead of pencil heels. This is to ensure that you don’t compromise on style but are comfortable in your D-day footwear. Another key reason why she asks to avoid high heels is: “When you remove your heels and enter the mandap, you don’t want five or six inches of that lehenga floating on the ground.” Picking medium-height wedges will give you a bit of height and at the same time keep you comfortable.

Even the simplest of points can make or break your look. Ensure you’ve covered the dos and avoided the don’ts so you can enjoy this important day to the fullest while looking your absolute best.

Photo: Instagram/Featured Celebs and Ami Patel